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Lindsay Lohan’s Stolen Fur Coat

Written by PETA | May 21, 2008
This coat didn’t originally belong to Lindsay … or Masha Markova

Update: E! online has the story

I don’t know whether or not LiLo actually stole some rich chick’s fancy fur coat, as the blogs have been suggesting this week, but I can tell you that a lot of the stories about this seem to have missed the real crime here. According to The Superficial, which is where I get pretty much all my important news nowadays, this girl called Masha Markova is accusing Lindsay of running off with her $10,000 fur coat after a party. Apparently, Masha only found out that this was where her coat had gone when she saw pics of Ms. Lohan sporting it in OK magazine. As soon as I’d gotten finished weeping about poor Masha’s terrible experience, I asked PETA Vice President Dan Mathews what he knew about the story, and he forwarded me a copy of this e-mail that he sent to Masha Markova this morning. It makes for pretty good reading:

To: Masha Markova, c/o Merrill Cohen

Dear Ms. Markova,

We at PETA have read with interest about your distress over Lindsay Lohan supposedly stealing your fur coat. Has it ever occurred to you that neither you nor Lindsay are the rightful owners? That coat belonged to dozens of animals who were electrocuted, gassed, strangled, drowned or beaten to death just so you could try to appear wealthy. Ms. Markova, people who wear fur simply show that having money and style don’t go hand in hand. Please take 5 minutes to watch this video, hosted by former fur wearer Martha Stewart, who had a change of heart about wearing real fur when she saw what the animals go through. Perhaps you, too, will find your conscience and consider donating your fur coat to PETA, as have Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, and hundreds of others who don’t want animals to be fashion victims. We give them to the homeless, and you would even receive a tax credit for the donation. We look forward to your reply.

Dan Mathews

P.S. I just realized that I missed an opportunity for a bunch of “Lindsay Lohan showing off her fur in public” type jokes. Please accept my humble apologies for dropping the ball on that.

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  • Camille says:

    I’m speaking as a person who has up to this point in my life been admittedly ignorant about the treatment of animals. I grew up in VT where dairy farming is commonplace. I’ve eaten meat for 37 years. I own a leather jacket and leather couches. Two weeks ago I read a book called “Skinny Bitch” and watched a video called “Meet your Meat”. I haven’t eaten meat since. I would like to give Lindsay the benefit of the doubt that she is as ignorant as I and she will watch the video and cry as I did and realize sometimes ignorance is bliss and sometimes it tortures kills and is so unneccesary. Everyone has to start somewhere. Rather than condemn we should educate and encourage people to make the right decision. I am new at this but I thought I’d voice my opinion anyway. Isn’t that what these animals need a voice?

  • Shantel says:

    What is wrong with the world today?! People like LiLo should be using their fame and their wealth to help stop this kind of cruelty. Frankly I’d like to pay them to just go away!

  • Liz says:

    Nothing classier than two spoiled little L.A. brats fighting over the scraps of a dead animal

  • ANDRES says:

    Those girls are very stupid…. Queens of Nardia… with a cold hearth… someone please get rid of that trash…!

  • Amber Falobas says:

    why would you steal a fur coat? um first off thats fucking stupid. Second why wear fur?? HELLO! Some animal is dead now. I usually support Lindsay but fuck her.

  • Squirrel says:

    Rather than giving the furs to the homeless I’ve heard that you can donate the furs to animal shelters for the animals to snuggle up to. Most animal shelter quarters are concrete cages with little comfort or warmth.

  • joan Faszcewski says:

    The only ones that look good with fur are the animals not people. I Just lost my dog a month and she look good in her fur also. People that where them look ugly. I have some in my church that do and they look horrible in them.

  • Andrea says:

    Hi I just want to say that there will always be ignorant uncaring people out there who refuse to listen.. I myself know smart otherwise kind people who have said to me that they believe we are at the top of the food chain and therefore have the right to do as we please.. How do you argue with someone like that? Believe me I have tried. And did I mention these are educated people? Heartless I guess..

  • Supermodel4u305 says:

    Lindsay Lohan is nothing but washed up leathery skin actress who’s acting career is almost over. Her and the other idiot fighting over a fur coat makes me vomit. Rich Skanks + Fur Vomit. Honestly fur is disgusting just like LiLo

  • Helen Constance says:

    You make a very good point when you remind the 2 legal contestants Lindsay and Masha that the fur coat did not in fact belong to either of them but to the unfortunate animals who were killed to produce it. I just hope they take it on board!!

  • Kris says:

    YA know sometimes I think these people don’t have a heart. It’s the same thing I get when I hear someone say how much they love animals as they take a bite of their cheese burger or chicken leg. What they mean to say is I love cute animals on tv or my pets at home and as long as I don’t have to make any sacrifices for them or give up any of the shit I want because I want it then I love animals. It’s always the same winey bullshit “But I like milk but I like cheese but I like meat but I like fur and leather and wool.” God I am so over being nice to these idiots. Sorry I just had to get that out I’m done now.

