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Written by PETA | June 25, 2007
Michael Moore on the animal rights movement: “This shit makes me want to kick my dog”

Phew. I spent a lot of time this weekend reviewing the hundreds of comments on Friday’s Michael Moore blog, and they’re still coming in! It’s pretty clear that this letter brought out some strong reactions in people—both positive and negative—and that’s always good. I figured it might be a good idea to elaborate on a few issues that have come up as a result of our publicizing Ingrid’s letter.

First of all, if you know Michael Moore, you know he can take it. Seriously. The guy is not going to cry himself to sleep because we offered him some diet advice. For anyone who has seen a Michael Moore documentary or read one of his books, you’ll know that he doesn’t pull punches when it comes to issues he’s passionate about, or miss an opportunity to take a potshot at those he disagrees with. Compared with the letters Michael Moore writes (see, for instance, this letter he wrote to the president), Ingrid’s letter was incredibly polite.

Secondly, I should probably provide a little context to our own relationship with Michael Moore—which goes back a long way. We’ve written to him several times over the years, starting back in the days of Roger & Me with ever-so-polite appeals to embrace animal rights. We don’t hold it against him, but the only response we ever got from him was when his people showed up outside the PETA building with a donkey, two goats, two sheep, a rabbit, a chicken, three dogs, a fish in a bowl(!), a guinea pig, two gerbils, and a rat in a cage “wearing” offensive signs, like “You are wasting your lives.” He arranged to haul these animals out on a hot day to taunt hard-working people just to get a cheap laugh for his show. In addition to that little stunt, whose real victims didn’t even have the luxury of understanding what was happening to them, Michael Moore has made comments throughout his career glorifying meat-eating and hunting, and mocking people who care about animals. Now, neither I nor any of my colleagues take those comments personally—we dish it out, and we can take it. But, like I said, so can Michael Moore.

Michael Moore has never responded with anything but sneering to PETA’s requests that he address animal protection issues in one of his documentaries, but we’re not giving up hope. And, even if he ignores this particular attempt to reach him in his own style—playful and provocative at the same time—we hope that some of the people who hear about this story will get the message: A vegetarian diet is the compassionate choice, it’s the healthy choice, and it’s the right choice—for us and for animals. I’m glad that this letter has given us the opportunity to say that again.

P.S. Judging from some of the comments I read yesterday, I should probably also point out for a few people that “elephant in the room” is an expression that means “an important issue that people are avoiding.” Not, like, an actual pachyderm in someone’s living space. Like this one.

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  • kenadylovesanimals says:

    Mia great veggies do it best lol i dont think mock meat has tofu in it and it taste just like real meat try that

  • Ashley says:

    Michael Moore thinks he’s the greatest. He thinks that he knows everything and exposes the “bad” things in the world. If you do your own research you’d see he’s a liar who just cares about getting rich with his bull documentaries.

  • Margarita Cisne says:

    I think that indeed he is not a right person to deal with since he made it clear that he doesn’t really much care for animals like he demonstrated by parading animals in the heat to show Peta his disdain for animals. If he can do that I think that he is a scary man and Ingrid should try to find somebody else to promote the animals cause. As far as movies go there is this compelling video narrated by Joaquin Phoenix that they say it goes to the core and reality of the animals plight. I have it but I haven’t seen it. I think it is too much to bear. I am showing it around in a local library and loaning it to people I know and changing them towards a vegetarian life style. It is 90 minutes so Peta could show it as a documentary in tv or at the movies.

  • Andrew says:

    I can’t seem to find Ingrid’s letter and I haven’t read all 197 comments because I have a life but I’ll still add my 2 cents. I too found MM’s attack on Charleton Heston to be pretty viscious and I remember how uncomfortable it made me feel. So whatever Ingrid wrote I won’t waste anytime feeling sorry for MM. But I do like MM in general and I wasn’t aware that he had been antipeta. Anyway when he has a massive coronary and lies dying in some hospital he can stroll or waddle down memory lane and remember how much fun he had making fun of people who care about animals. I’m a fattie too just for the record Also PETA stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” not “Aholes” so Moore’s just plain out of luck.

  • Nicole says:

    in this format elephant in the room double entendre. if you are going to make such a statement take a stand and embrace it or apologize for it. but pease do not insult us with weak explanations about expressions suggesting we were the ones who misunderstood. we may not agree with your methods this time around but we definitely got it.

