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Military Stabs Pigs in Avocado Field

Written by PETA | July 29, 2009
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Please don't hurt me.

Y’all know how we feel about killing animals for “trauma training” by now, right? (Hint: It sucks—to put it mildly.)

Well, after learning that live pigs are reportedly being shot and stabbed in a California avocado grove owned by police officer David Bishop—all as part of trauma training exercises conducted by Washington-based Deployment Medicine International (DMI)—we were outraged. Not only is it unnecessary to mutilate and kill pigs—or any other animals—for trauma training, but to do so in an avocado grove may be illegal.

That’s because Bishop’s land isn’t zoned for trauma or medical training exercises under the County of San Diego’s zoning ordinances. Since San Diego County allows the director of its Department of Planning and Land Use to penalize zoning violators, we’ve fired off a letter to the current director, Eric Gibson, asking him to investigate Bishop and DMI for illegal activity.

Stabbing and shooting pigs to train medical personnel how to treat human injuries is positively medieval. With all the non-animal methods that are readily available, there are better models of human anatomy and physiology than pigs. Don’t animals—and trauma victims—deserve better?

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Dave says:

    I think that this is sick and wrong as these animals have no say in whether to die or live. I think that it’s great that PETA are raising these issues.

  • Steve Vargas says:

    I feel that if this type of training should continue instead of using animals human volunteers such as people with terminal illnesses or inmates serving death sentences can agree to help. I see it like this. A human would speak out and sign an agreement releasing their permission to practice on them ANIMALS CANT!!!!! WOULD YOU MAKE A HUMAN WHO CAN SAY WHETHER OR NOT THEY WANT TO DIE DO THIS AGAINST THEIR OWN WILL???

  • jay says:

    ok guys lets not get too out of hand here. i love animals and try my best to stay away from products that involve animals in anyway but before you go bashing other people which isn’t a hard thing to dothink about how much you add to proctor and gamble by buying armhammer and crest toothpaste. How many of you wear shoes that are leather because lets be honest its hard to find a dress shoe that isnt leather. How many of you drive cars that have leather seats. Lets think of where that leather comes from. How bout this? Every person dreams of starting a family one day whats the big diper brand to buy. Pampers. They test on animals. I dont think i need to state anymore facts. Its takes a lot of courage to change something in your own life so why not step up and change something in your life rather then take the easy way out and bash on others because you’ve forgotten exactly how much every single one of you adds to the on going problem of animal cruelty.

  • Susan says:

    Some of these comments have me appalled. You’re suggesting using people to conduct these experiments? That’s just as bad as using animals which makes you no different than David Bishop. I’m glad this has been brought to the public’s attention and I’m also very happy that PETA is doing something about it but some of you people are downright scary. Get a grip. Linda I completely disagree with you and you didn’t read the post. As a nurse I know there are other methods available for training medical personnel to deal with trauma. This has nothing to do with “fighting” but if you think it does perhaps you have some inside information you’d like to share? This is really disgusting.

  • Kaitlin says:

    The military government do a lot that we don’t really find out about until it’s too late. This article digusted me and who wouldn’t be? I don’t understand how we could live in such a country that allows this kind of treatment not to mention what else goes on behind the scenes. Ick.

  • lorii hernandez says:

    this has to be ban all animals have to be respected

  • Jake Davis says:

    First of all the military is not going around killing pigs just for the hell of it they are doing this to train our soldiers so they can fight better and more accuratly.

  • Linda says:

    Violence is never the answer.

  • Sandra Gardner says:

    Financed by our tax $$’s. Another way to make our military boys and girls go psycho in the head.

  • MARCIA says:


  • Jackson says:

    Its sad what they do.

  • Kevin Isaac says:

    You name it any subject a human somewhere does it. What the hell else can I say I think we should become extinct to save the animals because people that do good win a battle somewhere only to find some other travesty somewhere else like an incurable plague.

  • Athais says:

    As the mother of a son in Iraq a former EMT and a registered nurse I also find it disturbing that the military uses animals for trauma training. I was trained for the same thing on mannequins. If it was good enough for me then it should be good enough for the military. As far as needing ‘a miracle of God’ wasn’t it God that said that animals were put on the earth for nourishment and such? Seems to me that that is not respectful of animals. As a vegetarian I feel that there is more a need for people to respect each other in this world. If we can’t even respect each other then how can we possibly expect them to respect the rights of animals.

  • A R DuBaie says:

    Even though my son is in Iraq fighting this war on terror I find it appalling that the military would use animals for trauma training. I am a registered nurse and learned all my training on mannequins. Even as an EMT trauma training was done on mannequins. If it was good enough for me then it is good enough for the military. We do not need a ‘miracle from God’ in order to change the way people treat animals. Remember it was God who said that the animals were their for nourishment and such. As a vegetarian what we need is more people respecting animals and each other. This world has gotten to the point that people no longer respect other people so how can we expect them to respect animals? And no God will not make people respect other people either. You only need to look at that ultrareligionist to see that is not happening.

