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Michael Jackson’s Protest of Seal Killing Lives On

Written by PETA | July 1, 2009

Fans are mourning the sudden passing of the “King of Pop,” who spent decades under a media microscope.

Here are some Jacko facts that fans may not know:


Earth Song


In Michael’s honor, take a minute to speak out against the seal slaughter.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Sophie says:

    Please don’t call him Jacko, his name is Jackson. 😉

  • jm says:

    For the truth about mj go to

  • C says:

    I think you meant my comment. Im sure MJ did house his exotic animals in lovely surroundings at neverland. HOWEVER when he abandoned his neverland ranch he abandoned his animals and left in his wake of debt and unpaid bills vets sanctuaries etc that were forced to care for these animals with no financial support from MJ. You know the person who while being approx 400 million in debt also had assets worth atleast 1 billion. Furthermore why did he have these animals in the first place? All of us here love animals so lets use our species’ brillant tech skills to appreciate them in the wild where they belong NOT in amusement parks. Animals and in particular exotic animals are beautiful and a joy to see but we need to protect their natural habitats not feel we have the right to put them on display just because as humans we can.

  • Mirela Saban says:

    I would like to reply to Hwan’s comment on Michael Jackson’s animal treatments on July 8 2009. Yes Michael Jackson really loved animals as much as children. I have been to his Neverland ranch and there is no better place for any animal. It was better then any sanctuary I have been to. I am an animal lover and I loved seeing all his animals in Neverland. They really looked healthy and were cared for by professional animal carers and veterinarians. I was really pleased with what I saw and cannot tolerate any attacks on this subject. I don’t think you should speculate if you haven’t been there.

  • c says:

    Hmm.. was Michael Jackson really an animal lover? Apparently when MJ fled his neverland ranch several years ago he left all his animals in substandard conditions. He accepted Bubbles the Chimpanzee who was purchased as a baby by an animal trainer as a gift to MJ. When Bubbles got to big to handle he was given to a sanctuary only choice I suppose but a true animal lover would not condonepromote animals such as chimpanzees being bredsold as pets. He did keep many animals at his neverland ranch and I dont know where he obtained them from but really exotic animals belong in their habitats not in a zoo except in cases where they have unfortunately been bred for or otherwise cannot survive outside of captivity ya know due to the ignorance of humans….

  • Hwan says:

    Hey the king eats KFC. What are you going to respond to that?

  • maria elena says:

    As time goes by we humans are expected to be more intelligent and civilized but I dont see that sadly I see we humans are the biggest depredators and inhumane with living creatures I pray that very strict laws be enforced worldwide to save our planet and avoid extintion of so many species. I am convinced that nature with its animals and plants are here on earth and they are the only ones that obey Gods laws many humans are against nature.

  • Linda says:

    Thankyou Michael for speaking up about the exploitation of our planet and her animals. A special thankyou for speaking out against the cruel slaughter of baby seals here in Canada.

  • Jelena says:

    The hardest thing to do is to touch people’s hearts and minds at the same time. Only that way your heart can move the man to the action. Thank you Michael for touching our feelings. Hope you have found a better place. R.I.P.

  • Mirela Saban says:

    Michael Jackson always cared about animals. He loved children and animals the most. This video is just a proof of that even though there are many more Michael Jackson videos on this subject but nobody paid attention. I was also very dissapointed with PETA when the PETA’s 2008 fall issue magazine gave Michael Jackson thumbs down for giving his animals to Wildlife Preserve in Arizona which was not even managed at that time by Marc Chandler abuser of animals. I sincerely hope that PETA will apologise for this terrible article about a man who cared so much about all animals.

  • Jessie says:

    I myself do not believe in the whole “Thee shall go to Lucifer or to me” thing but Michael Jackson wow what a nice guy. Despite the mixed reviews I get about him I know he’s finnaly free. Good for all the little seal people!!!!

  • Natalie says:

    Good for him I hadn’t watched it that closely before but once I did I was like YES! 3 Loads of places on the internet say he was a vegetarian.

  • Shelly says:

    I didn’t realize Michael cared about animals so much. What a touching video. Maybe in his passing people will take notice and stop destroying our fellow beings.

  • Joe says:

    I really wish someone would ask Tyler Perry to stop using fur in all his movies. The one with Janet Jackson in it”Why Did I Get Married” has so much fur in the scenes I found it impossible to sit through. I’ve also seen fur in his other stuff too. He is so into God and all what does he think? Fur grows on trees? He needs to view a video of these animals being skinned alive! I do think he would have a change of outfits next time if so.Please inform him PETA. Thanks! Joe

  • Alabala says:

    His name is Michael Jackson not Jacko.

  • lynda downie says:

    Wow! That MJ video is amazing. Thank you Michael.

  • Barbara A. Wilson says:

    God bless Michael Jackson. I don’t understand how anyone can view this man as being evil when he’s shown so much kindness and compassion to the Earth and its creatures. I wonder how many of those haters actually give a crap about saving the planet? Michael we miss you so much and will keep your memory alive and well and with the utmost respect.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Paul McCartney and Morrissey have been the most outspoken vocalists against the seal hunt. British vocalist Maria Daines has a CD out called “Music United For Animals.” It includes “They Wanna Kill Have Mercy On The Ice” a song against the seal clubbing.

  • Beth says:

    i knew michael cared about animals! he was such a loving selfless generous and incredible person. i think he was just confused and eccentric and didn’t realize that keeping animals on his land was so bad. i think he wanted nothing more than peace and love for all of the earth’s creatures.

  • WolfGirl21 says:

    OMG…I watched the “Earth Song” video and it literally brought tears to my eyes…Such a powerful touching song…wow… RIP Michael Jackson an animal hero lost but not forgotten. May this strong songvid be used in the fight to save animals to help end the bloodshed worldwide forever!

  • Jody says:

    I am a Canadian and this sickens me. People talk about it being part of their culture and heritage. But Slave ownership is part of my heritage so should be go back to that as well why not. Just my thought Jody

  • caitlin smith says:

    I think these videos are some of the saddest most inhumane things I have ever seen. Anyone that could put these poor innocent creatures through that kind of torture are spawn of the devil…It’s crazy to think that an entire country still has not put an ultimate end to these tragic and brutal beatings.

  • Carina Hansen says:

    I wish this cause will be heard and the seal slaughter ended forever!