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Medical Experts Shoot Down Military Experiments

Written by PETA | June 19, 2009

Through the Freedom of Information Act, the Physician’s Committeee for Responsible Medicine (PRCM) has obtained video footage of several Department of Defense military trauma training exercises.

In training exercises that are supposed to simulate the effects of a nerve agent attack, monkeys experience seizures and difficulty breathing. In another exercise, live goats are cut open—causing severe bleeding—while the instructor repeatedly acknowledges the differences between the training and human casualties. All this suffering is inflicted in order to train military medics—who would learn more if they were provided with state-of-the-art simulators and rotations in trauma hospitals.

We have been working hard to eliminate these cruel exercises in the U.S. and in countries around the globe. After PETA campaigned against cruel dog stabbings, Bolivia banned all animal use from military training. Now, Georgia Congressmember Hank Johnson, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, is calling on the Army to phase out antiquated trauma training on animals.

Urge your congressperson to co-sign Congressmember Hank Johnson’s letter and help put an end to the military’s war on animals.

Posted by Karin Bennett

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  • Harley Tennyson says:

    The statement that medics get nothing out of treating animals or that there are no similarities between humans and animals is bogus. As mentioned medics practice sutures on animals the process is the same and ultimately the same results. Simulating a wound on a virtual patient or even a well built simulation model would fall short from the actual experience the animal tests on the other hand involve a living thing and short of being human is accurate.

  • Harley Tennyson says:

    I could understand the intense feelings towards these actions if it was simply a case of torture. The issue I have with this is that these were experiments which implys some issue is being researched so a need can be met. There were several comments that said “animals weren’t put here for” these comments are religious in nature which indicates validation only if everyone involved believes similarly. With that in mind if you believe animals to be on par with you as a human being then treat them as you see fit if you don’t do the same. Either way hurting me by stopping an “experiment” that could benefit me is as much of an offence to me as hurting an animal is to you. Basically if you want to protect an animal great but don’t do so at my expense.

  • kim richards says:

    For goodness sake… we dont live in the dark ages now!!!! How about the military go back to school and get some real education. If we cant feel confident in the so called military moving with the times with their training without using animals then I would rather they go on some sort of benefit!!! We dont want fumbly uneducated morons coming to our needs if they have to resort to these barbaric methods.. shame on you all!!!!!

  • Yuri says:

    I dont know who the hell these people are trying to come up with stupid ideas to justify animal cruelty. If other organizations can put an end to the use of animals in such trainings so can we. Nothing justifies the use of animals in medical experiments army trauma trainings animal neglection and animal abuse period. All animals are God’s creatures and deserve the right to live no matter what.

  • S says:

    “Harley animals were not put here for humans. Period!!!! Get it????” According to the Bible they are here for our use. I love animals. I really and truly do but if it comes down to an using animals to save human lives I’m all for it. not that I expect this to actually be allowed

  • Mac says:

    indycar01 I think you need to read more than sites that are considered similar to PETA’s such as the AMA before you quote to me that I’m wrong. I have studied my history recent and old books I do know what I’m talking about and will NEVER be so gullible to take the word of things on the Internet as far as “disproving” facts. To Jackie two simple points 1. Liability will more than likely not allow soldiers to train at human trauma hospitals. You can blame suehappy people for that not the government not the military. 2. Animals unfortunately suffer the same things that military personnel do on the battlefield severe trauma dehydration concussions etc. which could also prove useful for soldiers to study in an animal trauma facility. Those I can understand them going to animal hospitals to intern internal injuries yes even I get that it’s unnecessary.

  • mac says:

    indycar01 Penicillin was injected into rats that were infected and the ones who got the medicine lived. That is a historical fact one that is overlooked again by PETA to try and discredit someone who is stating facts that discredit the organization. Also the comments you cited said research on how these diseases occurred lung cancer polio NOT how they were treated vaccinations. There’s a difference. And the flu vaccine uses eggs in its creation. That’s why they ask you if you’re allergic to eggs when you go and get one. Your comments are why I laugh at PETA members who claim to never have had meat or used animal byproducts because unless they’ve never had an immunization they’ve benefitted from testing on animals and used animal byproducts. I’m sorry we cannot change or alter the past as much as we’d all like to such as us going into war. BTW with me please stop trying to use the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine as a source. PCRM is a site that is VERY similar to PETA’s site I have read it and though I believe them when they say they are not a front for anyone I do maintain the sites look alike therefore I do not accept it as a valid source. Sorry you need to read up on YOUR history not trust Wiki or these other sites. Jackie I noticed you have not read my second idea which makes more sense than the first one I had. It’s one that the military can use and not cost the life of one animal. Unfortunately I feel with the current makeup of Congress those monies that I propose should go to help get the military away from using animals will not end up benefitting the military but social programs. Why? Because the Democrats are not fond of the military or war. most people in Congress right now were around during the Vietnam war and we all know how unpopular that was. I do not think that trainees will get the green light to work in a human trauma room unfortunately due to liability costs you can blame suehappy people for that not omnivores they can learn the more important basic traumas from a veterinary hospital that will be seen in battle shock heat exhaustionstroke deep wounds concussions etc. And unfortunately watching shows such as “Animal Cops” we all know that there will be animals in those trauma wards. No animals are not the same necessarily where their organs are but they do suffer the same illnesses and injuries we do.

