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Michael Vick, Repent!

Written by PETA | November 25, 2008

This morning, Michael Vick appeared in court to enter a plea of “guilty.” Of course, PETA was represented as well. PETA members were on the scene with new posters reflecting Michael’s embrace of Christianity. The posters displayed horrific and tragic images of injured dogs used in fighting along with the words “Dogfighters, Repent.” The message was that anyone else who’s involved in dogfighting needs to stop—now—before they, too, end up in jail, with no friends, no money, and no respect.

Photos from the demonstration are posted below. Let’s hope that Michael Vick’s fallen star will be a permanent lesson to all would-be dogfighters: just don’t do it.




Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • cutetxdoc says:

    Hey guys! why dont you check into a recent horrific case in Houston. A scumbag snuck into a Texas Wildlife Sanctuary in the greater Houston area beheaded and removed the head of a beloved tame ten year old deer named “Mr. Buck.” This sweet animal was children friendly and his female mate is in mourning and very depressed. What an outrage! The law enforcement officers like most citizens are incensed and vow to find those perpetrators and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. To me the only appropriate sentence this slimeball sicko should receive is death by lethal injection or beheading let the doe decide! This story ruined my day.

  • ardelle says:

    Lets assume he WILL be taken back in NFL because the TEAM feels he can WIN them games. And thats ALL that matters!!! BUT if FAN support is not there neither will he be!!! So animal groups in whichever city chooses to make that horrible choice need to make that city aware of who this psycho deviant is and get him off the roster. The news here in VA where it all happened says that fan support will be the deciding factor. The pervert said “throwing family pets in with the pitbulls is fun.” This is permanent character of who he is. No product endorsements either!!!

  • MB says:

    Come on people you have so much love for animals but no respect for humans. He served his time and deserves to move on with his life. I am not sure there is anything he could do that would change your mind about him. What he did was horrific but we lost focus on the real issue. Dogfighting continues with or without Mike Vick. Continue the fight but lets stay respectful.

  • Ty says:

    I believe that the next step in this process is to do whatever it takes to ensure that Michael Vick is never allowed to enter the NFL again. He must never be allowed to regain fame wealth admiration or respect as long as he lives. Let him live a wasted life…

  • Lauren says:

    How would Vick feel if the tables were turned and dogs were able to inflict the pain on him!!! This is the problem!!!!!!!!!!! Not only him but most people fail to put themselves in other people or animals positions!! He set a bad example to his fans and he should support PETA and wake up and learn about how much cruelty to animals occurs on and how he could prevent it instead of be a part of it!!!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Linda said it perfectly he’s not some dumb kid who came from a life of misfortune. I WILL TELL YOU WHO ALWAYS SUFFERS FOR THEIR CRIMES it’s people who are poverty stricken and sick in the head. Homeless mentally ill people. Especially mentallyill hoarders who try to rescue strays and have no idea how to even care for themselves THEY GET THE WORST PUNISHMENT! Boo hoo Vick had it all fame power money. Why are we preaching forgiveness when the most wretched poor sick in the head people are the ones who get stiff sentences for animal abuse? Make an example out of him. If you have it all folks in this ecomony you have an even higher responsibility to act in an ethical manner. Peace and have a good holdiay think of the animals!

  • Madison says:

    Honestly if you are a person with 6 dogs and 3 cats like me you tend to build a love friendship and respect for dogs and cats. Honestly I believe this bastard should get the electric chair. As well as all dog fighters.

  • Blu says:

    Let’s all remember one of the greatest quotes of all time that I know most of us that visit this site live by “We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things humanity will not find peace.” Albert Schweitzer The Philosophy of Civilization Let’s all please remember something very important. It takes a strong person to forgive so I forgive Michael Vick. But I forgive with a grain of salt because he sure wasn’t sorry about it until he got caught. Seems nobody is. Animal cruelty at ANY age can be a sign of cruelty towards humans in the future. I sure hope he’s not allowed to keep pets anymore EVARRRR. Not even a mouse would I trust to someone who is only sorry for inflicting torture because they got caught doing it. It is a great sign of moral ineptitude.

  • Ana says:

    Michael Vick is a disgrace to humanity. He was viewed as a role model by many including children. Punishment for his crimes should be far more than it was deemed. Animal cruelty attempted murderaccomplis in murder and murder of animals should be a considered capital crime just as the same situations against humans are conducted. Yes in a previous post “Thou shalt not kill” and love animals “great and small”….these commandments apply to all life!! Micheal Vick should be punished in the same way he punished those dogs….”An eye for an eye”!!!! Go to hell MIchael!