  • Peter says:

    That was a wonderful email. Unfortunately Lohan looks like she is trying to impersonate the Lion from the “beauty and the beast” tv series from decades past. Gross wrong and even more gross. I feel sick.

  • Mark says:

    Hey “Truth” Why did the abolitionists during the 18th Century slave trade “preach” to the slaveholders? Because human slavery is wrong. So is animal slavery. The whole point of animal rights is to oppose the view that all of the other animals were somehow just put here for our use. There is no more “truth” to that belief than to the view that blacks exist for the sake of whites or that women exist for the sake of men. Thousands of animals killed for fur today are kept in leghold traps for days often chewing off their own legs to escape while millions more spend their lives in cages so small that they develop neurotic behaviors from the stress before being anally or vaginally electrocuted and many more are dogs and cats bludgeoned or skinned alive in China and then sold as “fox” in the US. PS Throwing acid? Never heard of it. PPS Jack what about all those people who leave comments like Truth’s but don’t return to see the responses? Could the “thanks for posting” page have links to an FAQ page or maybe even responses to the question the person likely asked based on keywords? Or an automatic email with answers to the likely question saying this is the only email you’ll get etc.? I know PETA tracks the web traffic so they know more than I do. So never mind I guess.

  • Ana says:

    Truth What you wrote is not the truth. I have been doing antifur demos for many years and never once have I heard that. I have heard the lies that animal abusers and specifically fur wearers say about animal advocates. Fur wearers love to threaten and intimidate animal advocates. Enough of the lies!!!

  • Tamara says:

    Shouldn’t LiLo get a letter too? Since she is currently in possession of the coat??

  • kacey says:

    So now isn’t this funny….I was reading a tabloid source on the net that states that an NYC nightclub owner is going to take Lindsay shopping for her own mink coat. He claims he knows “what it’s like to have mistaken identity…and…offering to take Lindsay on a mink shopping spree with me to have the coat of her choice.” Someone please pinch me….is this for real?

  • Elisabeth says:

    these people don’t know the carnage that they are supporting for… they are richso they think that the world is perfect for them… but they don’t know what life are doing these poor animals… ps.sorry for the mistakesbut i’m italian!

  • L says:

    Hey “James” is asking people to give up fur some form of torture in your worldview? The best I can say about you is you are an absolute idiot.

  • Rachael says:

    this is so sad i have 30 chinchillas and to think that they could be on somone right now!!!! to think that there at a good home.i think they shuold make it a low that you cant ware rell fur.

  • Cindy says:

    People do wear skin its called leather.

  • lynda downie says:

    P.S. Agreed excellent letter by Dan Mathews. He’s a honey too.

  • lynda downie says:

    This was the funniest blog ever. Very wittyJack especially your P.S. Don’t get me wrong I take the abusive exploitation of animals for fur seriously and I know you do too. But this was so goodwriting at its best!

  • Truth says:

    I think that you should all preach your beliefs amongst yoursleves not to others i dont preach animal abuse to you i dont preach eating meat to you. Nor do i think that mistreatment of animals is good either. I simply think you should preach anti violence to yuor people. When you members threaten to throw acid on my friend because she wears fur what am i to do? i dont threaten you with acid because you eat different or because you dont wear fur. Animals before humans? if an animal is attacking someone should i help our let nature take its course? If you dont post this then at least reply and explain this to me a debate if you will.

  • James says:

    They give the fur to the homeless? I know they need clothes but giving them the fur coats…?

  • HannaBanana says:

    She’s a jackass

  • melissa says:


  • ozzy says:

    tbh i think that the use of fur coats is a bit wrong but when you start saying stuff that if only people would think about their own skin being bolied … it just wont wont work it wont stop people as the ever creasing demand for fur is going throught the roof you will have a celebraty buying a fur coat then people will allways folow its the everending line of fashion … the use of fur is wrong like i said but hey isnt it true that we used fur coats off animals when humans first started to need the warmth of it. if we didnt we would most likely not be here as people would have froze to death … so it is only nature of use to use what nature has put on this earth and to try to change peoples mind is wrong as its against their will to change their mind about something

  • lizbeth says:

    frankly I feel if ‘global warming’ or warmer climes would encourage more and more of these heartless and selfish people sweltering even in winter to ditch fur or go fur free then I say.. ‘global warming? bring it ON..’!! but seriously.. these dumbheads should know by know.. wearing fur is NOT IN.. they’re just vain. shallow compassionless and selfcentered beings.. with stoney marble granite hearts.. that I hope will crack in time.. becuas they’re so cold cruel hearted.. not to mention only care about themselves and ultra selfish..