  • TnTplusT says:

    Sigh….another ill thought out publicity stunt by PETA. Seriously I hope one day Peta leadership will retire so we can get some mature leaders in there. Hey I got an Idea lets write a letter To Bindi Irwin telling her that her father was and A$hole. Shameless.

  • Dwaine Fournier says:

    Micheal Moore said himself in an interview with some online news broadcast group that he is actively starting to eat more fruits veggies and that he has started walking 30 minutes a day in an effort to improve his health. And I think it’s rather safe to assume that eating more plants eating less meat. Let’s encourage his positive efforts instead of slapping his face with the fact he’s overweight something he has probably heard all his life is sick of hearing. He’s workin’ on it give the guy a chance… and keep up the other good work you guys do PETA…

  • Somoa says:

    GoshI am a longtime animal rights activist but some of you people have to get over yourselves. MM is not in it for fame or money. He is a patriot and a hero. We are lucky to have him. No one is perfect. And if people had listened to him long ago maybe we wouldn’t be mired in this Iraq disaster right now.

  • jz says:

    Obviously some folks who frequent the PETA website are turned off by the letter see above posts. For some folks the letter may be enough of a reason to ignore the message PETA is trying to promote. Of course there are the folks that are stoked that Moore was called outbut those folks aren’t the ones that need convincing. Seems counterproductive to me. Don’t divide unite! A previous post mentioned creating your own movie…not a bad idea. You have the Hollywood entourage to do it. A huge blockbuster film that appeals to the masses and exposes animal abusers. You might even consider following the same format as Moore’s films. They seem to have been successful at getting their message across. Hell call it “The Elephant in the Room” and have Pam Anderson star in it.

  • china says:

    ummm i must say i am shocked at micheal moore’s past behavior towards animals. u would think that someone of his stature an advocate for justice would support PETA and what they are trying to do. instead moore ridicules animal rights activists and the plight of suffering animals. i think no i know moore is a hypocrite because anyone who believes in justice believes in justice for all. you cannot pick and choose who gets justice and who doesn’t. he is a big elephant no offense elephants.

  • Bert says:

    You guys are too much. If MM does not agree with what you have to say it does not mean that you have to bash him on the lowest level possible. My best friend is vegetarian and even though I give him hard time sometimes only as a joke I would never hurt his feelings just because I think what he does is stupid. Wise up PETA and fight for your believes like a gentleman. I do not want to continue scaring my son at night with you It is sad to watch this beautiful country becoming backward and moving slowly to hell s

  • Rhonda Carson says:

    I will never watch or listen to anything that man has had his hand in what if somebody just “kicked” him??

  • Amber says:

    I must say that my family has always told me to treat people the way I would want to be treated. As much tongue biting it takes sometimes we need to realize that hacking someone down does nothing but make it easy for that person to hate you. Kill them with kindness has always proved to be the better road to follow. I dislike being kind to people I despise as much as the next person but if you really want to get what you need than which way do you think is better? Embarassing or bashing a person so much that they just give in to you or actually giving them a reason to join your side without destroying yours or their image.

  • K. Davis says:

    I know of several vegetarianvegans that appear to be the “Elephant” in the room amongst many meat eaters. Just because someone stops eating meat and meat products doesn’t mean they will automatically become thin. I’ll be honest when I read Ingrid’s letter I was taken back by it. She’s a good woman and believes in her cause but so does Michael Moore. He does a lot of good in causes he believes in. Maybe if we treat him right he’ll begin to see the light about the inhumane treatment of animals become a vegan and do an inyourface documentary about the torturous treatment of animals in the world that will definately get the world’s attention! I guarantee he won’t do it by receiving hate letters!

  • Warwak says:

    That is very nice and nonconfrontational however truth be told people who eat Animals are denying “Freedom of Choice” for beings to exist. No one wants to die and to be eaten. Animalflesh eaters need to realize their gross habit pollutes Earth affecting us all. At that point Vegans have every right to speak up. Animalflesh eaters need to stop crying for this nonconfrontational “Rules of Engagement about the Discourse and Approach of Discussion of the Damage they do to us All”. This attitude works for Animal eaters because then they can enjoy their carnage in denial. Every time someone mentions being a Vegan a little piece of the Animaleaters’ gluttony is whittled away. Vegans need to be bloody honest! MORE OFTEN! EVERYDAY!Live with it.

