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I Love The Netherlands

Written by PETA | February 23, 2007

partij voor de dieren.JPGWe all know that Holland is a pretty progressive place—you know, they ride bikes there, there’s universal national health care, good stuff like that*. All cool things, in my opinion, but what I didn’t know is that there is actually a legitimate political party there called “Party For The Animals” that holds a couple of seats in parliament. And that each political party receives a certain amount of free national TV space to use as they wish. Pretty awesome.

Awesomer still is the fact that, after viewing our State of the Union Undress, which leads into Free Me, the “Partij Voor De Dieren” decided to run their own version of our Free Me video on Dutch national TV. You can check out the badass Dutch version of “Free Me” here.

*Yes, I know, pot is legal there too, and you can’t talk about The Netherlands without at least mentioning that fact. I would have included it, but you know . . . the lawyers would have yelled at me. Again.

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  • shanti says:

    is this dutch girl slaughtering these animals in the name of art? or just using carcasses for art? I was told she is killing them? If so, PETA needs to be on it! The art world will not tolerate juvenile attempts and outrage for attention from a sociopath Look at all pages on site….and let me know!

  • Amy says:

    I live in HOlland I am an american and I don’t know much about the farming of animals but Dutch people in general seem to have a pretty good outlook on the treatment of animals. For instance dogs can not be chained up while their masters are away and this is enforced. Ive noticed a lot more people train their dogs and give their dogs individual care and attention. Being from louisiana its quite different! and there seems to be a lot of cheap and supermarket available animalfriendly products..

  • Joost Heilbron says:

    Well I don’t know how great it is to live among people who realize these practices take place and still buy the cheap meat in the stores. I mean A+ for freedom of speech but we won’t pass for sense of ethics… Nevertheless a great movie especially with the cat reaching for the viewer during “freeeeee meee…” Grtz Joost Heilbron Nijmegen The Netherlands

  • JoJo says:

    The Netherlands has its fair share of factory farms exploiting animals for example they are the world’s biggest exporter of eggs5.4 billion a year. Every day 14 jumbo jets take off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport packed with eggs for the Middle East.

  • Rita says:

    Things in The Netherlands are probably really great since they sent all of the CAFO’s or Factory Farms over here to ruin our air water health and land. They aren’t aloud to practice this kind of messtorturing farm animals putting the Family Farmer out of busuness there so they get a hefty sum of money come here and dirty our land!! Rita RobinettPresident of Concerned Citizens of Neave Township Inc. in Ohio.

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    ROFL you love that lawyer colouring book don’t you? Seriously though I’m considering a move to Holland right now. Free access to Dutch National TV when PETA isn’t even allowed to pay good money to get an ad in the Superbowl.