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Meet Your Snakeskin Belt

Written by PETA | April 3, 2008

Here’s a sneak preview of a pair of ads targeting the cruel exotic-skins trade that will be featured in the latest issue of PETA’s Animal Times magazine.



We have a ways to go before people stop abusing these amazing animals for the sake of fashion accessories, but I did get one piece of good news today on the issue—Yves St. Laurent, who are among the worst offenders when it comes to using exotic skins in their designs, now have a vegan men’s Oxford shoe. It’s just a tad out of my price range, but a great sign of things to come.

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  • Christina says:

    Couldn’t find YSL’s vegan Oxford shoe

  • Jack Styles says:

    Great Will be an eye opener to some people

  • Rachel A says:

    Tyler It’s your right to think that. Humans have eaten animals for a long time. That does not justify the way they are treated on factory farms. All the farmers care about is how much they can make from their meatmilkegg machines. Okay so they’re not human but surely they deserve some form of respect?

  • Julianne says:

    I hope everyone who wheres an animal can see what im about to write.. Would you like it if i made a coat outta ur mom? Or a hangbag outta ur sister? And WHAT IF i was that greedy i mine as wel make matching shoes outta ur brother and sure what the heck i need a new belt from ur dad Does that sound right to u???!!! OF COURSE NOT! soo why is it any different from animals??? They breath and live and have family PLANTS even feel pain studies show if u assult a plant it screams im dead serious yes it may sound “funny” but im trying to make a point Animals are living beautiful creatures smarter than the humand kind Can you sense a storm coming by using ur nose? CAn u smell cancer in a human body? Are you courageous enough to work as a search and rescue??? NO u would rather live and breath murdering these animals I bet those animal torturers wouldnt even have the heart to help a blind man. There was a loyal black lab who push a blind man outta the way and the dog got ran over the dog survived thank havens and the blind man was great but u dont relize how much we need animals in our world my BESTEST friend r my pets and every animal i meet i dont give a crap what people think of me and at school im made fun of really bad cause i would rather spend my frienday night signing petitions and trying to get people to join PETA so far i have got over 10 people and im glad to say that I LOVE ANIMALS AND PETA! PEACEE! i will always live and fight for my dreams and i hope u all do too Love and Peace!

  • lekas says:

    continue peta you are going very well

  • mariri says:

    Thank you for a nonsexist or otherwise hatefl campaign! I dig it!

  • MEATEATER says:

    GO TYLER! Thank you for understanding that animals are below us and quite necessary for survival. are ancestors killed animals for food and shelter and for tools. We must be kind to them yes but they are also SO delicious!

  • Juan Mercado says:

    I love these pictures it made me want to purchase a new belt!

  • Jaclyn says:

    GREAT GREAT ads! I LOVE Peta’s creative and marketing team!

  • Tyler says:

    Dude…you guys need to grow some balls….animals are cute yes but also a necessity for survial. That is why we’re on the TOP. Jesus Christ people kill animals. Period. Always have and always will. And you small majority WILL NOT change it.. So accept the fact that people kill animals.

  • amber Falobas says:

    GOOD! I always get fake leather. And i don’t wear any animal skins OR furs. But yea I had to order my studded belt on line because the store didn’t have pleather! but I sure didn’t mind waiting a couple weeks for it to be shipped instead of buying real leather at the store!

  • prosam94 says:

    This is one of the best poems ever Let’s Not Forget Your “meat” comes from a creature who has met A hideous and most untimely death Nor is it seemly when upon your dish Lie corpses of a murdered bird or fish. One fleeting glimpse of any factory farm Would make the vilest soul cry in alarm. The chickens cows and pigs their lives obscene Degraded to meat milk and egg machines. The cows their fate sealed at the slaughter house Can hear their friends in front of them cry out. If we pretend that of this they know not We grossly underestimate their lot. The chickens five crammed tightly to a cage Oft peck their mates in frightened fits of rage. The light which blinds these creatures night and day Adds sin and cruelty to each egg they lay. The male chicks not appealing to our taste Are tossed alive in bags to our great haste. This writhing heap of bodies is no lie. Eventually they suffocate and die. To better understand a dairy cow Try picturing this horrid scene somehow You’re pumped with drugs you’re pregnant and you hurt. And then your child is robbed from you at birth. She is no mere automaton I say. She mourns the loss of her child several days. The farmers steal your milk from you and then For profit’s sake they knock you up again. The child a girl will share her mother’s fate If he’s a boy he’s off to the veal crate A squalid filthy stall not two feet wide. He ne’er sees light and cannot turn inside. A pig’s life is the cruellest life around. The female lies immobile on the ground. The males can sexually enter her at will. Her infants suck her nipples through a grill. Since they’ve no space insanity prevails. And normally they’d bite each others tails. For farmers this would cause a profit drain. So tails are yanked at birth with squeals of pain. The more we hide from these injustices The less we find we know what justice is. We spare our cats and dogs from such “misuse” So why allow the other cruel abuse? These are no more automatons I say. They’re feeling creatures tortured night and day. By people who in numbness feel no more For use by us who in our haste ignore! Here is a cause that rests on naught but us And though at first we kick and scream and fuss We find in time a wholeness that will last Despite the horrors of our actions past. Those of religion here’s a truth today. In front of you. It will not go away. This is your trial if you should shut it out. Then say what is religion all about? Copyright 19952004 by Mohan Embar. All Rights Reserved

  • fillysunray says:

    Keep up the good work! I only buy fake fur or skin if I ever buy fur and skin which isn’t often. and I’m glad that other people are being encouraged to give it up! Thank you!!

  • lynda downie says:

    I was thinking that the pictures with the caption ‘You’d have to be coldblooded to wear her skin’ would be a good idea. But Peta is the marketing specialist. An overwhelming positive response to the ad by the posters a good indication that it’ll appeal to the public. Let ‘er loose!

  • Matt says:

    These are just fantastic ads I really think that people will think twice after seeing them. Nice one Jack nice one PETA! Your friendly neighbourhood Matt! Looking after the UK blog whilst the cat is away!

  • Cali says:

    These are AWSOME! What genuis came up with these ads? I love them and I hope the people who support these cruel fashions open their eyes and see what it really means to wear animal skins.

  • jessica dyer says:

    These are such AWESOME ads! I especially love the croc one. What is so trendy about wearing an amazing animal as an accessory anyways?

  • lynda downie says:

    If it works that’s all that matters. But here’s my problem with it. It may cast the animals themselves as creepinducing..I’m thinking rather to play up something that belongs rightfully to an animal but is so wrong on a human. ie. being coldblooded is fitting and awesome in both the snake and alligator croc? but not such a nice characteristic of a human. Something along those lines.

  • Lily says:

    i love these adds! 33

  • Pamela Oates says:

    2 very powerful ads that really get their point across. Good work PETA.

  • HannaBanana says:

    Love the new ads!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Great campaign!! Thank you PETA for standing up for these villinized animals. They are beautiful graceful and intelligent. Turning them into an object is downright sacreligious. You are one of the few groups who will show love and respect for this type of creature. Bless you.