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Naked News Conferences in Europe

Written by PETA | March 6, 2008

People are traditionally a bit more relaxed about nudity (and, indeed, most things) in Europe, but a fully naked, guerrilla-style news conference in the middle of the town square will make even those too-cool-for-school Europeans sit up and pay attention. Seriously—even the French were surprised. These stunning (and, be warned, NSFW) naked news conferences have been an amazing way for PETA Europe and our other international affiliates to get the word out about the barbaric cruelty inherent in the archaic “Running of the Bulls”. Check it out:

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  • Tashi Tenzin Narutsang says:

    Dear Sir I love animals really feel very sad when ever I see brutality on animals. Animals are like our kidsinnocent.They feel everything like usthey feel painthey love their kidsthey are also scare of death as we do but only difference is they can’t talk defend them self. I’ve a very big prais for PETA.I lives in AntwerpenBelgium.I want to be a active member of PETA will do something for the speechless animals.Is there PETA in Belgium??

  • Margarita says:

    I just don’t think that it is necessary to go almost completely naked to make a point. Of course it creates controversy and that it is good but I wish they wouldn’t do it all the time because some people think that it rests credibility to Peta.

  • arjun says:

    keep it up peta. very good