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Lowe’s Can No Longer Claim Traps Are Humane

Written by PETA | October 19, 2009

Last year, PETA filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Motomco, the glue trap manufacturer that supplies Lowe’s with its sticky death traps. Our complaint stated that Motomco was selling misleadingly labeled glue traps designed to make people believe that these traps were somehow acceptable. The label stated that the glue trap contained a naturally occurring anesthetic called eugenol, implying that animals caught in the trap did not suffer or feel pain. In reality, they do suffer and feel extreme pain.

We recently received a letter from the FTC letting us know that our complaint has officially been closed—because Motomco has removed the misleading claim about eugenol from its packaging and promotion materials!

Since Motomco’s glue traps are the only brand that Lowe’s sells—and Lowe’s claims that it only sells glue traps that are “humane” because of eugenol—we hope that the change in Motomco’s packaging will be the final push that Lowe’s needs to pull glue traps from its shelves. Because it can no longer hide behind Motomco’s misrepresentations, we’ve written to the home improvement company asking it to immediately rid its stores of the cruelest mouse traps on the market today.




Humane alternatives do exist and it’s time for Lowe’s to join other retailers, including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Dollar Tree, and Albertsons, in banning the sale of glue traps. Click here to find out how you can help.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Person says:

    I heard that sprinkling peppermint oil in areas of concern like garage or attic is sufficient because mice don’t like the smell. Also proper food storage can prevent them from thriving in your house.

  • Key says:

    Its so sad! I suppose that people dont consider pests as animals. Well I think that statement is TRUE. No animal should suffer.plastic live trap boxes myself. they walk in the little door closes you take them with you on the way to work and “ploomp” drop them near some trees. clean. easy. problem solved.

  • Bright Spark says:

    Omg! I hate Lowes now. Glue traps are simply not acceptable in today’s society with animal friendly traps where animals can be let free and be able to LIVE. Glue trap makers should not only be aware of the suffering of mice and rats but that of small birds squirrels baby bunnies guinea pigs kittens and puppies.

  • ashley kotzen says:

    i agree with all of you i feel so bad for the mice they are so harmless unless u make them bite u.. here around were i live people just use the traps and toss them out in the trash or burn them.. it makes me so sad when i see this.. i am soo glad i am a veggie person thanks to pink!!

  • Doug says:

    You know if Lowes would just sell CATS they could be rid of this problem.

  • Tim says:

    Sarah Lowe’s can’t stop selling them because they sell what the consumer wants … not what Peta tells them to they should sell. We need to get the message to the consumer and get them to stop buying.

  • tom says:

    The problem isn’t the retailers. The problem is that certain facilities such as schools and mental health facilities mandate that glue traps are the only acceptable strategy for a pest problem. I work in mental health and those are the only kind of mouse traps the facility will let us get. And living with the mice isn’t an option.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Mice are God’s creatures and I would not be suprised if the sadistic inventor of the glue trap had faith in an anthropocentric God that only cared about humans !

  • Brandon says:

    why can’t Lows just stop selling them? Its not like they would lose a ton of money at all. They would make more money getting back their old customers who stopped shopping there because of the traps then they would by selling the traps

  • Karryn McNamara says:

    A chain of junk shops in Australia called Waynes World are selling the glue traps. I told the store clerk how disgusted I am that they sell them let alone that people are stupid enough to BUY them she said they only get them in because so many people ask for them.

  • sarah says:

    Really great news! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

  • Jessica says:

    I used to work for an apartment complex that would give out those sticky sheets to tenants with mice problems and everytime someone caught one I would have to go and collect them. It broke my heart to see these poor defenceless mice struggeling for life. I made complaints to my managers but they never changed their methods Thank God the truth is being brought out on these disgusting things! Thank you!

  • Cassie Chatwin says:

    A few years back before my family decided to switch to an animal friendly lifestyle I lived in a house next to a large field. Every fall the resident mice would migrate indoors. My parents tried everything. Mousetraps were horrifying. Mouse poison was messy and it took days to kick in. The glue traps were by far the worst. A poor baby mouse got stuck in the one in the back of the canpantry. Its little cries were heartbreaking… If sharing your space isn’t an option I recommend the wall plug ins. We haven’t had a problem in three years.

  • Anne says:

    I worked at retail store that used glue traps in the stock room where I worked. The second I found one I searched for all the traps and tossed out every single one. There were about a dozen of them. I was horrified and contacted everyone I could to try to eliminate their use. The store told me the mall put them in the backroom the mall wouldn’t respond to me and neither would HR. People try to diffuse responsibility and ignore the cruelty.

  • jane says:

    i’ve seen these used as well and they’re very much conscious after being stuck and pretty much just sit waiting to starve be eaten or crushed. i found that vegetable oil and a qtip will get them off if you have the patience. try to avoid being bitten. i prefer the plastic live trap boxes myself. they walk in the little door closes you take them with you on the way to work and “ploomp” drop them near some trees. clean. easy. problem solved.

  • carla says:

    I worked for a place that used on of these traps. The next morning I came in and i saw a poor little mouse trapped on one of these dispicable things. There was nothing I could do. It was obvious that he suffered. I told my boss that that she had better throw all of them away . or else! She did. Lowe’s wake the fu..up please..

  • clara says:

    Mouses are animals!as dog and cat they have all rights to be protected and defended by law too!!

  • JULIE DAVEY says: