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NFL: Vick Will Play

Written by PETA | July 19, 2007
MSNBC/Creative Commons

Since taking over the job, Commissioner Roger Goodell has talked a big game about cracking down on character issues in the NFL—and until now, he’s backed up his commitment, doling out tough penalties to Bengals receiver Chris Henry for DUIs and Bears tackle Tank Johnson for charges related to illegal firearms possession, and suspending Titans cornerback Pacman Jones for a full year following his troubles with the police. But now, in the face of national outrage over Vick’s indictment on dogfighting charges, Goodell has announced that Vick will be allowed to play when the season starts in September. Why, Roger, are you folding now when one of the NFL’s biggest stars (who’s certainly been no stranger to the courtroom since he was drafted by the Falcons) has been indicted for a crime that is nothing short of torture? What kind of a message does this send to the communities that are working so hard to stamp out this crime, or to the young fans of Michael Vick who are waiting to find out whether dogfighting is something that will get you into trouble? Goodell’s weak response to these deadly serious allegations is tantamount to admitting that the National Football League doesn’t consider ties to dogfighting rings a character issue at all.

Starting tomorrow, we will be holding demonstrations calling for Vick’s suspension from the league, so I’ll keep you posted with details, and if you want to let Goodell know that he’s made the wrong decision, you can contact him about the issue here.

There is some good news, though. I know a lot of people have been contacting Vick’s sponsors asking that they sever their ties with him, and it looks like some companies have been listening: Nike just announced that they will be suspending the release of the Air Zoom Vick V this summer. You can read about that here. You can be certain that we’ll keep the pressure on Vick’s other sponsors and the NFL to do the right thing here, and I’ll let you know as soon as there are more developments in the story.

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  • Gabriella says:

    This posting is for Darcy It’s more important to know how to think than to know how to spell. Go $ yourself!

  • Marlene Wiggins says:

    It is a sad thing that it tool Micheal Vick to bring this horrible thing to the front line but now that it has lets stand together and make sure pressure is put on the system to hold people accountable..yes Micheal Vick should go to prison. It is a sick person who could watch this must less promote it.

  • vick says:

    innocent till proven guilty .. i support VICK!!

  • King says:

    I don’t think its fair to accuse Vick of dogfighting just yet to be fair he has only been indicted and nothing else. It’s not fair too put everyone in the NFL under pressure. What if Vick was innocent and the NFL had already suspended him. I’m not protecting the man I feel that he should be given the chance to prove his innocence.

  • Molly says:

    The only thing this Vick character a coward! He is not deserving of anything and for the NFL to continue his career is a joke. VICK IS SICK!

  • comrad anomis says:

    I think what the football player was wrong but you dont have to kill or torture people for animal rights for all i know just picket or with the help of the aclu sue the so called animal tortureist or cosmetics testers. just a thought

  • April Briggs says:

    Goodell really needs to follow through on what he started. Whether Vick is guilty or not right now he needs to be suspended until it’s proven either way. If he’s innocent fine life as usual. If guilty I feel he should pay a fine that goes directly to the care of all the dogs they found on his property and then some be suspended from playing football forever and he should have to serve community service by taking care of Pitbulls Supervised at all times of course. Pitbulls are not born fighting. They are made to fight by the stupid unfeeling people who get their thrills from it. Makes me wonder how they are with people. Probably the same. UNFEELING. I have two pitbulls and I am very proud of them. One of them is more protective but he has never gotten out of my control. I trust my dogs judgement on people. If my dog after seeing someone a few times continues to growl I don’t want the person near me. Any dog no matter what breed will fight when taught.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do any of you people personally know if this man is guilty? Let him have his day in court before taking on the NFL.

  • Brook says:

    Let me start by saying that I believe Michael Vick is guilty. Now I THOUGHT correct me if I’m wrong but I THOUGHT you were innocent until proven guilty in this country?! Secondly Michael Vick is Michael Vick…NOT the NFL. Go to Michael Vick’s house and protest not the offices of the NFL…

  • vick07 says:

    they guy still has not been charged with anything. you guys want him banished on the count of an assumption. He has only been indicted. The NFL will let the legal process do its work and if found guilty will suspend him. What if he is found not guilty the suspension is worthless and more of a problem for the NFL. That is the last thing they would want. Stop letting your emotions handle you. If guilty then he will be punished but you have to wait for the due process to play out.