  • Julie says:

    I like Michael Moore because he is provocative and pushed the envelope. I don’t always agree with him but that’s what America’s all about. Everyone gets to voice their opinion. What he did was wrong but he can say what he wants about PETA. Thank goodness for the first amendment. Michael Moore can support whatever cause he wants and doesn’t want. And let the man eat meat if he wants to. I think it’s gross when people are so vocal about eating meat and I eat meat. I find it annoying though when my friends try to push me into eating completely vegetarian. I say there’s a freedom of choice and we all utilize it so let’s not judge others too harshly for theirs.

  • kenneth says:

    The realisation of what each one of us can do in the world can be helped by the will to orientate oneself for what is to come by considering what has been. Live Learn Move On…..

  • joanne g murphy says:

    The “diet advice” PETA offered Michael Moore was kind of duplicitous. I mean you really don’t care that Moore is fatyou care that he consumes animals right? The fact is a person can become overweight on any kind of diet although a highfat junk food diet will get you there faster and Moore has admitted to eating a lot of junk food when he is on the road doing his documentaries. I guess what bothers me about Ingrid’s letter is less the fact that she insulted his weight than the fake concern for him she expressed in urging him to become vegetarian as though that alone could solve his problems. True there is less obesity among vegetarians than among meat eaters but it is possible to be an overweight veggie. I know quite a few. The real question is whether a person consumes more than they burn up. Over time anyone can become obese if they don’t burn up the calories they eat. If Ingrid simply wants Moore to stop eating meat she should say so. God knows it IS healthier. But she shouldn’t pretend that he will automatically slim down if he does so.

  • vegan4animals says:

    i want to thank PETA for exposing fat a Micheal Moore’s lousy position on animal rights. He is a disgusting individual both inside and out. I won’t be watching any more of his movies….and BTW i don’t see how an issue such as health care is of any importance when you compare it to animals being tortured and slaughtered by the billions. So “boohoo” you don’t have health care well guess what I haven’t had health or dental care for most of my life without paying full price and it is the least of my concerns. Could it be that i don’t need healthcare because i eat a healthy vegan diet and exercise unlike Moore? Even if i did get seriously ill and i’d be unable to afford any healthcare BUT at least i’m not being marched into a slaughterhouse! So please i don’t want to hear any sob stories about humans healthcare because you don’t even know what suffering is until you have been turned into hamburger on your 4 year old birthday! Micheal Moore needs to get his priorities straight. animal suffering is the most important issue TO THEM right now and on a scale of all the world’s suffering the animals have gotten shoved into the basement….and let me add….Moore also needs to lose weight by going vegan so we don’t have to see his fat disgusting heart attack any minute face filling up the TV screen anymore.

  • Gina says:

    First of all when you initially become a vegetarian it is very easy to just latch onto pasta for your main source of food. The truth of the matter is that meat has no carbs. So I don’t completely agree that a vegetarian is so much healthier. Secondly writing such a ridiculous letter to Michael Moore taking shots at his weight is childish and only makes PETA look bad.

  • James says:

    Let Michael Moore make his own documentaries. If you want a good documentary about animal rights make your own damn documentary! I love PETA…but sometimes it gets a little too carried away.

  • Jennifer says:

    I would just like to point out to the author of the new letter that everyone blogging here knows what “elephant in the room” means so please don’t try to condescend to us or change the issue in that way. In the context that it was used in Ingrid’s letter it undeniably clear that this was a joke on Moore’s weight. Secondly PETA is classier than Ingrid’s letter. By writing him letters like that we are just playing his game. We need to step above. And if that is the sort of relationship PETA has had with him “for years” then would someone please tell me what the point of it is. To change people’s minds and save animals’ lives we need to present ourselves as credible. That is impossible when we act like children throwing stones.

  • Muneer says:

    I think what Ingrid said was just fine Michael Moore is not going to cry himself to sleep because of that comment he is used to such puns and more or less it is his way of getting point across playful and provocative. And PETA supporters who feel offended by such an approach should observe that this is intended to actually create more publicity for animal rights pushing it to big screens for the world to watch if a witty in your face approach is useful to spread the message to a larger audience regardless of its sarcasm I think it should be a welcome move. It’s harmless of course it could cause some damage to those who are insecure including some overweight PETA supporters but they must tough up to realize the objective and true motive behind such a move which in no way is to be rude or to insult fat people. I was disappointed to learn about Michael’s viewpoint towards animal rights. In the end I believe people like him should be treated as disabled people who are conditioned not to think otherwise as a lot of us were and still are to different extents. And if he could use his disablity to create publicity at PETA and other animals expense I cannot see why we cannot given the fact that it would certainly not kill him. Thanks.

