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Michael Vick Update

Written by PETA | May 4, 2007
Vick drops the ball

You’ve probably heard by now about the alleged dogfighting ring that was uncovered in a raid on Michael Vick’s property last week. Vick has been vigorously denying any involvement in the operation, and I really, really want to believe him, because he genuinely is a fantastic quarterback. Unfortunately, the man’s versatility in the pocket is at best dubious proof of his innocence in this case, and things are looking even more bleak for the Falcons QB after Deadspin reported on another apparent link between Vick and the property. According to info published on Deadspin:

“A Web site associated with a Michael Vick company, MV7, LLC, professes to be in the business of breeding pit bulls and other dogs as pets not for fighting. states that, “We do not promote, support or raise dogs for fighting and will not knowingly sell, give, or trade any dog that may be used for fighting.” The property Vick owns in Virginia where dozens of dogs were confiscated last week in a dog-fighting investigation is listed as the address for the Web site and the company, 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, Va.”

Um, yeah. We’re still calling on the Falcons to suspend Vick until this has been cleared up, and to release him from the team if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting. For my own part, unless he is able to absolve himself completely of all this, I will not be selecting Michael Vick for my fantasy football team this year. It’s called tough love, Michael.

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  • andy says:

    first of all they are dogs his life was taken away he cant see his kids or his family i know what he did was wrong but almost two years for dogs that is stupid killing dogs is nowhere close to killing a person and if u think it is u r beyond help so the judge should give him a lesser sentence

  • danny says:

    You animal lovers need to realize pets aren’t humans so stop treating them like they are. BTW I like eating animals a lot.

  • Rebecca says:

    I hate Vick supporters more than Vick

  • zack says:

    PETA you guys are out of your minds if you think this is just. THEY ARE ANIMALS!!! He is probably taking the spot of a man who raped a 14 year old girl which one was just released after 15 month in Virginia. Get over yourself peta. Oh and one more thing I just enjoyed a delicious tasty hamburger from wendys.

  • David McLean says:

    Does anyone see the obvious irony here? Yes animal cruelty is horrible and should be punished but what does the “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals” do after “rescuing” these pit bulls? It euthanizes them!! If we choose to respect our sentient dogs how can we honestly justify this? There is something creepy and evil about the methodical and clinical killing of any living creature. I think its evil surpasses those actions of Vick for example.

  • cdmoon says:

    And now your sleeping with him. Didn’t take long for the bucks to change your minds. One of your reps gees

  • bobby s says:

    i think we as black people need to come up with an organization bigger than the peta and fight back everytime they try to fine a black man guilty before proven and this goes for every organization who try this

  • barry says:

    why can nfl coaches sons ha ve drugs in there house and not be suspended…which is a federal offense but vick be suspended and face several charges maybe thats look at different than dogs being killed by fiting…and why is deer hunting okay and look at completly different they are animals….

  • kamin says:

    I don’t think that Vick had every single thing about this but I know he was in it somehow. But why would vick be fighting dogs when he can get billions playing football. NOW COME ON!!!!!

  • RAe Rae says:

    I do agree that what Vick did was wrong however i do not agree that he should be called names…..Millons of Greyhounds die every year at the dog track isnt that a sport althogh not rite fightin pits is a sport in the hood if u will… call it what u will but i support mike 100 and i have a dogg who i love very much and a kitten and i would never hurt them i just c where vick is cumin 4rm..instead of prosucuting vick over dog’s how about u go find those millions of black kids that go missin and are never heard from..and they never get amber alerts put out about them!!!!!

  • keith says:

    You guys PETA are so full of it. Yall put more value on a damn dog then you do on a person. Nobody wants to make the a race thing but it really is. i don’t see anyone of you in New Orleans holding signs up in front of the jail where a young black kid is sitting in jail right now as we speak facing 22 years. No nobody care about that the only thing that u care about is puttin a high profile african american in jail because you think he makes too much money. America as a whole is messed upped. but we will never get better as a whole because we love putting each other down rather than helping. I’m not saying that what vick did is right hell nobody even know what he really did. so how can you judge him and say that he needs to go to jail and he needs to die. i dont see anyone standing up for all of his dogs that are about too die. but its okay that the state can kill them but vick can’t. that is the very reason why everyone is mad at vick right?

  • wendyLee says:

    Anyone who thinks it is ok for animals to suffer are truly disgusting and I think should rot in hell. I do not care what color your skin is. Idiots!!!!!!!!! unbelievable that football is more important than innocent dogs. I think you are pathetic and disgusting .I wish you would know the fear pain and anger those poor dogs felt and not understand why I wish that on all of you for eternity no matter who you are or what color. Ridiculous that race plays into this.