  • Caitlin says:

    This is totlally INSANELY CRAZY why in the hell would they do that i mean they have no reason to do that! How would they feel if somebody did that to them for no reason!

  • mimi says:

    let them practice on michael vick

  • Jamie says:

    Enough of our soldiers get tramatizing injuries as it is. Why don’t they just practice on people that actually need the help. The main purpose is to save lives but in actuality they are taking away the lives of the animals. This doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m sure they get enough experience and training in battle they should be going to help the injured soldiers instead. All living creatures deserve the right to live their lives and not be tortured.

  • Peg says:

    I can not believe my eyes! This maybe part of the reason why some military people have such a hard time adjusting to a noncombat life style when they get out of the service! Cruelty to any animal is unacceptable and should be stopped at any cost.

  • Leslie Rice says:

    Such cruelty for any animal to be used in military exercises. There are other ways to make your point in an exercise without stabbing and shooting animals. Pigs are as smart as dogs and don’t deserve to be treated so inhumanely and why is this allowed.

  • elf says:

    This is Nazism 200 shocking sickening and just disgusting that it is 2009 .. and it reflects where we are as a whole in our development as human beings….. bullets bombs etc will injure us all it is senseless to try to justify that its okay as long as they know how to sew a leg back on using an animal to test their theories. War is wrong war on every level in every religion and on an intellictual and logical scientific level is wrong ….War is senseless and acomplishes nothing but miserypoverty and suffereing and devastation havent we learnt this yet from world war 1 and 2 ? Animals are not here to be used for our own stupidity because we make ourselves suffer why should an animal be part of that ? The problem is for all countries to disarm straighaway and for the UN to intervene peacefully ….violence will never make things better whether its towards ourselves or towards earths beautiful animals…Sometimes I cannot believe I was born a human being and am ashamed of mankind.

  • james says:

    Please read with an open mind. Not meant to offend anyone honestly. I agree with most everything everyone is saying but being in the military myself and hearing the way all of you are talking and feeling about what we do as soldiers deeply saddened me. I’ve been overseas 2 times and I’m sure half of you have a close friend or relative serving there at this moment right? Don’t get me wrong animal cruelty “evil” I understand but at the same time we rant and rave about how good it is to see the terrorist killed. True there are other ways and methods to which these exercises may be done but in order to get the real life grit that comes with seeing blood on a screaming patient and reacting quickly enough to rectify the situation is what these medics need. They can only learn so much from a book. Think about this for a split sec. Would you let a doctor operate on your mother with cancer if he has only read books never to have actually held a scalpel and perform surgery? Probably not. I wonder where they get their training? I’m not defending the abuse just opening an eye to a situation that maybe we might be able to slightly overlook. Unlike thousands of seals “slaughtered for stupid fur” or thousands of livestock “butchered alive” these things we could live without. Medical training for troops who are in harms way to protect our right to form this group and freely express our concern may not be too sinful eh? Just something to think about. Sincerely James Iraqi Veteran 0709

  • Poonam Singh says:

    This is pathetic as well as shameful act. Human should behave like a human being.

  • Marcelle says:

    You would think the USA military with all their technology and being a first world country would have the actual brain cell to find technological ways to reduce the impact on animals and the pain they need to endure.

  • Steve says:

    This kind of stuff makes me ashamed to be an American. Numerous nations around the world have already stopped using live animals for this kind of trauma training and PETA even recently helped get Bolivia to join this group. If the European Union and Bolivia can find alternatives to live animals so why can’t we??? The Department of Defense needs to enter the 21st Century along with the rest of us.

  • Jay says:

    Although I think this is disgusting to do such things to animals I find it just as gross that people think they should do it to human beings. Yes criminals terrorists rapists etc are human scum. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to perform these heinous acts on them. Grow up people. I agree with taking them to an inner city hospital though. That’s more than enought training.

  • Steve K. says:

    God our country is so pathetic sometimes. How can we allow these kinds of atrocities when other developed nations around the world have figured out perfectly good alternatives to using live animals for this type of training. It is so disheartening to see this type of shit when it seems like it has to take an act of Congress to make things right.

  • Brittany says:

    this is sickening! what is wrong with the military and people? there is a distinct wrong and right in situations like this. we have a conscience for a reason.. put it to good use. this is pathetic and i am ashamed that this occurs because of my species.

  • Carmen says:

    As a newly turned Vegan and a former Air Force enlisted Airman I was disgusted and enraged by this article. Yes the abused and starving humans living abroad and in America need our help…I think at this point we ALL need help of some kind or another. Abusing another person or animal is horrendous and a sad mark against everyone as human beings. I wish there was something more to be done than firing off a few letters or outrage but at the very least complaining and writing letters is still an act of rebellion!!

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    I also love pigs. They’re a little mysterious to many but that’s because they are raised away from human sight in filthy stinking overheated giant barns in the midwest. The things these gentle intelligent beings go through because of “man” are just heartbreaking. This trauma training is ridiculous. Someone somewhere doing needless work for the government contract money it brings in….Money…that’s all it is…not research.

  • laura says:

    I love animals. All animals. But sometimes I will eat chicken and seafood although I try to eat vegetarian most of the time. But what I dont get is that it seems everybody wears leather shoesleather purses or sit on leather seats in their automobiles. I find it hypocritical that peta can denounce anything that has to do with killing animals but do they use leather products? Also I think a human life should be valued first over an animals life. For example a human fetus’s life is slaughtered in the womb sliced and diced in its living space while still alive! should be way higher on the priority list in my book. Its kinda upside down to me where a chickens’ life has more value than a human life.

  • Marine says:

    First off I am a tree hugging vegetarian that loves everything biodegradeable. I’m also an active duty marine and have FIRST HAND knowledge of the lack of funds to provide extensive animal friendly training to our docs. These are young men who train then deploy before the age of 20. Imagine being 19 and running with a Marine infantry unit into the hills of Afghan knowing we depend on you if the bad guys have good aim. If you want to make a difference write your congressman to provide more conditional funds.

  • Austin says:

    Haha come on guys!! There are children in Africa being captured and forced into fighting…and they get slaughtered. Why dont we help THAT situation come to an end???

  • yvette says:

    Every animal has and feels pain. All this killing as if these poor animals dont feel pain of course they do. Laws need to be put into place to help protect these animals.

  • Andy B says:

    I find the use of these animals in their “training” is horrendous however what I find most disturbing are the people suggesting pigs be replaced with human beings. That makes you as barbaric as the animal abusers.

  • brenda blumenthal says:

    pigs are one of the most gentle and smartest creatures and if what happens to them in tranport as well as their final destination to the slaughterhouse isn’t enough now they are being shot and stabbed in some evil and unneccessary trainings. how can you do this to another living thing? i agree with all you that said to use terrorists and abusers. we are hurting the ones that have NEVER hurt us!

  • linda says:

    I agree with using terrorist criminals deathrow inmates rapist pedofiles and all the rest of the himan sheet of the world. Use human garbage that does not deserve to be breathing what air we have left.

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    HeThey Should be ashamed of themselves!! This is barbaric revolting!!

  • Jeffrey Smith says:

    What people do to animals they’ll do to people. I don’t know how a jerk like this sleeps at night. Maybe he doesn’t.

  • Jay'me golden says:

    Im sorry but I am against the use of animals for any kind of experimentation for any reason. We now know enough about the results of battle on the human body just from Iraq alone we dont need to continuously abuse animals in the name of science we have enough real bodies to learn from. If they feel a strong need to use living breathing creatures use some of the men and women on death row…it makes more sense to me…

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    Are these animals terroists? NO! DO you need to use such behavior toward a defenseless animal? Does it make you feel good? YOu are wrong!!!! Stop this already. enough is enough and you embarrass our country when you take a knife to a pig or any animals for that matter. This is upsetting. I am sick to my stomach…

  • Kate says:

    this really does break my heart. i love pigs and to read this just isnt right. im just a kid but i write to all these things telling them to stop this! i feel i need to be the voices for these animals and i get my friends to all join in together!

  • vegancoin says:

    “Why don’t they just have the trainees volunteer in an inner city hospital emergency room on a Saturday night?” good idea.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Why don’t they just have the trainees volunteer in an inner city hospital emergency room on a Saturday night?

  • stoptorture says:

    I hate what is in these people. Maybe protesting at military recruitment places will have some effect. Like when colleges or somewhere has people from the military recruiting there try to get the place not to hold it because of these outrageous cruelties and if they do hold the recruitment then get people there to protest. And that police officer murderer it sounds like he should be the one stabbed and shot if he thinks it is ok to do that to innocent feeling beings. His department should receive a mass of protests to FIRE HIM.

  • Kathy says:

    I agree with you Brien and Annie! Why not experiment on convicted animal abusers?? Ha! Now that I would love to see!! And maybe be a part of as well! I mean why pigs? Why animals in general?? They are precious creatures and should be treated with dignity and compassion. This world needs help! We need a miracle from God to change people’s hearts. We really do….I know my heart just breaks when I hear of animal torture…Why doesn’t everyones heart break too?

  • T says:

    The military has obviously not progressed out of the dark agestorturing and killing poor defenseless creaturesall in the name of Trauma training?! I dare say that pig anatomy and human anatomy are 100 different what possible use for this could the military haveother than being intentionally cruelbecause after allit’s “just a farm animal”things have got to changefor the better.It’s time everyone stepped forwardnot backward.Farm animals need better protection!

  • Gina says:

    Words cannot explain how horrifying this is. The one thing I don’t understand is WHY DON’T THEY USE CRIMINALS SEX OFFENDERS ROBBERS ETC. INSTEAD? Not just for this but everything that animals are currently being used for.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I have no problem with the military abusing and killing murderous terrorists. Conversely the military should be prosecuted for torturing and killing innocent and sentient animals. Pigs are also very intelligent.

  • Annie says:

    Why does the military use animals in trauma training?

  • Anna Shaw says:

    this is horrifying. i adore pigs and to read something like like this well it breaks my heart. pigs and other animal shouldnt be killed for fun or at all.