  • kt says:

    I don’t care what you say it was mean spirited to use his size as a verbal attack against meat eaters. Most of us don’t know what relationship you have with him it doesn’t matter. What is obvious is that my precious donation is being used in ways I don’t condone. Goodbye for good!

  • Marilyn Glasgow says:

    I too am disappointed with Michael Moore’s attitude toward animals. I wrote him a year ago suggesting he do a documentary on factory farming etc.but received no reply. You can reach him at or

  • Fiona says:

    I get involved in all PETA letterwriting email campaigns and am always polite and respectful as requested by PETA themselves. Ingrid’s “pun” was a clear case of sizeism. As an overweight Vegan and supporter of PETA I have to say that I feel that Ingrid let us down and I do not support the tone of her letter to Michael Moore.

  • TTH says:

    One word…KARMA…may she find those who need a kick in the ass and those who need a pat on the back…

  • Lori J says:

    Thanks for once again alienating all us fat vegetarian animal rights supporters. This kind of thing is exactly why I no longer donate money to PETA. Why should I give you money to insult me? And as far as M.M. goes you can’t deny that he has done a LOT of good in raising awareness on gun control political corruption and health care issues. So he doesn’t give a shit about animals… that makes me dislike him personally but it doesn’t negate the good he’s done for HUMAN rights. Something PETA is often ignorant of. You need to learn that we need BOTH human AND animal rights not one or the other. Oh. And instead of whining and making cruel fun because the Oscarwinning documentarian didn’t consent to your demands how about making your own documentary? Or are you too busy with your antifat campaigns that insult easily half of the people who care about animal rights?

  • Ariel says:

    Loreen I’m with you and all the others who can see the full picture here. If some people like MM that’s fine. But for those who are hypocritically bashing Ingrid due to her “apparent” attack well that just makes me think of “united we stand divided we fall.” Sure everyone has a right to hisher opinion but if that opinion is not arrived at basing it on full awareness on a topicie both sides of the true story then the opinion lacks value. I don’t follow MM but from what I read here it seems he can’t make up his mind if he is for or against animalsanimal activists. So it is coming across to me that he just wants to be controversial so that he can stay in the limelight. On the other hand Ingrid has done more good for animals by far than obviously MM has ever done. Ingrid is focused MM is not. I also think that people who are claiming that this was an attack on overweight people are taking this as a personal offense because they are overweight as they say. Personally I’m overweight too a vegetarian who loves goodies but I did not take this as a personal offense. And as I said before Ingrid is the one who has the vast experience and knowledge on how to deal with celebrities.

  • rose reina says:

    Being nasty is just going to turn more people off. Wise up.

  • Kins says:

    I appreciate Peta for exposing some truth on Moore’s character. It’s disturbing that he would go to such ridiculous lengths to prove a pointless point. I don’t mind the fact that he is making money but it bothers me when he wants us to believe that he is this lovable hug able liberal. When indeed he is not. Perhaps it’s time for someone to do a documentary on Moore. Many of us are in the dark when it comes to his true nature.

  • Mike says:

    I was one of the original complainers on the first blog. But you’re right I didn’t know the history. If Michael Moore can be such a jerk to animals then screw him. I won’t be going to his movie either. Context is everything.

  • angel samayoa says:

    I think that letter was really a waste of time and a divisive letter for peta supporters. If i want to be overweight thats MY CHOICE and non of your business. You may have the right of freedom of speech but you also have the right to choose the right things to say. I think that nonsmart letter is just driving attention away from issues that need all the attention possible. How much time is it going to be spent debating whether people should be overweight or not on a forum where the debate should be how to deal with the continued slaughter of other sentient beings?

  • Peter F says:

    Michael Moores primary goal is not to get rich but to get the truth out. If you dont see that you are probably the victim of severe indoctrination. I have to say that Im disappointed by his disregard for the wellbeing of animals. I know that hes a courageous man and so I hope that hell have the strength and integrity to confront his own convictions.