  • M. Butler says:

    I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Like the bible says let the first one without sin cast the first stone. I am so glad that God is not like man. Because when you sin and fall short of the glory God always forgives. While Men on earth do not. There are people who wish really bad things for Mike and that is sad I was always taught that you don’t wish bad for anyone becuase if you do bad may end up happening to you.

  • Eddie says:

    I am a falcons fan and live in Virginia. It’s embarrassing and hurts that a human being can be that cruel to any animal and at that Man’s best friend. I just tore down photos in my office of Vick I took at a falcons game. Rather guilty or not he knew what was going on and should have stepped up to stop this cruelty.

  • shawn says:

    I can only hope that the prison he goes to if he doesnt plea his way out has rape cages just like the kind dog fighters use to breed their dogs.

  • kayla says:

    asshole should b put in jail

  • Christian says:

    I have to admit i feel sorry for the guy i mean its not his fault he was born with less intelligence and commun sense than the animals he was hurting and well you cant expect much from a guy who probably would be cleaning toilets in a motel if it wasnt because he was good at throwing a football im sure he has nothing besides that sport and he just had to do something else to entertain himself and what better than expresing his true evil heart than by hurting someone who cant fight him back its so sad… all i hope is that he goes to jail where karma will be waiting for him…

  • Peter Morazzini says:

    WoW! Ugly bow wow Vick should be a man and face all those poor innocent lives he has taken from this Earth. But No That would be unfair to him because he has a black heart nd could care less. Yo All my money and Fame gives me Da right to Slaughter the weaker… Just Like O.J. Did… But Just like O.J. He’ll get off until they die and face The Devil in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios Homies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Tami says:

    To Kim other dog lovers here I think it’s sad that these dogs have to die but they have more than likely been driven mad and trained to be killing machines. Who would have them? I love dogs. I love Pits especially but I don’t own one because they are strong dogs. Even the healthy ones need a good human alpha leader and lots of exercise. These poor dogs that were taught to be killers have no hope especially if they have been fed stuff to make them mad. It truly breaks my heart to think about what they went through. They are probably insane and only know killing. I doubt they can be rehabilitated. In my county the Humane Society puts dogs to sleep for biting. I know of a Allaso Apso a very small dog 13 months old had a biting problem from being taken away from it’s pack at too young an age. It didn’t get enough training. Less than an hour after the owner dropped it off it had been put down. And that was a tiny LLaso Apso. These particular pits are dangerous. It’s so sad. Vick’s organization is not the only dog fighting organization. It makes me disgusted with humans who would support dog fights. I would not want to be involved with such men… or women. They are probably angry and abusive.

  • Tami says:

    Kahan Qatazap I’m not a racist. I’m a black woman who thinks you and other blacks who continue to support famous or wealthy blacks doing criminal acts are the ones who are racist. If Vick were white would you still support him? What kind of man are you to align yourself with anyone involved in such heinous acts against defenseless animals. Maybe some of the people angry at Vick are racist. I would be surprised if they weren’t. Being black in America for all my life I understand the double standard. But that won’t make me sympathetic toward blacks committing murder and other acts of brutality. I don’t believe in all this talk of brutality against others as I read on this site. I do believe Vick is guilty and should go to jail. I could be wrong but I doubt it. BTW Vick ruined his own career by allowing and being involved in these dog fights. I love dogs and even if I didn’t I would be absolutely against dog fights or any brutality against defenseless animals and children. I’m sorry that so many men are into this crap and I’m embarrassed that black men support Vick just because he’s black. How is that different from what white men did to blacks years ago? So now it’s okay for blacks to be racists?? I also notice that some people can’t argue their position without the use of profanity and name calling which doesn’t prove your point. Instead it makes you sound like a raving idiot.

  • ja cavett says:

    If sick Vick is allowed to dress in an NFL uniform I will protest in front of the GEORGIA DOME everytime the Falcons play I will not watch any NFL game in person on tv or listen to it on the radio

  • C says:

    I say get a rope and string that piece of sht up. Then feed his worthless remains to the poor dogs he so brutally abused so they can convert him back to his proper form “a piece of sht.” The courts may not properly judge him but GOD WILL!!

  • kim says:

    can you tell me why these dogs should die because of an asshole. peta save them!!!

  • Kahan Qatazap says:

    I hope you peta pukes rot in hell! i despise your foolish organization and hope you all rot in hell! Michael Vick is the best quarterback in the leauge now and you racist curs are trying to ruin his career. A pox upon your house I say!

  • Brad says:

    Vick is a scum of the earth hardened criminal I hope gets the stiffest sentence possible for the crimes he has committed!

  • ld says:

    The owner for the Falcons Arthur Blank is all about brand image. He knows if in order to sell falcons tickets he has to cut Mike Vick loose or lose his franchise and ticket sales. Vick’s NFL career and endorsement deals are history.

