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Is Your Man a Hegan?

Written by PETA | March 25, 2010


You might already know that Spiderman‘s Tobey Maguire is vegan, as is Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson, Golden Globe–winner Joaquin Phoenix, and Ultraman Rich Roll. And you may remember that fitness trainer Bob Harper and the NBA’s Amar’e Stoudemire both rely on animal-free cuisine to promote peak physical form.

Now The Boston Globe has introduced its readers to “hegans”—as in “he” plus “vegan” equals “hegan.” Many hegans are middle-aged, and they all seem to be unassuming fellows who—in their individual pursuits of longevity, improved strength and energy, weight loss, or decreased risk of killer diseases such as cancer and heart disease—have all quietly embraced vegan lifestyles. They may also have read that vegan diets are the best for making sure that their kids have a planet to inherit, or they don’t like the idea of eating Babe for breakfast. According to Rip Esselstyn, veteran firefighter, triathlete, and author of The Engine 2 Diet, “Real men eat plants.”

We absolutely agree—and so do the red-hot hunks in our 2010 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest. After you’ve cast your vote, tell us: Will you use the term “hegan” to describe men who eat only animal-free foods—or are you inclined to stick with “vegan”?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Jane Kreisman says:

    I’ll just be happy when the world is full of WEgans! D

  • Nancy says:

    I love the word hegan! Now I can tell my hubby he’s a hegan.Nice!

  • moo.lennon. says:

    i am 14 and although my mom would kill me for having a boyfriend i say that i will only date when i got asked out by this guy i asked him if he ate meat.he said yeah and i said no.srry but i dont plan in kissing bloodtorturedcruelty lips.gross.

  • Dean Wean says:

    I’m a vegan and male. No dice on this for me. The more strange words used to describe those good folks who don’t kill animals for food the more alienated others become. As it is labels tend to offput people. We don’t need more we need less. Sometimes I even find it easier to just say I’m “veg”anything to make people less confused by words and more focused on the reasons why.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I agree with Carla and I like the sound of it. So many men think vegetarianism is only for girls. I do not lots of veg guys and most of them are in top notch shape.

  • Jessica says:

    I adore vegan males! My brother just went veg 3 weeks ago he’s currently sitting next to me reading Eating Animals and is facing a lot of judgment from his male friends I blogged about it here! httptreekisser.tumblr.compost450139050dudeareyougaynow

  • Eric says:

    Hegan…really dumb idea.

  • Eva Morgan says:

    I’ll stick with “vegan” many person to who I talk to about my vegan lifestyle are still confuse about what vegan means. I don’t want to confuse them any more with a new term and frankly I wouldn’t want to be call a “shegan” one day.

  • Saucy says:

    Yes I think that is a great idea. Hegan for masculine shegan for feminine and vegan for all. Like bravo for men bravah for women and bravee for both. I learned that at the Opera. RIP Johnny Opera . I miss you very much.

  • Carla* says:

    Sounds good… sorta like Heman strong and muscular!! Me likey!!

  • ruby says:

    The term ‘hegan’ is sexist. It’s just like saying ‘female doctor’ or ‘male prostitute’ inferring that unless otherwise specified doctors are men and prostitutes are women. It’s sad that such a noble cause veganism specifically promoting men’s veganism and health and countering the misconception that people cannot be athletic healthy and vegetarian is contradicted by this discriminatory misnomer. By giving vegans who also happen to be men a separate title the stereotype that vegetarians are women is perpetuated further such a foolish way to in fact undo all that this blog is attempting to achieve and undermine a relevant and important cause. Titling it “Is Your Man a Hegan” is also objectifying men. I am offended.

  • Cande says:

    haha very nice… i have not a boyfriend but my last boyfriend was not a HEGAN… i don’t know any veganboy S i know only vegangirls

  • casey says:

    why you do always make it about how not torturing and murdering non human animals would benefit humans?you perpetuate the belief that our species is more valuable by doing this.You should be driving home the facts that humans should not eat non human animals because they have feelings and families.The additional facts that it is unhealthy and bad for the environment is secondary.Eating non human animals is immoral and unethical and that should always be shared taught and focused on first and foremost.

  • Grey says:

    I’ll stick to vegan thanks. As a gender queer I consider myself neither male nor female I’m rather sick of how many things in our society are gender segregated. We don’t need more a person’s genitals are generally not a factor in their decision to lead a more cruelty free life. Further having a special term for male vegans perpetrates the myth that only women care about animals the environment ect. Bad plan.

  • SLH says:

    I suppose hegan makes sense if women are shegans. Either way I wish my man were a vegan but at least his meat consumption has gone way down since I joined the vegetarian then later vegan ranks.