  • Amber says:

    Has anyone seen that this has made it to the US Supreme Court floor? Sen. Robert Byrd said that he saw one execution and wouldn’t mind seeing another one. Too bad he couldn’t be Vick’s judge jury and executioner! httpwww.foxnews.comstory0293329006100.html

  • Tiffany says:

    The NFL breeds “thugs” faster than Vick breeds dogs. And it’s the American people standing in the “rape stand”!

  • barbara says:

    I emailed ALL SUPERBOWL sponsors home depot gm coke toyota hp fedex coors

  • Dr. Albert Perhach says:

    Michael Vick may be a great football player. He is also a thug a horrible representative of the sport a terrible role model for those who admir him particularly the young. He must go if not to jail out of football.

  • Lisa Niven says:

    As a member of PETA Canada I am so disgusted that I hope that the Feds will toss his sorry ass in jail where he can have his own rape stand! Moreover he should be black balled from the NFL and the CFL in case that he tries to come up hereFOR LIFE. Personally I’d like to toss him in his ring with his dogs for a few hours but unfortunately I’m above that! As for football Atlanta who?

  • Steve says:

    It’s all about the money. The NFL could care less as long as they get their pockets stuffed with cash. The NFL might let him play but the Falcons would probably not be so weak. Most of the fans are dog owners who treat their pets like children. Not cutting ties with Vick will be the Falcons worst financial mistake.

  • Josh says:

    This organization needs to let the legal system run its course until they make a judgement against Vick. Remembe what happened to the Duke Lacrosse team. Groups made a huge issue about those guys on the team only to learn they were innocent. Remember your innocent until found guilty. I love animals and never want to see any animal hurt but I also want to make sure that he gets his day in court before we make a firm judgement on him. Picketing the NFL Falcons or Vick is uncalled for at this time.

  • CJ says:

    First Goodell’s previous suspensions came months after the actions and charges against Pacman Henry and Tank. Just like the Duke lacrosse team was too quick to be judged before the facts came out and just like the members of PETA do not want people jumping at judgement against them for the claims that their company supports terrorist organizations. Just as I don’t believe the time was right when the allegations were made to call Peta a group that supports terrorism and the destruction of life even though what Vick likely did is utterly atrocious I will afford him the same right.

  • coolfusion says:

    Miguel is wrong. Very wrong. Lets see if the NFL is so cool when 200 animal rights demonstrators show up at the gates with 2×3 foot signs with pictures showing shredded dogs and discarded bait dogs. Try explaining that to your children Miguel. Wait for the boos when Vick takes the field.. The leadership of the NFL dont have a clue of what is to come over the next 24 months… but they will. Who would want to align or sponsor the NFL when the very name NFL is associated with bloody savage violent vicious pit bull fights.

  • kelly says:

    Roger Goodell is a WEAKLING WEAK WEAK WEAK WEAK WEAK WEAK and spineless The NFL is basically organized crime these days

  • Tina K. says:

    I say Vick should be tortured just as he and his buddies tortured these poor helpless dogs. He doesn’t deserve fame and fortune…I only pray that the NFL will come to their senses and get rid of this loser! I have written his sponsors the commisioner and the owner of the Falcons.

  • Amber says:

    I hope this is correct about Vick’s judge…. httpwww.msnbc.msn.comid19859803

  • miguel says:

    Shawn fergerson was a fake email just to upset people. Trust me only a 10 month old could type worse than that. Please dont blame the whole nfl for one evil persons doings because this is the first year the San Diego Chargers will win the Superbowl and we need it to bring in revenue to Sea World Wild Animal Park And S.D. zoo! This guy is definetly guilty. By association or just being the ring leader theres no doubt what he has caused. At least nike took his shoe off the market and with everyone stressing to boycott he will not have a football career. P.S. thank you falcons for giving us L.T. and taking that filthy punk of a nfl player instead!

  • D. Hughson says:

    I am disgusted by Michael Vick and his “perverted jollies” he receives from watching innocent animals suffer!!! I can only hope he can’t buy his way out of this as did Troy Gentry!

