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Live Beagles Shipped to Japan for Experiments

Written by PETA | July 17, 2007

Caught on tape: In 2005, PETA sent an undercover investigator into Covance’s primate labs

A little while back, we received shipping documents indicating that 22 5-month-old beagles had been shipped from New York to Tokyo in the cargo holds of Japan Airlines planes. More disturbing still, we learned that the company shipping the beagles was none other than animal-experimentation conglomerate and notorious animal torturer, Covance Inc. In case you’re not aware of our history with Covance, this is the same company that was revealed to have been hideously abusing monkeys and other animals after an 11-month PETA undercover investigation in 2005.

The company—whose reaction to the 2005 investigation was to use its lawyers to try and strongarm PETA and PETA Europe into removing the footage from the Web—was eventually cited for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act. In a separate case, five Covance facilities were cited by the USDA for instances of animal abuse, including deliberately starving a dog and depriving her of veterinary care. These guys are the world’s largest breeders of dogs for experimentation, and you can bet that there were more horrors in store for the dogs made to suffer through the 28-hour-long trip in a Japan Airlines cargo hold. A Covance promotional pamphlet recently obtained by PETA shows dozens of beagles in rows of cages, with the tagline “Helping to bring miracles to market sooner.”

Thanks to Covance, it’s too late for these particular beagles, but we’re asking Japan Airlines to follow the lead of Air Canada and other compassionate airlines by refusing to transport dogs and other animals to vivisection laboratories in future. No responsible business should associate with monsters like Covance, and we’re working very hard to ensure that Japan Airlines gets that message. If you’d like to help out, you can write to the airline’s CEO through this form.

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  • Maya says:

    Some companies are reported to take stray cats off the street and sell them to experiment labs. Keep your cats indoors.

  • Terryl Plotnikoff says:

    I nearly threw up watching the primate video. It makes me sick that humans are capable of doing things like this. Not even the worst experience of my life comes close to what those primates go through. I have nightmares when I see things like this. Having a nearphotographic memory sucks sometimes.

  • emma says:

    those animals are treated like shit and it sickens me. i emailed Japen airlines and clearly stated what shit they’re doing. And as for Covance it angers me that they would do that. The proof that they abuse animals violently is on the video. And theres nothing they can do about it. The world knows.

  • Marianne Christensen says:

    Dear Dave…There is a lot of video’s on youtube showing all kinds of animal cruelty and I have seen the one on youtube about the experiments on primates and others about experiments on just makes me cry when I think about it again.

  • RICHARD says:


  • Dave says:

    Did anyone post this primate experimentation video to youtube?

  • kris shulfer says:

    I HATE COVANCE!!! it breaks my heart everyday to see the videos and hear in the news or online about these things but yet i am choosing to make myself aware and do my part by sending emails personal letters donating money to PETA as i have been a member for 3 years and i know deep in my heart that by passing on the information to people iam paying it forward because when i get letters from the companies attorney’s prime ministers my state governor etc.. makes me feel so good inside because along with many other people we are making a difference and although horrific things take place everyday and yes the people who do these tests or abuse these animals and kill them painfully will have to pay in the end in some way..

  • rat king says:

    to donna parde unfortunately many prison inmates are also innocent so may i propose to send them some presidents!!!

  • donna parde says:

    Why dont we ship prison inmates and gangsters over there to do experiments on. Not torture innocent animals that do no wrong. Whats wrong with you crazy people

  • kelly says:

    Vet schools are among the WORST for buying potentially stolen pets from dealers to stick in cages and treat like garbage Many of our vet schools are in the Dark Ages They need fresh young blood with more progressive ideas and methods

  • debra quintana says:

    thisis crazy i cant believe this is still going on in the world!we put people away for killing and we still mistreat animals in this world i just dont get it! way do we allow this to go on then they say dont harm eny animals in the test right!

  • cappuccino says:

    this is a very sad and upsetting daily reality! also when i lived in town before i knew exactly that every wednesday there went a small bus to the university filled with dogs and other animals which all ended in vivisection. many of these animals are stolen and others breeded by ruthless breeders thinking just at the money and who don’t care about the fate of these poor tortured creatures. and as horrible as these tortures are they are all in vain. when my mother died of cancer the chief doctor of the hospital told me if she would have a broken leg or some other problems but this here i’m sorry we can’t do anything!!!!!!!! so i’m persuaded if medicine would stop their experiments on animals they would have found something against cancer and aids i’m 100 pct sure!

  • Nancy Green says:

    This is disgusting.I wish we could tie these people up and do things to them.

  • Darla says:

    Being a person who has a beagle that was born and raised in a lab the first year of her life this upsets me!!! I can not believe that this is still allowed to happen. I wish people would WAKE UP!!!

  • Marie C. says:

    Covance Inc. makes me gag seriously. I only hope Japan Airlines has the sense to do the right thing. On a different note did you hear that several universities recently decided to stop doing testing on rats? Apparently researchers were becoming too attached to the rats and the most logical way to phase out the problem was to test on lawyers instead. Sadly all the test results were invalid as it has been found that lawyers bare just as much resembelence to humans as the rats did.

  • Kelley says:

    You are right Kelly. The AKC is just a nightmare. They do not care what happens to animals just as long as their members make a profit.

  • kelly says:

    Just wanted to note that in addition to puppy mills the AKC and related lobbies support this as well Breeding for bucks. No matter what.