  • Tami says:

    I’m a black woman and I am disgusted with Vick. I was in tears to see those poor dogs and hear what happened to them. It was his house where these dogs were his friends. I believe he had if not everything to do with it he is responsible for most of it. ‘If it looks like sht smells like sht I don’t need to eat it to know that it is sht’. This makes me sad because he is a black man who made it and it looks as if he didn’t appreciate what he had. I would not want to be his woman. Without dogs to beat and hurt where will his anger and aggression go? Another thing I’m tired of blacks siding with blacks who commit crimes because they are wealthy and famous. The same thing happened with O.J. Simpson. I believe he did it. I believe Vick is culpable. I love dogs. I have 2 small dogs. I think Pit Bulls and American Staffordshires are beautiful dogs. I’m disgusted with humans who make these dogs vicious. And I’m very disgusted with the barbarians who would attend and sponsor dog fights cock fights and whatever cruel games bored small minded men and women need for their selfish sick barbaric entertainment. To Al Beasky PETA does a lot for animal rights. Get their emails and you’ll see for yourself. Maybe read before you speak. And to James Dean. I care more about children than I do dogs. Everyone cares when a child is mauled by a dog. What planet are you on? There are no bad dogs just stupid ignorant humans who get dogs they can’t train or handle. I think Pits are beautiful but I own two small 15 lb dogs that I can train and handle. I heard there are 12 magazines that support underground dog fights. So Vick is just one man a famous man but I’m sure there are many others. And if there’s money in this Beasky I’m sure there are white men involved as well. White or black it’s all horrible. Dogs don’t have a voice. Children grow up and can sue or speak out against their monsters’ or abusers. Dogs suffer in silence die are labeled dangerous and put down. I think that’s what angers dog lovers the most.Tami

  • Nicole says:

    To say that the race card is being pulled is absolutely obsured. Dogfighting is Illegal to all races do you not get that. IT’S ILLEGAL!!!! If a white man and a black man are involved in dogfighting they are both committing a crime. Vick should and hopefully will be convicted. I am a loyal and loving pitbull owner to hear about all of this sickens me. Vick should just be lucky that animal cruelty gets a lesser sentence than if he had done this to humans. Just think he would be considered a mass murderer. Now is that really who we want children looking up to. No way.

  • Ascout says:

    I hate to say it but bc of racial stereotypes in this country I am guessing there would be an even bigger news story if it was Favre because of the shock value of a white NFL player. With so many people in need it’s sickening that a person would use their money to support such a thing. Animal abuse often leads to human abuse. If PETA and its supporters want to focus on animal rights so be it. We live in a free country. The haters hypocrites should spend less time criticizing and more time doing something more positive with their time.

  • Kimberly York says:

    Dear Al If prosecuting a creepy animal abusing rich black man is the only way to keep Mike Vick down. I say do it. He’s scum. As a black man your comments in playing the race card on an indicted criminal really dumbs down the argument. Way to go. Kimberly York Atlanta

  • Darren says:

    Wow! It truly is sad if the allegations of Michael Vick fighting dogs is true but I think your focus should be on the thousands of lives lost in Iraq because of President Bush. I agree Vick should be punished if found guilty but get over folks. I would have more respect for you if I seen you holding up protest signs at the White House. Imperfect people make up this imperfect world.

  • nonprejudice says:

    why have you people convicted Vick already why why just like you did O.J. You say this country is all for justice but you have convicted Vick already. I bet If Bust said Vick did not do it you would belive him

  • brandenk says:

    All of you are Racist white people hate the fact that Vick makes more money that some of you will ever make. You do hate him and convict him cause he is black nothing pertaining to race has changed. Be real with yourself you hat blacks ans non whites

  • Char says:

    Al Beasky What does Vicks actions have to do with him being a black man? NOTHING!!! Stop using that as an excuse to defend him because that defense is pathetic. Michael Vick is a murderer. Abusing a dog is abusing an innocent who just looks to you for love and compassion and all he gave them was death and abuse.. how is that right? It’s not.

  • christa says:

    I am a football lover but I have a real passion for animals. I have been excited to see a black quarterback doing so well in the NFL as you do not see too many out there. I cannot however look past the allegations against Micheal Vick. I saw below that someone said he’s playing the “race card” but I have heard no statements from him since the allegations became public. I don’t feel that one bit. I am white and had it not been for this I would be routing for Vick at his next game. Please hear these charges against him dogs were EXECUTED if they did not perform well enough! Dogs willing to give their lives the ultuimate sacrafice were told that’s just not good enough! And to top it all off we’re gonna hang you now. Or would you prefer electrocution? Wait a minute the dogs didn’t get a say in it! Yes people Vick and his 3 partners in crime are accused of ELECTROCUTING HANGING DROWNING SHOOTING and SLAMMING ATLEAST ONE DOG”S BODY TO THE GROUND to execute them. And lets not forget the unmentioned here often times pit bulls are given “mutts” to practice on. That way the pit bull can practice their fighting skills without being too injured. They know the mutt will not last long so it’s a perfect way to train their prize posessions. Not to mention the police were at Vick’s house on drug suspiscions. Guns and drugs are often around the dog fighting realm. Someone from the NFL I believe Mike Goodall today said Vick’s name is listed 50 times in this indictment. These charges are terrible and I hope every animal lover out there acts out to tell the NFL and any organizations out there supporting him that’s not okay. Nike has yet to pull his “Hero” line off the shelf last I heard. What kind of hero turns loyal animals into fighting machines then tortures them to death? What kind of a message are we sending to our kids? Christa veterinary technician and avid animal rescuer