  • Jackie says:

    Mac The other problem with using ANY animals for experimentation is that they are NOT humans. They have different bodies systems and behaviors from us so experiments on animals tell us NOTHING about how to treat an injured human or how a human would react to similar circumstances. However enough documentation has been done with actual human victims to write booksmanuals that can actually provide valuable training to medics. PLUS requiring medics to intern at a trauma hospital would allow them to see human trauma victims firsthand and would be much more beneficial than animal experimentation. So when you think about it there really is no need for even one animal to be used for experiments.

  • indycar01 says:

    do some research before you talk the discovery of PENICIILLIN and is effects on infectious disease was made WITHOUT the use of animals “work on prevention of polio was LONG DELAYED by an erroneous conception of the nature of the human disease based on MISLEADING experimental models of the disease in monkeys” albert sabin m.d. during a 1984 house subcommittee. ps animal research has NEVER been validated. dont be GULLIBLE! if someone said if it wasnt for research using lawnmower engines we would have nothing resembling the engine in your car would you belive that?.. visit. MRMCMED.ORG read what the march of dimes spends 30 million dollars a year on. also

  • Mac says:

    Kris can you answer me this did you get all your vaccinations polio measles rubella or medicines such as penicillin? If so and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t you benefitted from animal testing. Now do I like it? no but I’m thankful for those animals sacrifices to benefit millions of people some of whom including you and I might not be here to debate this issue had it not been for that reason. I know this makes me appear to be a murderer but the animals who died for these immunizations died before you and I were born. I can’t change it anymore than you can. Also if you have a loved one in the military can you honestly tell me that you’d say your loved one’s life was worth less than a monkeys because you don’t want people to test on them? And if you don’t have a loved one in the military can you say you’d want your friend colleague etc. to suffer from nerve gasses and no one know what those signs are or how to treat it? This is just food for thought. I suggested the compromise that I listed above for the sheer reason that it would end this consistant and cruel use of animals. I am by no means a fan of testing on animals though I am thankful for those who have given their lives to help save our soldiers and others around the world. But how about a better suggestion than the one I have? request to Congress via this Congressman to instead of wasting money by giving it to banks and car companies who just toss that money away to instead give it to the military? Before you balk there are strings attached here in this idea it would be ONLY to be used for the SOLE purpose of buying stateoftheartequipment and to pay for internships at veterinary hospitals. If they reneg they are severely penalized and you can harangue them for the rest of your life. Benefit you’d kill two problems with one solution you’d reduce if not eliminate animal experiments in the military and the military gets money they need to where they can get better equipment to help learn how to save lives without killing or harming animals. So please instead of bashing me which really is unnecessary and makes you look bad look at this idea instead. I would personally cheer you guys if you actually suggested this idea instead of constantly bashing the military for wanting to help their soldiers similar to scientists wanting to help us eliminate polio and other diseases. It’s humane for the animals they get the help they need when really injured and benefits the soldiers.

  • kris shulfer says:

    oh shutup mac with all of your silly compromises!! animals are not ours to do what ever the !$ we want to. they have been put here for a reason not to abuse to torture test on i could go on and on but animals have no voice and are so innocent!! we need to speak up for them! ya maybe they should take some of the inmates in prisons that are in the for beastiality or petafelia and do tests on them!!!! that sounds amazing!! love it in WI!!!

  • Lisa Atkinson says:

    Hi im from the UK and after watching these video’s i am appalled and disgusted in this day and age there is no need to use and torture animals in this way the soldier didnt even know how the bandage the goats leg properly he could do better spending some time in an emergency department or a veternary surgery. If Bolivia can put an end to this barbaric act why cant a huge country like america?? They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • carla says:

    Harley animals were not put here for humans. Period!!!! Get it????

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    cindy haas We’ve added you to our email list.

  • Deborah Pope says:

    I am a medically retired soldier. I have personally seen the “goat lab” during special forces training. I have also personally seen a sheep that had cuts Army student nurses were taught to suture the cuts.

  • mac says:

    PETA I can understand the goats however can you tell us if you’d rather humans instead experience the effects of nerve gasses before going out to the war zone? A lot of military families will tell you it is better to let the monkey suffer than their own family member. How about a compromise? tell them instead to film like YOU did one case of exposure and use it as media education instead. That way many more animals are not killed the sacrifice of one to save many and the military learn the effects so they can treat it on the warfront. Please post this up you might actually have more support for the above idea than you think.

  • John Carmody says:

    Harley you sick person how on earth do you think these experiments are right on these monkeys? For god’s sake there must be other alternatives available that doesn not have to contribute to this horrific torture and suffering of an innocent animals it’s people like you who make this world a dangourous place with your strange thoughts. PERIOD.

  • Harley Tennyson says:

    While I can appreciate that PETA is so committed to its cause I cannot help but feel that the organization really places humans on the bottom of the totem pole. If doing tests on animals or providing meat for people to eat can benefit humankind in any way without driving the animal populations to extinction then the ends justifies the means. Period.

  • david dufrane says:

    I have been watching with great interest the stories of the monkey breeding to use these animals for medical experimentation. In one clip they said the monkeys suffered no ill or long term effects. I would really like to know how they know this. I was a guinea pig for the US Army in 1965 at Edgewood Arsenal Maryland and still have an abundance of problems from the nerve agents psychochemicals and gases that were used on me. I’m not sure what they method they use to communicate with these primates I would sure like the phone number of one of the monkeys to discuss the ill effects it had on me.

  • farah says:

    War is cruel to humans and to the animals. Human beings are truly despicable. What is this world coming to?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The unpardonable torture of goats monkeys and so many other animals by the military is criminal.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Sarah Thanks for your comment. We will be responding to it via email shortly.