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Meat-Loving Chef Mario Batali’s Confession

Written by PETA | May 4, 2010


Foodies everywhere are buzzing about Mario Batali’s declaration that he is a “big believer in the Meatless Monday movement” and his announcement that all 14 of his restaurants will offer at least two vegetarian options each and every Monday.

Batali believes that “most people in the U.S. eat way more meat than is good for them or the planet” and supports efforts to “focus on a more plant-based diet.” And get this: He’s also created a logo to further promote the flesh-free options at some of his restaurants. Woo-hoo!

Batali’s eateries are known for cooking up just about every bit of animal one can name, including bone marrow and cockscombs (yes, cockscombs), so it’s no wonder Batali’s announcement is a hot topic for offal eaters and vegans.

We can’t wait for the day when chefs like Batali embrace “Turkeyless Tuesdays,” “Wings-Free Wednesdays,” etc., or declare “Meat Mondays” as the only day they serve the stuff, but in the meantime, Batali’s support for Meatless Mondays will do wonders to spotlight humane cuisine’s plethora of pluses for animals, human health, and the environment.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • 4mula1 says:

    ever see the show christina cooks WHY doesnt she ever do vegan burgers?.. or is she closed minded! like most people. vegans only eat salads and dont know about burgers hot dogs brats PIZZA!! like she knows how to make vegan pizza LOL cake! ect.. and whats that fg ROCK band have to do with vegan cooking?…. or ANY cooking show.. i dont know what i HATE more! her show or the other cooking shows. ps lemmy guess. christina cooks is the bands name.

  • 4mula1 says:

    from book the arteries become as hard and brittle as the stem of a clay pipe. they are so full of calcium they are more like rocks than blood vessels. cutting them with a scissor at autopsy makes a distinct crunching sound. dont wait till your 1st heart attack or stroke before going vegan also milk is for baby cows get SOYmilk.

  • John J says:

    Oh here we go! Now let the polarized comments begin. Some will praise him as a hero to animals because he serves a vegan option. Others will blast him for not doing more…see comment above.

  • diana says:

    he has foei gras and rabbit and every part of the animal’s body in the menu!!! this is pure madness is the menu from hell!!!!!

  • JJ says:

    I’m glad Batali is doing this. I cannot understand why he cooks so much meat. There is so much delicious meatless Italian food! Americans really bastardized Italian cuisine with the meat obsession. And with that came the decline in healthiness of normally healthy Italian food. Dropping the meat and animal products is like rediscovering great cuisine!

  • Aneliese says:

    His restaurants should offer vegetarian meals EVERY day.