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Lucy Heads to the Supreme Court

Written by PETA | September 28, 2011

UPDATE: Represented by renowned attorney Clayton Ruby, PETA, Zoocheck Canada, and Tove Reece, president of the Edmonton-based Voice for Animals Humane Society, have asked the Supreme Court of Canada to allow a lawsuit against the city of Edmonton to force Lucys transfer.

The following was originally posted September 8, 2011

Heartened by an Alberta Court of Appeal judge’s lengthy dissenting opinion in favor of hearing our lawsuit regarding what we believe are abusive and illegal living conditions for Lucy, the lone elephant at Edmonton Valley Zoo, PETA and Zoocheck Canada will ask the Supreme Court of Canada to hear her case.  

In her opinion, which took up more than three-fourths of the entire ruling, Chief Justice Catherine Fraser wrote that PETA and Zoocheck Canada have shown “a prima facie case of the City’s unlawful conduct vis-à-vis Lucy.”

Lucy has been in solitary confinement for more than three years and, not surprisingly, is showing signs of “zoochosis,” including pacing and repetitive swaying, that indicate severe psychological distress. She also suffers from arthritis, obesity, chronic foot ailments, and upper respiratory problems—all of which are aggravated by Edmonton’s frigid climate and the fact that Lucy, who is native to Asia’s tropical jungles, must spend most of the year confined to a barn. Recent zoo records indicate that Lucy is more obese than ever, despite supposedly getting more exercise during the summer.

Contrary to the zoo’s claims, elephant experts consulted by PETA and Zoocheck Canada who have seen Lucy and her medical records say that there is no reason to believe that she cannot be moved safely to a sanctuary in a more temperate climate. Indeed, they say that her health will continue to decline if she is not moved.

You can help by sending a polite e-mail to the Edmonton City Council asking members to free Lucy before she has to face yet another winter confined to a dark, depressing barn.


Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Serena Oh says:

    The cold winter is here. Even through Lucy’s photo, I can see clearly Lucy is suffering from excruciating pain. She looks so lonely and miserable. Its unbearable to see. Please release Lucy to a sanctuary. Sincerely

  • Petalover says:

    I am so thankful that PETA is helping Lucy… just becaue she is old doesnt mean that she doesnt deserve to not live the rest of her life in happiness. I am thankful for all that they do 🙂

  • lisa says:

    I totally agree with Marin althogh i dont live in Canada i have friends that do and it gets dam cold there in the winter and i honestly dont think Lucy will last another harsh winter. Why is this Zoo not surrendering her? why are they persistant to keeping her? its hearting breaking, i think the world hope and pray the Supreme Court will come to her rescue.

  • Marin says:

    @abc123: So you’re saying PETA should ignore the abuse of one animal to focus on the abuses of other animals just because Lucy is old? That’s just cruel, plus the whole fight is because the zoo ISN’T caring for her. I live in Edmonton and let me tell you it gets pretty frickin’ cold out here in the winter, it is no place for an elephant or any animal that is used to a hot and humid environment. Lucy is old, yes, so why let her spend her old age going crazy in a barn? She should be able to retire at a sanctuary where she can get away from our harsh winter and lonely nights. That’s why PETA isn;t ignoring her and continues to fight for her.

  • kathy says:

    Thank you PETA for your hard work for Lucy! I hope you succeed.

  • Christine says:

    Thank you for helping Lucy, PETA! I have sent many emails. Free Lucy!!!

  • abc123 says:

    I am normally totally for your organization but I am really not for this fight about Lucy. There are bigger fights over animals than lucy she is old and could die in this move. Why are we fighting over one elephant in a zoo that cares for her rather than fighting over dogs getting killed in spain for not bring back a successful hunt. Highways getting built in the africa right through the animals natural habitat. Or monkeys and gorillas loosing their natural habitat. What about the smaller zoos that don’t look after their animals, they do it just for that money not to preserve the worlds amazing animals. Is it just becasue this a easier? Come on people look at the bigger picture out there.

  • Marion Richardson says:

    What a shame…how much longer has this beautiful elephant to suffer like this…please send her away to a better place and to other elephants …they need company and a family like we do. My heart goes out to poor Lucy.

  • Lindy says:

    Lucy should not be kept like this. If there is any doubt as to whether she can not only travel to or survive, in a good sanctuary, just check out all the elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (via their live web cams) each of whom has been in a horrible situation for years and are now thriving and happy.

  • Jenn says:

    Poor sad Lucy:(:(no family :(:( no friends:(:( Elephants need other elephants to feel connected. She’s dying slowly and painfully and it’s stupid Edmontons fault! They could do the right thing but for selfish greedy reasons r choosig to let her suffer. Sad

  • michela daghini says:

    Please send Lucy to a warmer climate to alleviate her suffering. Thanks.

  • Lilah says:

    Poor Lucy. No animal should have to live this way.

  • Estelle Silverstein says:

    Please show the world and lead to help other elephants who are in captivity the compassion they deserve. We are the keepers of the animal world. Make it possible to end Lucy’s misery and set an example for others who keep these magnificent elephants in similar circumstances. Thank you.

  • Laura Archer says:

    Please send Lucy to a warmer climate and less confined area to alleviate her suffering. Thanks!