  • Nancy says:

    Thanks to Dan to take few minutes and wrote this letter to Mrs Lohan. The more I learn about her the worst she is. I’m no longer a fan of her

  • Jodi says:

    With all due respect I have heard many people applaud animal activists and initiatives however an alarming number of these people wear leather go to the zoo and eat meat. Please don’t get me wrong the more applause the better but the animals need more they need voices they need action.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’ve said it before Martha is one of my heros. I would give anything to see PETA make a fur PSA that could be shown on network television. A series of them starring Jorja Fox Stewart etc maybe? It’s too bad they would censor the gory stuff but seeing them in cages and in leghold traps should be enough to convince most people with a brain and a heart….hopefully.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    These people have so much given to them in life would it kill them to have a bit more compassion? Hey Lorraine where did you buy your Rant mode off button? I need one of those!!

  • Rev. Heather Jacobs says:

    It deeply saddens me that people find pleasure in wearing in animal that has been tortured to death for the price of a coat.

  • angela says:

    I dont really think fur makes u look wealthy or good it just makes you look like a selfish person wearing poor animals fur just to show off that you have a lot of money.

  • Jessica says:

    I commend Dan Mathews and PETA what you do everyday and I am proud to be a member of PETA. I read “Committed” and I have such a profound repect for you standing up for animals and what you believe in. One other suggestion I have is to also ask Lilo to make right and turn this spectacle into a positive ending by watching the video and then denouncing the fur industry.

  • Tammy says:

    I have never been a Lindsay fan but now especially after seeing her walking around in furI really do not care for her. Shame on you girl! Are you really that heartless or truly do not know how fur is obtained? Please take a look at a video. You do not have to go see the Wizard to have a heart!

  • Lorraine says:

    I remember it must have been somewhere in the 1960’s? when wellknown female celebrities made promises in public about never wearing animal fur in any shape or form ever again. . I also vividly recall the image of Jackie Kennedy on my TV screen surrounded by newspeople and cameras taking off her fulllength Leopard coat. Leopards! Beyond belief isn’t it? . The surge of compassion at that time was wonderful to see but the flurry of attention to the plight of wild and fur farmed animals tortured for fashion didn’t seem to last very long as I recall? There has been some progress with humans giving up wearing animal fur don’t you agree? Humans wearing animal fur apparel look very UGLY as far as I’m concerned. as do humans wearing real leather jackets etc . I have used the PETA JLo banner on my blogpage every few months or so just to keep her name out there for readers to be reminded of Jennifer Lopez’ marvelous accomplishment…..owning animal fur clothing from every wild animal that can provide their lovely coats for HER! JLo we are NOT impressed! LOL . Now. What can PETA other animal welfare orgs. and millions of decent people on this planet who also believe as I do that any and all animals who share the world with us should be treated decently kindly and humanely. I am not so naiv I could believe people would give up eating animals but……well if these creatures must be killed why can’t it be less savage andor cruelly? . Rant mode Off

  • Susan T says:

    And this woman thinks she looks glamorous? Bravo! Dan…what a great letter! I hope Lindsay and this fashion ‘wannabe’ both have a heart transplant. They definitely need one.

  • Russell says:

    way to go guys! calling everyone involved out is the right thing to do! actually good ole linds looks like a rodent wearing that fur…it’s suprisingly fitting… sock it to ’em jack and dan

  • X-Ray says:

    It seems that here we got another furaddicted maniac! Unfortunately there are women who are real slaves of all kinds of fur! Fur addiction is actually an uncurable illness if not PETA shall find a way to persuade them of the urgent need to be fur FREE!

  • SHARIE DELLA says:


  • MeL says:

    He he he…Lindsay showed fur in public! Wouldn’t be the first time! I heard this story and frankly I wouldn’t claim this ugly looking coat as mine! Not just because it probably used to be my dog Muffy or an anima that suffered to make it but because it’s SO…DAMN…UGLY!!!!! Jeeze now I have another reason for thinking Lindsay Lohan is trashy!

  • Mary says:

    In the year 2008 there is no excuse for wearing fur. But if these silly people really do not have a caring heart and don’t care about all the animals who died for their vanity won’t they at least realize that being draped in dead animal skins makes them look as though they should be turning tricks down at the docks for $20 a time. I love Dan’s letter to Ms Markova. Lets hope the poor dear can find somebody to help her read it. Keep up the good work Peta!

  • karla says:

    That video is SO sad but people need to know whats going on hopefully real fur will be illegal to buy one day so all the fur farms can be shut down! Fur is gross whats next? Wearing peoples skin as a coat? Its the same thing as fur. There is nothing pretty about a fur anything its sick terrible. Great letter! Maybe it’ll wake someone up!

  • Carla says:

    Dan you’re the best!! And to you too Jack!! Silly women “tricks are for kids” and even some kids would know better then you two!!

  • Sydney says:

    I think people need to wake up and realize the reality of what these animals go through.Could u imagine being boiled to death for your skin?Apparently not many people dobecause if they did then the world would be a better place.