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Monkey Tormentor Thinks More Should Suffer

Written by PETA | October 7, 2011

A notorious experimenter and primate supplier wants the U.S.’ help tormenting more monkeys in laboratories.

Frank Ervin, a vivisector from McGill University, operates the Behavioral Sciences Foundation/Primate Resources International on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, which pays trappers to remove vervet monkeys from the wild so that they can be imprisoned in laboratories. The facility crams many monkeys into wooden crates and sends them on a terrifying journey in the dark cargo holds of airplanes to the U.S. and other countries to be tortured and killed in experiments. Ervin also performs his own deadly experiments on monkeys. These disturbing photos, leaked to PETA, are allegedly of monkeys killed in Ervin’s cruel experiments on fetal alcohol syndrome:

Ervin wants the U.S. to buy even more monkeys to experiment on, since, in his opinion, the monkeys are “agricultural predators” because they sometimes eat farmers’ crops. We’re sure that’s the reason he wants the U.S. to purchase the animals, not because of the profit that he stands to make. The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) has launched an initiative against importing the monkeys from St. Kitts, including sharing that St. Kitts’ own Ministry of Agriculture advocates for spaying and neutering and strategically placed feeding stations to control the monkey population and keep them away from crops.

One U.S. buyer of monkeys from St. Kitts is the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground, which torments the monkeys in cruel and archaic chemical casualty training exercises. You can help end these torturous exercises and prevent the government from stuffing Ervin’s pockets by asking your senators and representatives to take action to end Aberdeen’s monkey laboratories.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Bezu says:

    I really wish i had a million dollars to help end animal abuse..its just too terrible that these little guys have to suffer 🙁

  • Daniel Norton says:

    I truly think that what these companies do to pad their pockets is horrific. It is animal cruelty at its most. They will do anything to make money off these poor animals. We have to get out their and shout. I am thinking…Outside of the State Houses while the Legislators and Reps are in session.

  • Claudette Babineau says:

    what can i do to help stop the suffering of these little innocent souls … please let me know

  • Hermes Torres says:

    Is all this cruelty really necesary? Please, stop!

  • Shari says:

    Look at that poor little face! The suffering that monkey went throughout. We humanes think we’re so smart…we are NOT! If we do this to a innocent little monkey and don’t value his little heart and feeling not to mention the pain he goes throught how can we think we are intitle to somsuch a thing! In our own history the NAZI’s experimented on the Jews and anyone else they thought we less than smart or perfect then them. Orphans and Blacks were also used for experiments. How can we continue to do this? We must fight harder for these monkeys. These picture should be turned into posters! Look at that face and tiny body. My heart is breaking for him. Is he dead in this picture? And just like the Jews… the monkey is marked with a number. RIP little monkey… I wish I could have saved you!

  • Dr. idil P. Izmirli says:

    This is a very inhumane practice and it needs to be stopped immediately! I am afraid as long as the Military Industrial Complex does not have a paradigm shift towards peace, these experiments will continue. Please realize that primates also feel pain and they do not need to go through this unnecessary suffering at the hands of new Mengele’s of the 21st cetury.

  • Emma says:

    This is awful I’m in shock yyyyy?

  • Julie O'Donovan says:

    Sick sick sick

  • shirley kim flavin says:

    no words. i only know what i would like to do to this sick perverted bastard

  • May says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and must be stopped now! Stop torturing these beautiful animals, they have a right to live a normal, happy life. Shame on you experimenting on God’s creatures. These pictures are horrifying, this cruelty must end!

  • Nicole armand says:

    Stop hurting animals

  • Pablo A. Robles says:

    Why don’t you abuse your mother!!!! Leave those creatures in peace and try your experiments with your son/daughter or your mother.

  • Lisa Kamins says:

    Horrific. We need to stop this!

  • Anne Floyd says:

    The more I see of what the human race does, the more ashamed I am to belong to it!

  • Karen Sheaffer says:

    I don’t quite understand how any human could do this horrible kind of work. This was NOT Gods plan for these beautiful monkeys. This work has to end! Suffering and torturing and killing of animals for profit..or any other tests is just wrong. Please PETA…STOP this from happening. My heart aches for these innocent monkeys!

  • kb says:

    Just awful…HOw do help them!?!?!?

  • caroline says:

    No need to test; Ervin has already proved the only thing he can by testing on nonhuman primates. That he is evil, cruel and will be subjected to the same fate he is putting on the vervets. There is no need for this research. Thank you PETA for alerting to these homicidal maniacs.