  • Ana says:

    Paul I agree with you in the fact that yes there are many others involved with dogfighting but up until now only Vick with a big name has been indicted. I don’t support any of those thugs don’t buy their music tshirts watch their movies. They all should be sent a messagetheir violence never should be condoned. Finally this violence is getting air space so that maybe others will get involved in stopping it. The dogs need our help specifically but all animals in general do as well. The prevalence of animal cruelty is an indictment against our society so saturated with violence. PETA can’t be everywhere but people everywhere can do protests on their own against these people and these types of activities. Do NOT buy anything they produce helps also. Plus many of them and their supporters will use the race card to discredit animal advocates . It is not about race it is about hurting and abusing animals.

  • Sue says:

    This is so typical of sports and the NFL. Most companies would suspend their employee pending a full investigation. Vick thinks it is funny. I think that an all out boycott on football is called for until they make the right decision. A full suspension without pay pending the outcome of the trial then banned from the NFL for life once he is found guilty. You cannot tell me he did not know it is going on in his own house. How do you hide 65 dogs. Give me a break.

  • Melissa says:

    I think it is time that all athletes are held accountable for their actions! It is ridiculous that they get away with all the stuff that they do this is the time to change things. I will not support any company that supports Vick

  • Amber says:

    This is a complete joke on the NFL! I can’t believe that he has no backbone. He has no problem suspending someone for smoking some weed but when it comes to dogs killing dogs for the “fun” of it I guess that’s ok. I was so happy to hear about Nike stepping up and doing atleast something about it. It was a small victory but it got overshadowed by the NFL. I wrote his sponsers and I will continue to write them AND MR. No Backbone.

  • Paul says:

    I think it is good that attention is being put on the dog fighting issue but I am puzzled why all of the attention is all of a sudden on Vick like this is a big surprise. How many rappers brag about fighting dogs in their records. Most of DMX’s albums are about his dog fighting hobby. It’s a huge subculture and a big deal among rappers and athletes to get “street credibility.” Focusing on Vick as an apparition takes away from the bigger picture of a subculture where this is widely accepted. It’s so widely known that DMX is a big dog fighting guy yet he is in movies all of the time and selling millions of records. Where were the Peta Protests for him? Roy Jones Jr. is also a big Dog Fight player. Check out this link http72.14.253.104search?qcachedUYrE84u5J0Jwww.personal.psu.edulfm126Pit2520Bull2520Pitch.doc+celebrity+22dog+fighting22+pitbullhlenctclnkcd2glus

  • Ana says:

    Shawn Ferguson 1 Get lessons in English Grammar 2 Get a heart and a brain to go with it 3 Criminals should not be admired nor should violence against any innocent creature be deemed acceptable

  • Paul says:

    I think you guys are jumping the gun. Give the NFL a chance to see this play out in court. At least let them see the evidence presented by the prosecution before they make a decision. The season doesn’t start for two more months… what’s the rush? Look what happened at Duke when everyone jumped the gun and cancelled the whole lacrosse season and the players turned out to be innocent. Having said that and not having seen the evidence my gut feeling is that Vick will be found guilty and he won’t play in the NFL ever again. But protesting the NFL before Vick even gets in a court room is a little extreme. It’s these type of extreme knee jerk actions that make people hate PETA. If you guys were more level headed you would probably get more support and political power. Think strategy and logic not emotion and anger. It will serve you better.

  • Charlie says:

    Vick should be suspended immediately! The NFL has very strict rules on gambling and associating with gamblers. All players are aware of this policy and see it posted in every locker room. On this alone Vick should be suspended. In the 1960s both Paul Hornung and Alex Karras were suspended for a year for gambling on their own teams. Neither was involved in any form animal cruelty. The NFL has a precedent and it should be followed.

  • Craig says:

    Can you list all of Vick’s sponsors?

  • Darcy says:

    This posting is for Dana…you can not spell. It is obvious you are behind people who fight are ignorant.