  • Brian says:

    What he did was simply horrible. And he has lost the following 2+ years of his freedom all of his money and then some all of his endorsements his reputation most likely his career. He was once one of the top paid players in the NFL now even if he returns he will never be paid anywhere close to that. He also has to live with the fact that all of that could have been avoided if he just walked away from dog fighting. I’d say he has paid his due. They should let him back in on the condition that part of his salary goes toward fighting animal cruelty particularly dog fighting.

  • Tammy says:

    I read where another NFL player says he feels Vick should be allowed to play again and that “it was not a big deal they were just dogs.” I don’t care how much Jesus ass kissing Vick does I do not believe he is sorry at all for what he done to those animals. He is only sorry he got caught.I will never believe his cries for forgiveness. Its all about money for him and getting his place back on a team. If they do allow him to play again I agree with the earlier post it would be a slap in the face to society. What message would this send to other dogfighters? All kinds of hell should be raised if he is allowed back into the NFL! We cannot let this happen! Vick did this to himself. He knew better and proceeded anyway. I feel he has no compassion in his heart at all if he did he could notwould not have done any of this to begin with!

  • Gina says:

    Thank you Peta for not forgetting the victims of the sadistic “blood sport” of dogfighting. Every other media outlet has all but forgotten about Vick but I’m glad to see you won’t let him slide will remind everyone what horrific pain death Vick his Bad Newz Kennels inflicted on countless voiceless victims. Vick forced these innocent pit bulls into violent life or death battles. Found Christ don’t they all. Why didn’t he think about religion god during the 7 to 8 years he ran his illegal dogfighting operation? They always ‘get saved’ when they are caught want leniency or to get out of their just punishment. May he die then rot in eternal hell.

  • David says:

    Well isn’t that just too convenient? Michael Vick “embraces” Christianity claims to be sorry for what he did without taking responsibility for his inexcusable behavior and pleads not guilty to charges of cruelty to animals and somehowDivine Miracle maybe? is given a lesser sentence by the Virginia courts?! Nice “Christian” values! Praise Jesus!

  • Julie Warner says:

    Michael Vick is a disgrace to the human race. When will this barbaric and inhumane approach to the way animals are treated ever end. The punishment can never be enough for the animals that suffered at the hands of this man. Forgiveness? No. We must stand for those dogs who never had a chance. We must continue to stand for the many more who will unfortunatley suffer still. Stand strong PETA membersthe fight is not over!

  • james rice says:

    These are dogs we are talking about. Not a human life!!

  • Gen says:

    go Debbie!!!!!!!!!! 1

  • Barbara says:

    Over at the Huffington Post they’re all defending Vick. It’s quite ironic that those leftwing hipsters are so much like Sarah Palin and her ilk. Disgusing. More disgusting is that Scumbag Poindexter he clearly endorses dogfighting. What a piece of sht.

  • MALLY says:


  • Linda Janie Broussard says:

    Vick has shown no remorse. He never said he was sorry for what he did to the dogs. He has no ability to understand his crimes. A criminal who does not feel remorse was a criminal long before he got caught. Vick is not some dumb kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time HE IS A CRIMINAL. Sure when he’s done his time let him have a “second chance” as an ordinary working guy. He blew his right to fame and fortune anyone who would hang or drown a dog who would throw a pet to a fighting dog and consider the results “funny” such a person is not normal. Vick is an arrogant bully. Dollars to donuts says when he doesn’t have a fortune and a bunch of other football players to throw around his lack of conscience and his sense of entitlement will come out as the abuse of a woman child flunky or other animal. Everyone needs to write to the Falcons’ owner. Let Vick earn a living performing whatever sort of job his intelligence and educational level not to mention criminal record will allow him to find.

  • Kelley says:

    What about all the “bait” animals he killed? I heard he used to laugh as he was watching them get torn to pieces in practice and training rounds. Everyone forgets about these victims.

  • susan says:

    To Epluribus To say that Michael Vick should be allowed to play football again and make millions is a tragedy! This man had no regard for life he only had dollar signs in his eyes. Too bad he was so stupid to mess up a good thing. He is heartless and a miserable excuse for a human being. If the NFL is stupid enough to let him play football again he should have to donate his earnings to animals.

  • Bill says:

    This is disgusting that they are gonna let this dirtbag off! Whats wrong with this world? SHAME VIRGINIA! SHAME!

  • jh says:

    What about hunting animals for sport? There are programs that appear on local PBS stations Michigan OutofDoors where hunters show enthusiasm and pleasure over killing innocent animals deer turkey etc.. And please dont present the dogs are pets argumentthe customnorm is cultural based. Please show your outrage across the board.