  • Arlyn says:

    I think Ingrid was such a lady by writting those things to him because in her place I would just kick his fat ass! I read a comment where it said that we should be polite and kind to each otherthat is one of the goals of this organization I know but when people are so stubborn you should slap him out of his BIG ERROR! I think fat Moore its a pathetic man with no morals and values and the actions and thoughts of that kind of people make the world upside down!!

  • Matt says:

    WTF is with this guy? The White House knew about 911 we need to give out more medicaid? But helping animals thats absurd ?!???! Enjoy your cancerstrokeheart attack hipocrit Moore

  • Cinnamon Roberts says:

    The comment made by “JoJo” mirrors my thoughts and was eloquently stated Once again PETA missed the point entirely. We’re not sitting at home weeping for Michael Moore. What we ARE doing is sitting around amazed at how immature PETA can be. Okay so Moore abused some animals. Say that! Tell us! And if he is that much of an ignoramus and sneered at you in the past WHY ARE YOU WASTING THE ANIMALS’ TIME WRITING HIM A LETTER? Again the hundreds of comments had not much to do with Moore and everything to do with PETA’s immature approach to things and how bad it makes us animal caregivers look in the eyes of the public. Creative fun witty and respectful campaigns instead please.

  • Kimberly Smith says:

    People are morons. Selfish morons. It takes time to become a vegitarian. Like so many people I rarely gave a thought to what I was eating only with regards to how I looked. Was it fattening? Was it not? Alternating between vanity and gluttony. Also known as yoyo dieting. I don’t mean to be preachy well sometimes I do whatever works you know God knows I am a loud mouth radical liberal God fearing Animal Loving Peta card caring member and Jesus freak. I thank God for every bite. My vegitarian transformation began after the New York Times 2000 article “The Unatural Idea of Animal Rights” I haven’t eaten pork since that article was published. It had a profound impact on my life. It would be wonderful if MM would do a film about these beautiful and gentle creatures and there merciless slaughter. I hope PETA doesn’t give up him. He has a large audience but not the only audience. I applaud PETA for all their tactics sometimes it takes an “in your face approach” and the pictures of beautiful women surely capture the attention of many men. Remember all you PETA critics this amazing. beautiful compasionate merciful organizations is reaching out to a global audience not just the left. I’m pretty sure republicans are not lining up see MM latest mockery of big business. Hey Michael take a look at the numbers in the gluttony business the pollution Come on Michael please have a heart. You might just save the one that’s in your chest.

  • Iliana says:

    Last time I wrote something it wasn’t posted. I hope I have better luck this time. I still don’t get your tactics PETA. Just because he can take it does that mean PETA is entitled to be rude? I am sorry but then the ethics of PETA are pure hypocrisy. Don’t you ask us to be POLITE when sending a letter to defend animal rights? Don’t you guys say that rude letters do more harm than good? Then why does Ingrid feel she can break those rules just to get exposure? Then let’s all send nasty letters! This is just a lame excuse for that letter. I’d appreciate more if you guys would admit it was a wrong move that it should have been handled and worded more appropriately because it wasn’t Moore’s feelings that got hurt it was of those vegetarians and vegans that took offense by the extremist and rude representation of animal lovers.

  • bonzai says:

    MM creates propaganda films and lables them “documentaries”. Charleton Heston has done many great things regardless of whether you agree with his stand on the NRA. Promoted rights for blacks with MLK pres of the actors union et al. In his twilight years he’s been diagnosed with Alsheimers. MM showed up at his door unannounced and Charlton gractiously gave him an interview. MM proceeded to suckerpunch him. He’s souless scum.

  • MC says:

    We’re not that stupid…Most of us know what the “elephant in the room” comment means. However Ingrid used it as a pun about Michael Moore’s obesity so in my book that is still rude. And though I appreaciate the facts layed out in this response I find the tone of it quite demeaning and condescending. PETA does good things but I’m consistantly dissapointed in the behavior of many affiliated with the organization. Points of views and expressions are always good to have but the way they are expressed bothers me. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Stop being so demeaning to your readers and members. And let Michael Moore go…he is obviously not interested in helping. Why don’t you turn your attentions on celebs that DO want to help.

  • Marie says:

    I think its outrageous that PETA wants to criticize Michael Moore because of his body size particularly since his movie wasnt about personal healthit was about corporate malfeasance! Once again someone in a leadership position in this case PETA is taking a nave and politically shortsighted view that blames individuals for not taking personal responsibility instead of putting the blame where it belongs on corporations. How could PETA have missed the mark so badly? They should have joined with him in proclaiming that corporations do not have the right to profit off of cruelty to humans and then added or animals. What right does PETA have to go around criticizing peoples size? And what the hell are they doing telling someone to lose weight when it so badly detracts from the movie’s message?

