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What a Lucky Colbert Nation!

Written by PETA | December 2, 2008
timeinc / CC
Stephen Colbert

Our friends at ecorazzi have pointed out one of the coolest auctions going on at eBay right now—the auction to win those ridiculous (in an awesome way) faux-fur boots that Stephen Colbert wore in his Christmas special.

That’s right—the next time you find yourself in your log cabin, hiding from a bear and singing a duet with Willie Nelson, you can be doing so in classic Colbert style! Stephen apparently claims that the boots are made of yeti fur—and fur from make-believe animals is the kind that I like best.

The auction ends tomorrow, so act now! The costume pieces worn in “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All” are being auctioned off one at a time, and all of the proceeds are going to Feeding America. Pretty sweet, right?

Of course, the auction has already raised more than $1,000, so if you don’t have an extra $1.5K to shell out on some memorabilia but still want to look snazzy, you might consider these vegan faux-fur boots from MooShoes. Um, holiday wish list, anyone?

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Kelley says:

    I am generally a Christmas tradionalistbut this was a highly entertaining special! Willie Nelson getting busted for posession while dressed as a shepherd in the tiny little nativity scene was priceless!