  • Tom says:

    Simplyblessed I certainly don’t disagree that people deserve second chances. I’m not saying the man should be put to death. I’m saying that he wasn’t made to truly pay for his mistakes. Oh he lost his contract and a million dollars he took lives he tortured living beings. It’s only right that he should serve more time. The law should reflect the evil that goes into taking any life. Of course rehabilitation is possible in any scenario and I hope the best for MV in his life but anyone man of God or not should be made to pay for what they do within the constraints of Just law.

  • Brad says:

    No second chances for torturures. If someone tortured your pet would you give them a second chance? What about your child? Animals and people have roughly the same nerve endings and feel the same pain. Vick should sit in prison for the rest of his life. I used to be one of his biggest fans. I live in VA and went to all his games at VT.

  • notavickhater says:

    How can we ever know what God has place in Vick heartHe has dealt Vick a HAND of HUMILITY for ALL the WORLD to SEE!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the day it’s GOD he has to say Im SORRY too! And he did apologize to the court everyone he has hurthis family and all the the Kid’s that idolize him.The Associated Press reported today.

  • Star says:

    ….and here is a link that I found of Michael Vick holding a cute little pit puppy who is now probably dead… what an a$$ httppower953.comblogswhatitiz200811michaelvickwillpleadguilty.html

  • Tammye Schillinger says:

    No forgiveness for Michael Vick! I hope he ROTS IN HELL!

  • sue says:

    That is why God is all forgiving he knows we humans can only go so far. I hope he NEVER plays football again he does not deserve any hero worship star status etc…what he should remain known for is FIGHTING DOGS. Notice he NEVER said he was sorry for hurting dogs..only for his reputation his family..the things that personally cost him. The dogs were of little consequence to him…they never will be. He just does not have it in him for compassion..except for himself…sad commentary in my opinion.

  • pointing things out says:

    Im from Va. I watch Micheal Vick’s trail closely. NOW I see on “MTV cribs” today that Benjii Madden good Charlotte band member ex toy boy to Paris Hilton who wears leather furs etc. Has a tiger attached to a car towing chain in his back yard attached to a tree. He is no better then Micheal Vick.. Then I see PETA condones to this? WTF?

  • Star says:

    I live in an NFL town and believe me if this SOB gets back in and his tema plays our team I will be down in front of our stadium protesting … I hope others will do the same…

  • notavickhater says:

    I wonder what God who say to all these blogger who can’t forgive Vick.YesVick was wrong. He will PLAY IN THE NFL AGAIN mark my word. God is just that GOOD hater’s!

  • Kara says:

    Preaching forgiveness.. thats funny.. Do you think he actually MEANT his apology? I think it’s funny that until he was faced with prison and being booted from the NFL he said nothing about being sorry.. He’s like any other criminal he’s sorry alright… Sorry he got CAUGHT. And I have had family members who got in trouble for things and I never thought their punishment should be any less severe than everyone else. If I went to prison today I would get fired from my job and they wouldnt hire me back.. He shouldnt be any different just because he has a “talent”

  • MB says:

    “Animal abuse has never been taken as a serious offense in this country and now is the chance to rectify that… I want Vick to be outcasted” I think this is done. He is dead broke served time in prison paid $1M to care for the dogs he put in harm’s wayand apologized several times. Most of all the Mike Vick brand is destroyed forever. He paid a huge price for his acts.

  • Neda says:

    I find it amazing that the state has decided to make sure he doesnt get any jail time for his state crime. 3 years that he should be in jail yet he is simply allowed to walk. Yes im sure he will never fight dogs again. He will probably adopt a whole shelter of dogs and just be so loving and nurturing with them. Maybe a little punch here and there but i guess the state is satisfied. The sad thing is that I am certain so many of his fans cant wait for him to get out. And those people are probably just as sick as he is and just as evil when it comes to animals. This is a disgrace and this countries judicial system that I am a part of is so flawed I am ashamed to be a part of it.

