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Naked Mother-to-Be Helping Pigs

Written by PETA | February 28, 2008

In England, they do Mother’s Day differently (i.e., they actually celebrate it on the right date). And with Mothering Sunday coming up across the pond, PETA Europe have put together an incredibly striking demonstration to draw attention to the horrible suffering of mother pigs in gestation crates. My friend Alexia has the full story over on her blog Fish & Chimps, but here’s a quick look at the amazing demonstration that’s been getting tons of coverage for pigs abused on factory farms.


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  • Lauren says:

    Could not have said it better, Shaun (8-28-2010).

  • shaun says:

    I as a South Afrrican farmer am quite amazed at how far people will go to bring down farmers supplying food to the world!!!!!!! That being a lactation crate where the sow will only be in the period of suckling to her piglets ie 21 or 28 days. That crate has proven over and over being the best crate to prevent deaths of her piglets. I think in that period giving the sow her freedom is more cruel to the young piglets that she would most likely crush or harm them in that period.From my experience as a caring and loving pig farmer the sows in those crates have no discomfort or ansiexty I do feel however that after weaning she should have her 5 freedoms and i can confidently say that on our farm they are getting their 5 freedoms. I think that we would all like to see our pigs roaming around freely but this is impractible unmanagible and more cruel to the young ones.

  • roop chaudhary says:

    yr it needs real courage 2 do something like dis means she is a mother 2 be and how perfectly she understands the pain of mother pigs dis should be the attitude one needs 2 change….if one man changes the whole world changes………..lets make it a beeter place for u n for me n the entire human race pls include other living beings tooo

  • James says:

    I wish we could give animals more room and make them free range I understand that some people don’t eat meat and to them I say congrats. For the rest of us though we need to keep in mind how much land this is going to take. A 1200 sow farm may use 10 acres were a 200 sow free range farm can use up 10 acres. This land has to come from somewhere and we just don’t have it. We’ll learn though has to be a happy medium.. I’ve heard that infectious disease control will also be a problem since many diseases are carried by mosquito vectors and even some rodents which can’t be controlled as well by free range farming. The pig is our biggest threat for creating a virulent Avian Flu virus that can infect humans as well so we definately need to keep these animals away from exposure to wildlife or we may have an even bigger problem on our hands. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a good idea but I think we need a little more research to make it safe and feasable not only for the animals involved but even their caretakers sp.

  • bill says:

    I think this dont prove anything. She is a human and the crate was made for a pig. They are two different body builds and what is not comfortable for a human may be for a pig. If you want to see the oppisite way make a pig wear a bra and panties and see if the pig likes it!

  • Leonardo says:

    I personally believe that animals should be treated humane. However this anked protesters do you think they are helping their cause or are they just attracting unwanted attentions from perverts or attention for themselves! Come on people GIVE ME A BREAK! PROTEST NAKED!! 2 words Pam Anderson.

  • Rach says:

    Oh my god this is disgraceful. What were they thinking? PETA campaigns have gone so down hill. I remember when they opposed the philospohy of the fashion industry not used antifeminist terrible dehumanisation of women. Such a bad campaign. PETA really have changed humans are now means to the ends of animals rather than the other way around. Neither are right. PETA are wrong

  • christine lynes says:

    I am equally dissapointed in an industry that exploits and abuses the rights of innocent animals and one that exploits and debases the image of the feminine in the media… PETA needs to grow up and find more mature ways to express themselves in the future. Just because you can FIND women willing to represent the feminine as comparative … does not mean it is RIGHT! C. Lynes

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Kurt K I never claimed to know what Darwin was thinking. However I know his theory is not as you stated it to be and I was correcting that. Feel free to look at other sources if you feel wikipedia is beneath you. As for the eradication of survival of the fittest in humanswell we have artificial life support saving those who would otherwise die artificial insemination to help those who can’t have children on their own due to natural selection perhaps?? incubators to save premature infants. Let’s get rid of all those things and anything else that unnaturally prolongs human lie and let natural selection ensure that the best members of the species survive and carry their genes forward. Look around youthat ain’t happening

  • Kurt K says:

    Ah a Wikipedia reference. Very nice! I guess our favorable trait is that we are smart enough to raise animals to eat instead of having to hunt them everyday! Our superior intelligence allows us to make life easier for humans! It also allowed us to cultivate the land as well. How do you know what Darwin was thinking! Maybe hs was the biggest hunter of all! Do you have any info on that? What do you mean that we “have eradicated survival of the fittest in our own species?” I’m not following you there. Do explain.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Kurt K “From Wikipedia Natural selection aka Survival of the Fittest is the process by which favorable heritable traits become more common in successive generations of a population of reproducing organisms and unfavorable heritable traits become less common.” THAT is what Darwin was referring tohe was not talking about a human being’s “right” to abuse animals because the human being happens to be in power. The truth is that humans have eradicated survival of the fittest in our own species which I don’t think is doing the species any favors in the long run.

  • Seana says:

    I just thought that I should say something. I volunteered at the Museum near my house for a while and as the animals in my opinion were treated properly mother pigs were put in the gateration cage to stop them from squishing their young. This also poses some problems as the pig i saw had some room to move lie down and turn around she also wound up getting her head stuck under the bars while trying to see her young and sufforcated to death. The people I was with noticed the sufforcation right away and although the mother pig passed away the cage did not seem all that small maybe npurpose none the less. The museum that I worked at all the animals were artificially insimenated and were allowed out into the fields on a daily basis just goes to show you some places may be ALOT more cruel than others. The difference may be that I am a Canadian citizen and the cruelty is only less comonly heard of.ot very well made but it served its purpose none the less. The museum that I worked at all the animals were artificially insimenated and were allowed out into the fields on a daily basis just goes to show you some places may be ALOT more cruel than others. The difference may be that I am a Canadian citizen and the cruelty is only less comonly heard of.