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McCruelty–We’re Hatin’ It

Written by PETA | February 16, 2009

Eight years ago, we suspended our McCruelty campaign against McDonald’s (by placing an indefinite moratorium on the campaign) after the company agreed to adopt some basic animal welfare measures. Since that time, we’ve worked behind the scenes with McDonald’s to improve conditions for its animals … and we’re hatin’ what we’re seein’.

What’s got our (veggie) burgers broiling? Well, after having the better part of a decade to continue to improve conditions for animals, McDonald’s has virtually nothing to show for it—especially when it comes to chickens.

In particular, we’ve been urging McDonald’s for many years to require its U.S. chicken suppliers to switch to a less cruel slaughter method called “controlled-atmosphere killing” (CAK). McDonald’s even produced a report way back in 2005 agreeing with us that CAK offers significant animal welfare benefits over the current slaughter method (which results in broken bones and causes birds to have their throats cut while they are still conscious), but the company has yet to make any of its U.S. suppliers switch to this better method.

So, the McCruelty campaign is back. That’s right, we’re throwin’ down with the clown. And to help us kick things off right, rock goddess Chrissie Hynde joined us for a protest outside “The Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s” (you can’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than Chrissie) in downtown Chicago, where we unveiled our new “I’m Hatin’ It” McCruelty logo, complete with a hijacked version of McDonald’s slogan. We also took the opportunity to do a little consciousness-raising by showing our new video, which reveals how chickens suffer at slaughterhouses that use the same slaughter methods as those used by McDonald’s U.S. suppliers. Check out the photos below:


chicago- mcdonals 044.JPG
chicago- mcdonals 031.JPG


Look out, Mickey D’s, it’s on.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Michael Whyte says:

    F mcdonalds!!! they think they can kill and abuse animals so they can make a profit off of burgers that taste like S anyway? Ronald mcDonald can go fall off a bridge! F you mcdonalds! Im really hatin it!

  • REDNECK says:

    Kewl McCruelty props man! They remind me of the wacky packs from the 1970s. Where can I get some of these? Y’all realize that some people like myself would visit a McDonald’s to score McCruelty gear? Don’t worry I don’t do business at McDonald’s because they can’t seem to understand the phrase NO ONIONS!!

  • Alanna F. says:

    Does anybody know if the Mcdonald’s in Canada inhumanely kill and torture the chickens at the slaughter houses ?

  • Kimber says:

    sad chickens snifsnif

  • Tabitha Stanek says:

    I can not beleive that Mc Donalds would do that! I alreay hate Mc Donalds but this is just horrible! I can’t believe that they would do that to chickens! That is soo mean! I HATE YOU MC DONALDS! I AM HATIN IT!!!

  • Kurt K says:

    Alex I hope you come back to this to read this. No there are no other orgainizations like RMH and St. Jude research hospital. St. Jude in conjunction with RMH pay for everything that insurance doesn’t cover during the entirity of the treatments which in my neices case will be over three years. The bill for that length would be astronomical! So no there are no other places like RMH and St. Jude. St. Jude is the best in the country and perhaps the world when it comes to research on children with cancer. “Just because your niece is in a critical condition DOES NOT mean that others living animals have to suffer for it.” I would like to see you say that to your 9 year old neices face. “Sorry hun I know you are in critical condition but a chickens life is equal to yours so we are going to stop payments and research.” I would kill every chicken in the world if it meant my neice could be rid of this dissease.

  • Ian Hermida says:

    this HAS TO lead to a lawsuit that even the chickens will laugh at. We have to do somthing with the workers. maybe hang them upside down and let the chickens slaughter their sorry sses

  • Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. If humans are equal to animals and are just as much a part of the animal kingdom as a chicken cow deer etc. why then do we not have the right to kill and eat them…..That is the way the animal kingdom works and has always been that way. Why should I abstain from eating an animal when I myself am equal to that animal and require the nourishment that animal provides. How is a human hunting a deer and eating it any different than a pack of wolves eating that animal if we are really equal. Reevaluate your priorities and look to relieve human suffering at the hands of other humans instead of directing your efforts towards protecting animals that I have every right to kill and eat….or does PETA believe that people deserve to suffer for the “crime” of surviving by the laws of nature.