  • mel meinke-ketzer says:

    Please stop this animal cruelty

  • Nazanin Soroush says:

    Sad these animals have right to live as respectfully as ours they are born with equal rights we just exploit them for only one reason they arent born with the ability to fight for themselves

  • Jennifer says:

    Seriously? This is absolutely disgraceful. There is nothing that will justify the suffering of another creature.

  • Bernard Servaes says:

    They are enough criminals in prison to experiment on !! We don’t need to do suffer INNOCENT animals !!

  • Katherine Clarke says:

    Terrible! Terrible to do experiments like this. This is mental illness not science. No more!

  • Elizabeth Archuleta says:

    Please stop Animal Cruelty, and let these poor animals live their lives peacefully. This has to stop, and this person needs to be arrested.

  • Steve Donabad says:

    Please stop this needless torturing.

  • Hannes says:

    STOP IT!!!!!

  • Caz creaney says:

    NO LIVING CREATURE deserves this big or small! I would like to think there are enough people in the world to stop this but for done reason things like this still happen … WHY??? PETA keep up the good work

  • Caz creaney says:

    NO LIVING CREATURE deserves this big or small! I would like to think there are enough people in the world to stop this but for done reason things like this still happen … WHY??? PETA keep up the good work

  • Ashley says:

    I am all for science, but when you put lives on the line for our own pleasure,then what is the point? We try to find ways to live longer or look younger,but what’s the point of living longer if everything else is dying? The future would just be bleak. We are such hypocrites in such a way that we constintaly worry about ours,but don’t think of the importents of all other life forms.

  • Susan Hauck says:

    This is horrific! These beings have no recourse, or chance at all to escape their tormentors…it’s a sick,sorry world we live in to allow this treatment of our fellow beings. My heart aches for these poor babies.

  • Claudette Babineau says:

    what can i do to stop this suffering please let me know

  • Kerrie Simons says:

    This is so unbelievably shocking!!! The human race can prove just how disgusting they really are!!! I’m so upset by these pictures – let me know what I can do to help!!!!! xoxo

  • sophia says:

    What can I say other than this picture brought me to tears how can people be so cruel? I only wish I could do more to help.

  • lee metarko says:

    This is a complete outrage!! I thought human beings were supposed to be evolved enough to have empathy and compassion! Apparently these poor excuses for human beings do NOT and should be dealt with in a manner that THEY understand! These experiments need to be stopped at once. There is NO excuse for cruelty of this sort!

  • LP Dugan says:

    Absolutely abhorrent – knock it off!!!

  • Thomas Artmann says:

    stories like this make me feel ashamed of being a human being… how far does man go for profit???

  • christina says:

    wake up Ervin

  • Karl wilson says:

    It disgust me to see these images and you shoul dbe ashamed of yourselves. No words can said as to how much contempt and anger I feel

  • lynne passam says:

    This turns my stomach and makes me sick to the core!! These diabolical tests on poor, innocent,defensless monkey’s should STOP as soon as possible. I suggest we do a few tests on Mr Ervin and see how he likes it!!!!

  • Julie Fulton says:

    Please stop this!

  • carmen malouf says:

    It is as barbaric to a monkey as if it was a human.

  • Mel Cameron says:

    I do not understand this at all. We have to murder many innocent animals for WHAT???? I thought we were suppose to be scientifically advanced, but we are still using barbaric ways. PETA you will always have my support since I became a member many years ago.

  • Myriam Gabas says:

    This is an abomination. Do it on YOURSELVES, people!!

  • Linda Muntner says:


  • Denise M. says:


  • francesca benedetti says:

    I just have no words… for all this madness!

  • CARMEN LANDA says:

    Please in the name of humanity, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN´T UNDERSTAND HOW CAN THEY DO THAT??? YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS ACT IS A CLEAR ACT OF TERRORISM… Im disgusted and really, really tired of this atrocities…

  • Leslie Doyle says:

    Please speak up for these animals. They need you.

  • Elisabetta Bucciarelli says:

    testing on animal obsolete and useless! we are in the 21st Century! PLS STOP THIS!

  • Rosemary Lachance says:

    “The awful wrongs and sufferings forced upon the innocent, helpless, faithful animal race, form the blackest chapter in the whole world’s history.” ~ Edward Freeman

  • Sinead Lavelle says:

    this is disgraceful 🙁