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Meet PETA’s New Executive Vice President

Written by PETA | June 6, 2007

This will be an exciting announcement for those of you who are interested in PETA’s inner workings—and I’ve included plenty of cool pics for those of you that aren’t, so bear with me. Tracy Reiman, who has been a driving force behind PETA’s campaigns for 16 years, has just been promoted to Executive Vice President. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk puts it, “She is a devoted, tried-and-true animal rights activist and a mature administrator.” Everyone who works with Tracy agrees that PETA, and animals, are very lucky to have her on their side.

Tracy started out working in Customer Service while she was still in college, and quickly rose through the ranks. She has worked in numerous roles in virtually every department within the organization, and is currently in charge of all things to do with marketing and technology, so she happens to be my boss.

I spent some time searching for pictures of Tracy looking “executive” to suit her new role, but what I came up with was much, much better. Besides, given that this particular organization is one whose core values are creativity, courage, and—almost above all—a sense of humor, I think this is a surprisingly appropriate images of PETA’s new Executive VP:

Congratulations, Tracy — you’ve earned it. Also, please don’t fire me for posting this picture.

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  • tonn says:

    can I get e coli bacteria from lettuce?

  • Ricardovitz says:

    Howdy folks it’s Ricardovitz here. Just wanted to jibber jabber with you some ’bout the ethical treatment of meat. I ain’t got no problem with that and you shuoln’t neither. Why do y’all think God commanded us to say Grace before we eat what he provides for us. It’s because that meat used to belong to a living creature. A creature that God provided for our sustinance but one which deserves God’s Grace in sacrificing it’s life to give life to God’s chosen species thar decendants of Adam and Eve.

  • Ricardovitz says:

    I reckon that a scoop of girlmilk Icecream with a cherry on top would taste mighty fine on a hot summer day.

  • Ricardovitz says:

    Tracy if you really believe that Ben and Jerry’s should use human milk in their product then why not volunteer to have your breasts hooked up to a milking machine to see if this would be a viable alternative. I’m surprised that you haven’t offered your breasts up for this great cause. Ricardovitz

  • karen says:

    Tracy your comment to benjerry’s about using breast milk instead of cow milk makes no sense. I get that you want to reduce cow milk consumption because it causes health problems to a person and the cow giving milk continuously is unhealthy to the cow. It is a winwin. But why propose to put a human woman in that position? Is that healthy for the woman? Why not write a letter promoting soy milk? Think.

  • kris shulfer says:

    WOW!!! and she is very deserving of her new title as are the animals!! we are very lucky to have you!!! Congratulations Tracy!!!!!



  • prad says:

    glad to see this!

  • Jessica says:

    Congrats Tracy!

  • K says:

    Wow that’s amazing! An inspiration to me.

  • kelly says:

    Mr Reiman please thank Tracy for those of us out here among the membership who really appreciate all that she has done for the animals. People like Tracy are changing the world!

  • animal pride says:

    welcome Tracy i saw your pics you are the right person for this G R E A T task!!!

  • Susan Sheldon says:

    Re Right Guard Commercial Characterizing a beautiful deer as rabid and having the man wrestling and fighting it to show he didn’t need more deodorant. Is there anyway to contact advertisers and request they pull that commercial?

  • Sarah says:

    this totally rocks!!

  • Niranjan says:

    Congrats Tracy Reiman! You deserve this! Continue the wonderful work for the animals. I love u PETA!

  • Steph (soon to be Reiman) says:

    Tracy is one of my heros so happy and excited for her!

  • Jerry Eppinga says:

    Tracy believes that every life is worth saving whether the smallest insect or the largest elephant. She is a tireless worker for the animals and for Peta. I am so proud of her dedication. And she is a great daughter!

  • Andy says:

    Tracy Reiman rocks!

  • richard reiman says:

    I’m mighty proud of my daughter a relentless true believer