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Nice Work, Nike

Written by PETA | March 12, 2007

Nike Crocodile Shoe.jpgHere’s the thing. We’re a little ways away from getting shoe companies to ditch the leather entirely—though we’ve made some significant headway by encouraging retailers like The Gap to boycott the Indian leather industry, which really goes out of its way to be unpleasant to animals. That said, there’s something particularly hideous about Nike’s decision to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their Air Force Ones by making a special edition shoe out of crocodiles. Come on, guys—couldn’t you have just cranked up the Nelly and thrown a kegger or something? Nike seriously needs to fire whoever it was in their marketing department who thought that brutally killing reptiles would be a cool way to celebrate their silver anniversary.

Anyway, the good news is that people are outraged about the promotion, and Nike’s been taking a lot of flak about it in the media, which has helped to raise awareness about the suffering of crocodiles used for clothing, who are often caught in the wild with huge hooks and reeled in when they become weakened from blood loss. It also gives me an excuse to post this amazing PSA featuring Gena Lee Nolin. Enjoy.


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  • YVONNE says:

    Eventually there’s a lot of ignorance if you have never been in any kind of these farms. THEY SKINNED THEM ALIVE! THEY DON’T KILLED THEM SO THE ANIMALS DIE SLOWLY. Nobody told me I’ve seen it and if you can see that and think that is right the only bitch was your mother. Get some fucking education about this topic and experience it for yourself before to make such an ignorant comments. This just let us know how few you know about this industry

  • snorre from norway says:

    hi. you sons of three bitches if you eat grass only you can be bitchin about this but if not then its nothing to cry about. and what the fuck do you mother fuckers know about how the animals are killed. it’s what you have heard and seen on tv? what if they went into the woods and found a dying croc and shot it to stop its pain and then brought it back and took of the skin and made it to something usefull? thats a good thing. they wouldnt show that on tvSSS. and what the fuck do you know about wich of those ways they went? Im happy to talk this throuhg with you my email the crocs smile to NIKE from the animal heaven and the kangaroos stand behind them smiling too

  • Shaun says:

    Just recieved my pair and they are awesome!! Love em! If the snake ones were’nt all white I would have gotten those as well. Croc meat is good you should try it. HUNT MORE ANIMALS!!!

  • Jillian says:

    I am completely disgusted by what Nike is doing. Not only are those shoes cruel they are hideous! Coincidentally I am actually looking for a new pair of running shoes. Can anyone recommend a better brand since Nike will obviously not be getting my hard earned money?

  • Michele says:

    I went shopping this weekend and one of the things I had to buy was a new soccer ball and other sports accessories for my son guess what? I avoided anything by Nike. They will never get my business as long as they are so cruel to animals.

  • Bronwen says:

    It is absolutely disgusting that in this day and age you get people who have a sick desire to adorn their bodies in animal skin and fur when there are so many other alternatives out there. Wearing animal fur and skin is not a necessity just a sad trend. Have compassion and leave the animals alone.

  • Liz says:

    Why on earth would anyone want to step out wearing dead snake or crocodile what’s next hedgehog sneakers! Shame on you Nike!

  • Amy says:

    I just feel sick. I don’t know where to start with commenting on this.

  • Julie says:

    wow i hate peta mail cuz i never cry so much in my life untill i come here im about damn well sick of this whut is the sense behind havein to butcher somethings life just so you can look cool or well cool in their minds i hate this i realy do .

  • Raila says:

    They are making TWO??? “A white Air Force anniversary shoe is being made from anaconda skin the world’s largest snake.” I have a very hard time wrapping my mind about the different cruelties that humans are capable of much less the amount of vanity involved in these practices…

  • Arlene Steinberg says:

    At least one good thing about Steve Irwin I know I know PETA wasn’t crazy about some of his antics either but at least he wasn’t the media whore and jerk that Jack Hanna is is that he did educate the public about crocodiles and other animals. That being the case people are much more aware that these animals have their place on this planet and we should leave them alone and not molest them. Nike is unbelivably stupid to do this. We should all write to Bindi Irwin Steve’s daughter who is carrying on his banner and ask her to blast Nike. Now THAT would be some media blitz!!!

  • Emily Norvaisis says:

    Forget firing that person or branding them… just reel him in on a hook and skin him. There are plenty of people who could his his organs and I’m sure they would be more deserving of them.

  • John Di Scala says:

    I really can’t beleive someone in your company came up with the bright idea to make sneakers out ot crocodile skin. I think that person should be fired. I’m a runner and I don’t think I will be using your products anymore John Di Scala

  • pinky jain pan says:

    From murdering Kangaroos all the way to Crocodiles i will never put a blood soaked nike on my feet ever

  • veganlove says:

    screw Nike i stopped buying thier shoes long ago when i noticed they do so many leather shoes. Not only that but the Nike “air” in the heel gimmick is so overdone that it actually forces your foot into the front of the shoe when you are running and smashes your toes. now i buy New Balance since i noticed that they offer the largest selection of vegan athletic shoes and they are one of the best running shoes i have used. i’m glad nike is getting flack about using an alligators dead body for their shoes. most people simply aren’t really okay with that obvious barbarism any more. yes they are quite insensitive to the horrors in the leather industry because our society is so saturated with leather and they are so used to it without considering the animal crueltykilling required to create leather. But alligator skin is able to evoke uncomfortable responses from the public thank goodness it’s a start. now when will they understand that a cow and an alligator both don’t want to be shot in the head to be their smelly shoes OR thier burgers?

  • Marie says:

    I’m not buying any Nike products. Shame on them!

  • Cathy says:

    This is outrageous! I can not believe that Nike could be so cruel. Not only are these shoes cruel but they are ugly!!! I would never buy them and I will instruct my friends to abstain from purchasing NIKE until these are off the market!

  • rodrigo santiago says:

    thumbs up for gena lee nolin she is sweet and amazing! and to all the people who think that reptiles and fishes have no feelings i can write this also crocodiles distinguish very well the persons who are feeding them i saw a report in german tv one even remained on the knees of his owner an old woman and they were like a mother with her child pls know that the crocodile had at least a length of 1.50m without the tail. me i had gold fishes in a pond and everytime when i went there for to feed them they appeared quickly but when a shadow of an other person appeared they were hiding. so they have also enough intelligence to distinguish the different shadows of people! humanity hasn’t enough knowledge for to judge animals! animal protectors risk always to be exposed to the ignorance of uninformed people without brains who just want to profit from the kingdom of animals from which they have no knowledge at all! it’s easy to say that animals have no feelings and to kill them but it seems that for special people it is difficult to understand that animals are sentient beings with a living soul for this you need an educated heart and mind and for this reason there are so many vegetarians among the inteligentia of this planet! and so universal genius leonardo da vinci in his prophetic view told us that in future crimes against animals shall be equally punished as crimes against humans!

  • SB says:

    I wish people would get just as annoyed about Nikes shoes made from Kangaroo which is just as inhumane. I will never wear Nike or Addidas again for these sort of reasons.

  • Nyx says:

    Forget firing that person they need to be branded as a criminal AND fired. The link to the YTMND page is a nice touch.