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Michael Vick in Disgrace

Written by PETA | April 26, 2007

Michael Vick.jpgLike most people, I love to watch the man play football, but if the allegations I heard today are true, I’m not sure I ever want to see Michael Vick suit up for a game again. According to news reports, local and state law enforcement discovered more than 60 pit bulls and other dogs on Vick’s property in Surry County Virginia yesterday, who showed signs of serious abuse that is consistent with having been used for fighting. Officials also evidently discovered dogfighting paraphernalia, including a “rape stand” on the premises. These are deadly serious allegations, and it’s immensely distressing to see such a high-profile athlete accused of this kind of cruelty. PETA is calling on the Atlanta Falcons to immediately suspend Vick pending the outcome of the investigation, and if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting, we’re asking that he be released from the team.” You can help out by clicking here to write to the Falcons about this issue, and for more information you can read our letter to Falcons Owner Arthur Blank.

The Atlanta Falcons should be kicking themselves right now that they traded away backup QB Matt Schaub this offseason, but even a year with Joey Harrington at the helm is better than having your team led by someone with a mark like this on their record.

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  • creativecheryl says:

    @FLACONFAN It’s amazing to me that people are able to put off responsibility. If my child is shooting up heroine in my home, am I less accountable? Should I put the responsibility on them and not me? Or how about this, if my mother won’t quite smoking because she’s done it since the 70’s when it was acceptable, am I not supposed to confront her or talk to her about this terrible habit? I find it very interesting that as a society we’re able to find a way to pass the buck so that we feel less a burden. How about this FALCONFAN take responsibility for your actions and if there are people in your life that are living destructively confront them. Stop making excuses!

  • Sherry says:

    In my opinion the NFL must condon dog fighting murderering of helpless animals therefore I no longer support the NFL. Mr Vick can say he’s sorry from now till doomsday but the fact remains he is a killer and he is no better than the lowest of humans on death row. Our society has become too forgiving

  • JakeHilfter says:

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  • CreditCardsOffers says:

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  • deydreem says:

    Although i am a christian i am finding it hard to have a Godly attitude toward this VILE DISCUSSTING MONSTER. To think he would throw beagles and other nonagressive animals in the ring just so his pit bulls could get the taste of blood horrifies me. Dear God What has this society became if there are still those out there who think Vick is a great man.

  • Bev says:

    He is a disgrace to himself his family and his team. Hope they lock him up and throw away the key. He is the lowest of the low and myself and everyone I know plans to boycott anything even remotely associated with this brutal worthless scum bag.

  • Eddie says:

    Vic is a sub human. He enjoys suffering animals. Sadistic. No human should be given another chance to go back to society. He should be locked up in mental hospital for the rest of his life. In a very small dark room. Eddie

  • Sybel says:

    Vic defiled life in the worse way. When someone says that the life of an animal is not as significant it’s all in their idiotic head. Any one of us could have been one of those tortured souls. Civilized society won’t stand for it. He’ll just go away.

  • Shellie Rochester says:

    your such a backstaber for suffacating a sweet inicent dog oh and I know because I have two pitbulls and one of them just had puppies every little puppie died out of nine and all we had left was three we sold two and kept the runt if thease internet guys would let me get my hands on would not be pretty I WAS a big fan but you wasted your life

  • todd says:

    What a piece of FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! He is going to plead guilty to conspiracy charges and not guilty to killing dogs or gambling on it…..ok first every single person that the police have talked to says he did actually kill some a worldwide conspiracy i think not..and ok lets see… finance it…and support it…but you dont gamble on it…..ok!!!!! dogfighting is not as sport it is for gambling…he a dumb fuck just like his brother….i mean look where they are from….ptown..laugh my ass off shit town is more like it..

  • Julianne says:

    Vick should be treated as he treated those dogs. It boggles my mind how a person can treat any creature such as he did and that he is actually considered an “icon” to some. Karma is a bch. I hope you get yours Vick.

  • Sarah says:

    This comment is for Matthew who posted a comment on April 27 1203pm. You used the term “God forbid” while at the same time defending a dogfighter. I think it’s safe to say that you obviously know nothing about what HE will forbid. Try reading the Bible and the truth is there. When God destroyed the earth with floods he chose to save Noah his family and two of every kind of ANIMAL. If He put animals on this earth for mankind to kill then why would He want to protect them. I think if everyone took time to understand the truth from Him and not from byast resources such as newscasters this world would be a better place.

  • steve walker says:

    i certainly hope everybody who posts here is a veganor at least only eats suicidal or humanely destroyed animalsif notgo to your nearest slaughterhousewatch for five minutes then realize….THEY ARE ANIMALS!!!

  • kim says:

    Now that stupid is going to plead guilty. why can’t peta do something to save these dogs. They may not be animal friendly but I bet they are people friendly its a shame that they have to die because of the shit head. Peta get in there and save those dogs.

  • kim says:

    plea agreements are for the very guilty vick is a miserable guilty pig he needs to be harshly punished. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT HE WAS INNOCENT BITE ME

  • myyysellff says:

    micheal vick is a scumbag who is a disgrace to society and the falcons. he deserves life in jail he is a hazard to all living things it will just Culminate to bigger things such as killing humans and god knows what else