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Mickey Rourke Is a Total Badass

Written by PETA | February 1, 2007

I just heard that Mickey Rourke is holding a protest in Miami this afternoon. Apparently, he bought a puppy from a pet store around Christmas and the puppy died a couple of weeks later. Once Mickey learned from PETA’s Dan Mathews how pet shops sell all sorts of sick and inbred animals all the time, he fired off a letter to the store immediately. And today he’ll be in front of the store letting the public know what he’s learned.

Mickey Rourke.JPG

Did you see the guy in Domino or Sin City? Total badass. My suggestion to the store: Do what the man says. For real.

Mickey Rourke2.JPG

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  • Devika says:

    He really adores his dogs…loved his speech at the Globes.

  • Clara says:

    Mr. Rourke just made a very heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes where he thanked his dogs. He said they mean the world to him. That was really sweet. Made me shed a tear I must say.

  • liz stepien says:

    there is a pet store in Parkland “Mommies Puppies” that has been selling extreamly sick puppies. I bought a puppy from her 2 weeks ago.i took my puppy to my vet’s office Immediately. he was diagnoised with Parvo Parasites Upper resportory infectioneye infection. ther was another pup in the back with a broken leg.she has some dogs in baby bassinets which they fall out of. my puppy was in the vet’s office more than a week fighting this deadly diesese. I advised the owner imediatley about my puppy having parvo and she needs to get all these puppies checked.sevral people I know have gotten sick pups from there.

  • Mary Hurt says:

    thanks to Mickey for speaking upthis happened to me and it was hell on the kids and mehaving a young animal die and these people can test for this and avoid heartache for all of usthey are irresponsible and shame on these people. thanks Mickey for defending these little creatures and those of us that love them xxoo

  • kelly says:

    People have NO IDEA that ALL puppies sold in pet stores and from those shipstoyou websites are from the puppy mills Every single one. The owners of these stores and websites tell every lie in the book to convince people they aren’t but they sure are Just a note to anyone who sees a news story about this make sure you email the reporter and the paper and educate them about puppy mills. Most of them don’t have a clue either!