  • al beasky says:

    It makes me sick how all these people can make out Michael Vick to be some cold hearted killer. I DON”T THINK SO! Why don’t you peta people go protest for all those cows pigs and chicken being slaughtered everyday getting their necks cut off? Here’s one even better why don’t you stand outside of the white house and fight to bring our troops back home instead of wasting all this time trying to keep another black man down?

  • Anne says:

    This is the direct email to Arthur Blank owner of the Falcons and to Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL. Arthur Blank Roger Goodell I have written faxed and emailed both of them asking them to release Michael Vick permanently from his contradict and not allow him to play football again.

  • Cds says:

    Jenk This is my post “I’ve written letters to Nike Rawlings Coke who sponsors the Falsons and that’s enough for me Delta who sponsors the falcons atT Verizon also sponsors of the falcons and Home Depot connected because Arthur Blank was CEO Vick has Coke on his website as a sponsor. Let’s see if the power of the pen works!” So I’m not sure what you are talking about.

  • Ronda-LV pitbull lover says:

    vick!!! you should be ashamed of yourself!!! not only will people stop loving you they will wish bad things toward you!!! and I know you have heard of KARMA before?? better be careful cause “KARMA” is a bitch!!!!

  • CHASNEYS. says:

    Michael Vick may or may not be guilty! We don’t know yet but for all the people prejudging him and the situation YOU NEED TO STOP IT!! DAMN LET THE MAN HAVE A COURT APPEARENCE FIRST.

  • jlgray61 says:

    i agree banish vick from pro football thats all football in northern america i will never shop for any of his products and if he plays one game i will never watch pro ball again! i have 2 pits they are the nices gogs i ever had i love my dogs so don’t come by my house vick you will get a bite out of your ass

  • Mary says:

    It is horrible to gain financial benefits by using animals… especially by training them to fight or to commit any other act they get hurt. It is sad to know that we can admire someone in football or any other industry…. BUT they do mean things to people or animals. WE support them in their games or commercial… BUT WE NEED TO EVALUATE IT and NOT SUPPORT THEM OR HIM WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! .. FORWARD TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS STOP INHUMANE THINGS AND LET”S not watch anything that it shows his name… OUR MONEY needs to go to good things and good people…

  • Nicolle says:

    Shame on you Coach Reeves. Why don’t you just support all of the child molesters of the world as well and site the fact they are just basically good people who hang with the wrong crowd. That is absolutely ludicrous. We all make choices of who are friends are. Ever hear the saying you are the company that you keep. Hello??? Is anybody home? I support you being out of a job. I am sure there are other gifted players out there that can help you line your pockets this season. If Michael Vick doesn’t mind testing survival of the fittest then let him do it in prison. Anyone who would do this is seriously disturbed.

  • Erica says:

    It makes me SICK that this worthless excuse for a human can do what he does and look at himself in the mirror everyday. These animals have no voice no way to tell you they are hurt or that they don’t want to be hurt. Who gave him the right to be the descicion maker for these beautiful creatures? They were put here to be companions not a sick game. I hope he goes to jail loses his endorsements and his job. He is a joke!

  • summer says:

    As a devoted animal lover and HUGE football fan … I hate Michael Vick. As for the NFL and Michael Vicks sponsors once the investigation is completed I hope that they do the right thing … otherwise I don’t think that I can endorse this sport.

  • vetinus says:

    I wonder if federal goverment will take this case that is not only envolving animal crueltypetabusedogfightingetc….I think is involving human behaviorlower standard of life beacuse everyone who is involved in Michael Vick case and anyother cruel activity against animals must be prosecuted and confine for ever.Meanwhile no money or power on this world should support or sponsor it

  • JenK says:

    RESPONSE TO “Cds” Animal cruelty while bad is no where near as bad as cruelty to humans. I don’t know why you are blogging on a PETA site. How is harming an animal worse than harming a human? Does an animal not feel pain as a human feels pain? Same thing in my view same thing. If someone hurt my animal companions they’d be in the hospital for a long long time and we’re not crazy we’re just not SPECIEST like you are.