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Monkey Boiled Alive at SNBL

Written by PETA | February 6, 2008

Update: Please click here to take action on this issue.

SNBL.JPGI wish I could say that the title of this entry were anything other than a simple statement of fact. But according to shocking allegations made by a former animal technician at Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL), the recent boiling of a live female macaque monkey—who was evidently placed inside a giant rack washer inside her wire cage and killed during the 180 degree, 20-minute cycle—was just one in a long list of egregious animal welfare violations at the animal-testing facility.

The whistleblower, whose employment was terminated shortly after she complained about these apparent violations, told reporters that SNBL’s reaction to her inquiry about the incident with the macaque was to complain about the additional paperwork that it was generating.

“When I inquired about it,” she told a Kiro TV reporter who investigated her allegations, “the reply I got back was ‘Oh, dear.’ Think of the paperwork. That just upset me to my soul because no animal in there should die because of somebody’s mistake or negligence or lack of compassion. ”

Last week, PETA sent the whistleblower a $1,000 check and a basket of groceries to thank her for standing up for the animals abused in this lab despite the fact that her decision to do so likely led to her firing. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk puts it, “Her ‘reward’ for revealing SNBL’s callous and vicious treatment of monkeys was unemployment. But in our book and that of all primates, she’s a hero.”

The USDA is currently investigating this incident, so there’s a chance that the lab will be held accountable for this horrific negligence, but there isn’t much hope that those responsible will be charged with cruelty to animals. As the Seattle television station which has been covering this story pointed out, although causing unnecessary suffering or death to an animal is illegal in the state, there’s an exemption for this on the books in cases where the cruelty is connected with “any properly conducted scientific experiments.”

As horrific as this story is, it would never even have come to light in the first place had it not been for the whistleblower’s willingness to speak out, and we are extremely grateful to her for her bravery. You can watch investigative footage of this lab here, and for more information about what you can do to help animals suffering in laboratories, click here.

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  • h says:

    why is it like this! how can there do this to them! its just money to these people.

  • May God Have Mercy on Confused soul says:

    Hey Confused. Watch the video AH – that makes it so. There’s a special place in hell for you.

  • tonje strømstad says:

    What is wrong with people? This is so sick and sad… What can we do to stop this madness??

  • Colleen Jeffery says:

    Well after looking this company up on the internet I am not surprised that anything relating to the Far East has to have some sort of bad stigma attached to the ways of how they treat their animals….this company is Japanese ….but given all the shocking abuse towards dogs and cats in Korea and China…this is just a continuation of who these people really are ..Respect for any animal was never taught to these inbreds…they dont have compassion for any animal at the best of times…I see it from all the causes I have joined…Their products should be boycotted in the western countries and immigration should stop them from coming into our countries and killing all our little fur babies…bless that poor little monkey what an awful death…hope karma comes round for those people…

  • peg harrington says:

    Please tell me what you get out of broiling a animal a live what is that proving .I will tell you nothing.I guess your pay check and you your self sleep pretty good at night .If i knew you i would spit in your face What goes around comes around,what does your family think or do you hide that from the cruel things you do wish i could put a black cruse on all of you

  • Chandler Besson says:

    what the heck ! this is so cruel and inhumane ! how could anybody do this to such an innocent and special animal !

    i googled this terrible company and the website says:

    Environment:Blue skies, blue oceans, beautiful earth…

    Let us preserve this wonderful earth for ever.

    Life: Invaluable life…

    Let us always keep our respect for life.

    People: The treasure of a society is people.

    Let us value our spirit, which makes us humane.

    they are the exact opposite of this !have respect for life ? they have no

    respect ! what lies ! makes me sick