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Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats Those He Kills

Written by PETA | May 27, 2011

Facebook bazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s new “personal challenge” for this year is to eat meat only from animals he has killed himself.

“I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have,” says Zuckerberg. “This year I’ve basically become a vegetarian since the only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself. So far, this has been a good experience. I’m eating a lot healthier foods ….”

Martin Cathrae/cc by 2.0                        World Economic Forum/cc by 2.0

We respect the fact that Zuckerberg isn’t hiding his head in the sand and pretending that what he is putting in his mouth was not once a living, feeling animal. But we wonder how many people would be able to look into the eyes of a terrified animal and go through with it. The fear is there; the pain is real. Kinda makes you wonder if Zuckerberg is missing the empathy gene, huh?

PETA has sent Zuckerberg a basket full of delicious vegan goodies, along with a letter expressing the hope that he’ll make like his big-screen alter-ego, Jesse Eisenberg, and go vegetarian full-time.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • 7Keypad says:

    In countries , where agriculture provides enough vegetables,grains,fruits , there we don’t need animal food. Here although we eat milk & milk related items , which cause a lot of painfull life to animals .

  • cornflakes says:

    well it takes balls to “look a bison in the eyes and go through with it.” Might as well be you than a commercial hunter or whatever, so yay I think this is one of few Mark Zuckerberg wins.