  • pat says:

    If the NFL has any integrity whatsoever they will release Mr. Vick from their organization. I hope the courts inflict the exact type of punishment on Mr. Vick as he clearly perpetrated on those poor helpless defenseless animals. Shawn Ferguson’s comment above indicate the base mentality that this sort of neandrathal “sport” attracts. There is nothing “sporting” about caging starving taunting beating and sacrificing animals for human “pleasure”. Unbelievable that these people exist in 2007 … simply unbelievable.

  • Danny says:

    Look. Everything he is being accused of is horrid. Dog fighting is one of the sickest things I have ever heard of or seen. And if indeed Vick is guilty he should be kicked out of the NFL. However Vick has not been proven guilty yet. So lets not tie the noose and hang him from a tree which I know most of you would love. Unless one of you have witnessed or have video coverage of him fighting dogs you cant say 100 for sure he was involved. Those witnesses are cooperating with the gov’t so they will stay out of trouble. Their credibility is shot. So get the rope ready but let the man go to trial before you tighten it around his neck.

  • Maya says:

    Are you serious? That’s pretty heinous. But have heart. From what I understand where he’s being tried animal cruelty is a felony and he could get up to 6 years in prison. That would put a damper on his career don’t you think? I hope I’m right about that.

  • Shirley says:

    I can’t not believe the NFL is allowing him to play. This is appalling.

  • BullyDawg says:

    sigh I guess I won’t be supporting my saints this year? In addition I would urge everyone to write to their favorite NFL players plead with them to speak out against Vick’s and other’s involvment in dog fighting. Come on there has to be SOME players that are vegetarians or support PETA! See if one would be willing to do an antidog fight PSA!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yes I agree with John. Peta celebrities need to come forth and disagree with Vick’s dogfighting. I can’t believed he will be allowed to play! Shame on you NFL!

  • John says:

    We PETA needs it’s celebrity members to stand up in front of the cameras and demand Vick to be suspended and then banned from playing in the NFL EVER AGAIN. Again if many celebrities are willing to protest it would help a lot. Networks TV affiliates should give the NFL notice they will not air any games in which Vick might play. I know it’s going to be tough for celebrities major sponsors companies and networks to take this stand from a financial view point…but what if we don’t? Right now I feel the owners of the teams are saying to all of us… ” it’s ok to have criminalsmurders play in our teams as long as it makes us money. If you don’t stand up NOW and fight against something as disgusting as what he did you are a hypocrite because you want to protect your green dollar bills… I love football but I draw the line if we allow a small group of owners to make money of the backs of dead and injured dogs. Let’s hope our court system works… sigh!

  • coolfusion says:

    Let Nike feel the price of their stock decline. Post your comments on their yahoo financial message board.

  • Day365 says:

    Does somebody not understand filthy cruelty lawviolating criminal? Is someone getting PAYED OFF to keep him playing. Are FAVORS being called upon. Is there a 2 tiered justice system? Do these people realise how America reacts to animal cruelty. This is SCANDALOUS and will BITE them where it hurts This IS NOT GOING AWAY.

  • Troy says:

    It just goes to show that the NFL has no backbone or conscience. It’s all about greed and not about doing the right thing.

  • cara says:

    Do you have a list of Vick’s sponcers? I would love to write my own letters.

  • Michele says:

    This is great news about Nike suspending the release of the new Mike Vick shoe clearly the outcry from the public is being heard by at least some people. Keep pressuring the NFL now and they will no doubt have to back down about letting Vick play in the new season. Just to let you know the scope of the concern about this issue the news stories about Vick have even been in newspapers and on radio and tv up here in good old Canada. I wrote to Nike Canada and have been emailing my friends about the issue telling them to sign the petitions and to contact the relevant individualscompanies. I know we are not as big of a market as in the US but I’m sure that even our support will have an impact.

  • shawn ferguson says:

    i dont kare if mike vick faught dogz pitbulls are made to fight….mike vick is one of the best players in the nfl and my personal im behind what ever her does heres to 7 in o7 peta bitches

  • Dana says:

    I wrote Nike Motorola and Goodall today. Keep up the good work!!! This is uncomprehensible. I do not understand why Vick isn’t banned from football forever.

  • la montanara says:

    goodell should be fired too with a kick in his ass!!!

  • vera says:

    peta should picket the corporate offices of the nfl. this is ridiculous.