Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

What Universities Are Hiding

Written by PETA | October 14, 2010

PETA has joined Stop UBC Animal Research and dozens of other groups across Canada, the U.S., and Europe in calling on the University of British Columbia (UBC) to fully disclose information about its animal experiments, including studies in which monkeys have had holes drilled into their skulls and toxins injected into their heads in order to damage their brains.

In Canada, no federal law governs the treatment of animals in laboratories, and schools are not required to release key information about publicly funded animal experiments, such as the numbers and species of animals used, veterinary records, and protocols describing experiments. And as in the U.S., no experiment is prohibited, no matter how trivial, redundant, or cruel it is. Not surprisingly, Canadian universities have been reluctant to let the public see what happens to animals behind closed laboratory doors.


This photo is not from UBC, but it captures the grim reality of typical animal experimentation.


While state and federal laws in the U.S. give citizens a legal right to have access to some information about animal experimentation, some universities fight tooth and nail—and are even willing to defy the law—in order to keep secret the details of how they torment animals. PETA has recently filed lawsuits against the University of Maryland–Baltimore (to gain access to records about invasive brain experiments on ferrets), the University of Wisconsin–Madison (to obtain records related to experiments in which monkeys and cats had holes drilled into their skulls), and a city in Utah (to get records related to homeless dogs and cats who were sold into lives of misery and pain at the University of Utah).  

If universities are going to abuse animals in experiments that are funded with taxpayer money, they should at least be accountable to the citizens who have no choice but to bankroll this cruelty.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • rebecca says:

    make a difference…if you have to dissect an animal, but it’s still alive,ask your teacher if you can buy it and then take it to a safe location.

  • Dee says:

    We need to stop this cruelty right now. Universities need to be held accountable. No hiding, no secrecy, and continuous unexpected inspections.

  • Leslie says:

    As a taxpayer, I am disgusted to know that money is being used to keep people employed as they hurt and torture innocent animals. I would love to go into one of these labs and set all of the precious animals free. It makes me furious to know that people can actually stand to hurt these animals and watch them cry. Karma will get them. That is a guarantee. This needs to stop now.

  • keith says:

    Just been viewing the images on Stop UBC web page ( what the f_ _ k had they done to that dog ! ) Honestly there’s got to be something seriously wrong with these vivisectors ! I remember speaking to one some years ago., who was the most awful devoid of any emotion, you could imagine person..just completely Dead in the Eyes when he looked at you….

  • Maureen says:

    I should have the right to know how my money is being spent, after all I am the one paying these people to have jobs. I should have a voice in allocating the funds,what I think is important and surely it is not abusing animals. When will this abuse stop? The researchers who come up with the most ridiculous ideas of torture are only making sure they remain employed,I am outraged that in this day and time we as a country are allowing this to continue. I would think it would be a safe bet that if the government asked the tax payers what we thought a lot of people would be out of jobs!!!!!