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Your Mommy Kills Animals Music Video

Written by PETA | June 18, 2007

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this video, but it is interesting to say the least . . .

Warning: Parental advisory, explicit lyrics, and all that.

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  • sara says:

    I think it is perfectly fine what the video portrays. People will do whatever they want anyway It is just showing how parents sometimes do not tell their kids the whole story about where there clothes and food comes from. That is the whole point of the PETA movement ‘question authority’. Parents will often avoid letting their kids know the trutth their whole lives or at least until they find out on their own because they want to sheild them from hate and pain but that may also cause the children to grow up not being able to except these sad truths meet your meat and thus not understanding the animal rights movement. I think it is worse to hide the cruelty put upon animals for food just so your kid won’t think poorly of you cause trust me if you are honest your kid will except you more than if you keep things from them.

  • Mackenzie says:

    Well it sorta does bash PETA and animals animals mostly because it says mother ing animals. Animals are not that. I think its nice that they said they hate fur and all that but the cussing part. It bashes your mom. No matter what kids are going to love their mom even if she wears furkids would still love their mom even if she ate lotsof meat and if she was 10000 pounds. Kids will always love their mom. I would’nt want people to say ”your mother ing mom kills mothering animals. That video is a kind thought but don’t curse about our moms and animals and call them names.

  • Scott says:

    hehe nice one

  • Chris says:

    Watching a video from one of the same YouTube users who posted the trailer for Your Mommy Kills Animals I was pleased with the discussion. Copy paste and have a look.

  • doug says:

    it did the peta bashing because they refused to go on camera for the guy. i was at the Toronto premier for it and he was a douchebag. the film did shine great light on the SHAC 7 though…. please write them in jail!!!!

  • Michael says:

    Actually BullyDawg there is a advance review of the movie on The Aisle Seat that states it is a very neutral and balanced presentation of both “sides”. This reviewer seems to be unaware though of why sadly cat and dog euthanasia is required in this country and regurgitates the usual Center For Consumer Freedom dreck.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Um look again…if you follow the links this is a song written for the documentary “Your Mommy Kills Animals” which does just a little bit of PETAbashing.