  • bbr says:

    I am certainly glad that this “star” has been made into an example. And it is about damn time that celebs started getting less than the royal treatment when it comes to breaking the law. It is very unfortunate that this world puts athletes movie stars and such on a pedastool as if they can do no wrong. Money talks but people’s actions are never too far away. In other words people don’t forget what celebs have done. Look at that dumb ass OJ Simpson. No one will ever forget his murder trial. Michael Vick should not be allowed back into the NFL. If this were a regular person or a no named NFLer I am sure they would be cut from playing for a very long time. He should be forced to do community service at animal shelters. People look up to athletes and celbs and for what? They are the same as everyone else except they are rich famous and get away with more. But they have the same flaws bad judgement bad values and bad morals. Anyone who thinks making animals fight is cool is foolish and needs to learn a lesson. Hopefully he’ll get mroe of what is coming to him. He disgusts me. This is why athletes do not deserve to make all that money. They are no more valuable than anyone else.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    The last time PETA had a post about Vick I saw loads of racist comments. I really hope I don’t see that again. It made me ill. Just because he abused animals it does not give people the right to spew racist language towards all African American citizens. Now as for Michael Vick I HEARD that he confessed to putting a noose around a dog’s neck Anyone who does that to an animal is also capable of doing that to a human being. I hope the courts consider that BEFORE they give him a sentence!!

  • jaclyn silvestri says:

    “michel vick repent” is right on. After the disgusting example he set for our youth..he must become actively involved in putting an end to dogfighting in any way he can to redeem himself. He is a public sports figure..If he does not use this opportunity to become involved in the fight against animal abuse…who will believe he deserve forgiveness?

  • Epluribus says:

    Mike will have served time for his actions. Repent means that you’re sorry what you did and you’re taking steps to turn that around. When a person repents he needs to be forgiven his sin. It’s time for Mike to get out of jail again become a productive member of society and if he chooses to play Pro Football he should be allowed with no resistance.

  • Barbara says:

    simply blessed Michael Vick is a sick depraved individual and is exactly where he needs to be prison. Sorry I don’t know what you are talking about fighting in a ring … if you’re talking about slavery get over it. I was not born in America but I am an American citizen and the past is the past. I’m not about to be burdened with history. And it’s not going to change my mind about a psycho like Michael Vick. Oh and you’ll never see anybody in my family torturing and killing animals for fun. That’s just plain barbaric and uncivilised. The majority of people have evolved somehow Vick didn’t. Let him rot in prison.

  • simply blessed says:

    It’s funny how people are so much in an uproar about this. I have a dog too but what surprises me and years ago and it may have been many years SOME people wasn’t using dog they were using people in a fight ring and I am not talking about boxing. Wait until one of your children or family members get into trouble see if you don’t change your tune about people deserving a second chance.

  • Emily says:

    He’s a piece of trash. Anyone who would harm or cause any pain to an animal should be shipped off to a deserted island and left to rot.

  • Marsha F. says:

    Well after just reading about this story myself yes this whole thing is sick. He obviously made a deal with Virgina prosecutors and the second and WORSE charge of torturing and killing dogs was dropped. Until people like this truly pay for their actions with severe consequences it will never end. If he’s released early it’ll be a very sad day for the animals and people that care for the animals. If the NFL lets him back in they are as sick as he is. Money money money. At least it has brought attention to this horrific thing of dog fighting and torturing these dogs. People like us just need to keep it going that’s all we can do. Thanks PETA and animal supporters! Marsha F. Northern California

  • amber Falobas says:

    Michael Vick needs to learn his lesson and let everyone kno that dog fighting is super bad.

  • James Woringen,Jr. says:

    The Michael Vick story is only the tip of the iceberg. Until everyone demands that federal laws be passed making a crime against an animal the same as committing a crime against a human not much will change. Any judge who shows a blind eye as to doing their duties should not be reelected!

  • Tom says:

    Michael Vick shamed himself his family and made a terrible role model for all the kids that idolized him. Why someone who worked so hard to get where they were would decide to throw it away over something so barbaric and stupid is beyond me. He deserves any problems he gets from now on and he doesn’t have the right to complain. All of those dogs that were born into and subjected to the misery and pain of a life that he gave them are now watching over him. That is his bad energy and his karma to deal with. That is life taken with no regard of well being or simple compassion. I hope someday soon the law reflects how truly evil something like what he did really is. I say let MV be the figurehead for this change too.

  • jen p. says:

    Someone explain this to me please…vick pleads “guilty” to dogfighting yet “not guilty” to cruelty to animals…and those charges get dropped….so our courts think that dogfighting isn’t CRUELTY TO ANIMALS? please explain…and the only reason his mom and fiance are upset is because they aren’t getting any of the money he earned from it now!!! there’s a place in hell for drudge like him not scum that rises to the top of the water drudge stays on the bottom!

  • Cody says:

    I am all for forgiveness but I believe that we need to make an example out of Vick if he gets off easy they are talking about him returning to the NFL then it will send a terrible message throughout this country. Animal abuse has never been taken as a serious offense in this country and now is the chance to rectify that… I want Vick to be outcasted.

  • Missy L says:

    I am so happy this bastard Vick got what he deserved!

  • DEBBIE says: