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Mayhem II: Revenge of the Nuggets

Written by PETA | September 27, 2010

Earlier this year, we shared a selection of the bad behavior that seems to crop up frequently at McDonald’s restaurants, prompted by the story of a woman who went berserk at the drive-through window when she was denied McNuggets. But her nugget-driven nastiness was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Consider the following incidents, just from the past few months: 


rensenbrink78/ CC by 2.0


What could be causing this epidemic of violence? Are these folks just that addicted to the taste of cruelty—or is it some kind of karmic payback for McDonald’s callous refusal to require its U.S. and Canadian suppliers to adopt a less cruel method of chicken slaughter?

We’re sure that none of you eat at McDonald’s, but be sure to tell everyone you care about to stay away from those golden arches for their own safety—and for animals’ sake!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • GlitteredCupCakes says:

    they are putting some sort of chemical in the food.. nobody goes crazy like th@ for nothing

  • AndyD says:

    I think this article just goes to prove some people are idiots. If you watch the police video programs (I do) they come across these people everyday.

  • Peggy L says:

    It is well knnnnnnnown that when the boats from McDonalds pull into the ports at Australia, the animals that are loaded in for slaughter for meat are anything from Koala Bears to Kangaroos – It is sickening – Cruelty – Chemical and Constant Evil Practices are what McDonald’s is about., Then they cover it with making themselves look good when it comes to chilren’s illness. MMMM WOnder where the illness comes from? Tear down the arches and stop the imhumane treatment of animals and PEOPLE!

  • caroline.leigh says:

    Ronald should be behind bars for all the murder he commits.

  • Cyril Matvech says:

    Lol. When I saw Ronald McDonald in that picture above, I thought he had already been placed behind bars where he deserves to be. I am certain there is some kind of Karma for all the unwanted male baby Chickens which are turned into McNuggets for the delight of those who think Slaughter-place and Play-place are the same things.

  • Hanny says:

    This isn’t Karma.. this is life. Was it Karma when a PETA protester got pied in the face?

    There are a lot of crimes happening at other franchises but PETA only looks at the ones happening at animal abusers apparently.

  • Shari Kramer says:

    I have a 4yr old and a 2 yr old who LOVE McDonalds.I believe animals have rights and should be treated humanely

  • fitBodyCoach says:

    This does not surprise me at all.  I do not eat the crap, haven’t in years.  It is full of chemicals and who knows what else; I’m the sure the erratic behavior can be associated with that.  I just can’t believe that in this day and age, when people have so much info regarding health and nutrition, that they still continue to abuse their bodies by eating such crap.