  • Sheryl R Smith says:

    If you wanted to comment on Michael Moore’s relationship and history with Peta I would have had no problem with that. But bringing his weight into it was another matter and it was a low blow…not only to him but to any of us who are overweight. And yes I am a vegetarian and still am overweight…and I’m not the only one. Nasty comments about Michael Moore’s weight is just thinly disguised hatred and prejudice against fat people…all the while pretending you are saying it for the animals. I am an animal lover a vegetarian don’t buy leather and yes…overweight. Leave us alone and focus on the real issues.

  • Mary McAlinden says:

    PETAkeep after Michael Moore. Sooner or later he will have a heart attack so you are doing him a favour. I have liked his work in the past but really have always felt he was in it for the money.

  • jeff says:

    It doesn’t matter if Michael Moore personally can “take” the insensitive remarks. They’re offensive to anyone who is considered overweight and to Peta supporters who don’t think hurting people to get a little extra attention is justified because our issues are more important than theirs.

  • Sky Black says:

    Kurt First of all fish eat other fish. They don’t have the same lifestyle choices available to them as we humans so it’s not the same thing. PETA doesn’t need to mention that animals kill each other for food it’s not part of the issue at all and it doesn’t make them hypocritical for urging us not to eat animals! Secondly yes plants react to injury. They emit chemical and electrical signals in response. They can even “anticipate” injury and produce chemicalelectrical signals in response to a threat. But can they suffer? Do they really feel pain the way that we do? The mechanism by which animals experience pain is the central nervous system since plants do not possess this I think we can reasonably assume that what they experience is not the same thing. The other crucial difference between plants and animals is that they can be harvested for food without killing the whole plant. Sure this doesn’t apply to all the plants we eat and I suppose you could make a case that killing the whole plant is cruel on some level. But let’s take one thing at a time. You see how hard it is to open people’s eyes to the horrendous abuses of animals if someone cares more about eating burgers than the suffering of a fellow mammal what makes you think they’re going to care about the feelings of a plant? It has nothing to do with an emotional agenda PETA is taking a realistic approach. The rampant abuse of animals and the ignorancetolerance of it by most of the world is a far more urgent issue than philosophizing over whether it’s inhumane to mow your lawn.

  • ron heller says:

    Hey PETA declare war on ExxonMobile not Michael Moore. Don’t attack Michael Moorework with him!!!

  • Mary McAlinden says:

    It was obvious to me that PETA had an earlier history with Michael Moore. He is so controversial he would be the perfect person to help animals and I also know that PETA wouldn’t just suddenly call someone Fatso unless provoked. I am surprised however by the nasty way he responded. I was interested in seeing Sicko but now I would love if I could email him and let him know that this person won’t help him get richer.

  • Karen Saucedo, Novato, California says:

    Well having seen Roger Me Bowling for Columbine Farenheit 911 and Sicko I had been thinking that it would be WONDERFUL if Michael Moore next took up the issue of animal cruelty. I am very disappointed dejected surprised angered and confused to read that he has rebuffed PETA’s past attempts to get him interested in the subject matter and further that he has an apparent disregard for the subject matter. If that’s the case and I intend to do some research to ascertain this for myself I will have watched reviewed and recommended my last Michael Moore movie. I’m off to do some research….

  • Mary, Holly, Michigan says:

    I am so saddened to read about Michael Moore’s viewpoint regarding PETA and its work. I don’t agree with everything PETA promotes but their work is 99 good for animals including humans. Until now Michael Moore has been my Great American Hero and Patriot. He doesn’t do what he does to get rich. I don’t know or care what he does with his money but I do believe he’d be using his energy and talents toward the same ends even if he had to live out of a cardboard box. Michael Moore is intelligent passionate fairminded and sincerely wants to hear the other side. He’s not always very good at it. My guess is that the thought of not eating meat is impossible for him so he throws the whole “PETA” thing out with the bathwater excuse the mangled metaphor. Surely he can see that animals feel pain and suffer just as we do. I believe if we could get him to start there he might begin to listen. Michael Moore is a phenomenal heroic person but he’s not perfect. Let’s not give up on him.