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Lindsay Lohan Goes Fur-Free! PSYCH!

Written by PETA | October 21, 2009

aishamusic / CC
Lindsay Lohan


On-again, off-again fur flaunter Lindsay Lohan recently tweeted that her fur is faux:




We loved the thought of Lindsay going from fur hag to faux fab, but it looks like the tweet from this twit might have just been a passing fancy. We called a rep from her much-ballyhooed (and widely panned) fashion line to see if she’s ditched fur there too. Unfortunately, the rep confirmed over the phone that those tasteless stoles in LiLo’s collection have, in fact, been ripped from the bodies of animals. So it looks like Lindsay’s fashion sense probably is still as dead as her career.

It just doesn’t make much sense to stop wearing fur if you still peddle it, Lindsay. If your tweet means that you’ve turned a new page and are going to trim the fur off your back completely so that you can join the ranks of the stylish women who always forgo fur, please let us know.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Tara says:

    Didnt Keira Knightley wear fur???? Why arent you guys saying anything about that???

  • laura Chorba says:

    Well a person’s ethics shows in how they age and how happy they are. She has a terrible drug and alcohol problem. No wonder she lies all the time. Lies catch up and they need booze and drugs to bury that out. Sad. Sad that she doesn’t realize how much she is not a role model for anyone including herself with her lies about her fur wearing behavior.

  • Elisa says:

    I think that Peta should work on getting ALL fur banned from the USA. I don’t know much about Lindsay Lohan apart from the fact that she’s obviously selfish stupid.

  • animalfriend says:

    i have heard that she is a good friend to pam and she is young! so let pam and time work on her and you shall see that her head shall be very soon on the right place!!!

  • Nathalie says:

    OK Lindsey…..SHAME ON YOU!! why do people doesnt understand that animals have feeling like us? God once saidThou should NOT KILL!! and Im thinking does wearing a fur coatis killing…is it or…HELLL YEAH IT IS!! PETA please come here to Honduras we need your help here.Lots of dogs and cats are killed electrified or hitted by a car.

  • carla says:

    She is just another clueless human being. I used to love Jennifer Lopez but refuse to listen to her music or watch her movies until she gets her class on and gives up wearing dead animals. It’s discusting!

  • Deborah says:

    A girl that doesnt have lovecare for herself probably wont have this feeling for an animal. Too bad because animals are unable to defend themselves from this kind of people. Thank God we have Peta trying to do that….Thanks a lot! Sorry about my English I speak Portuguese Brazil.

  • Misabel says:

    Is it worth the bother? Or are there people of normal intelligence working for her? Advisers? If so maybe they can do it. I really wouldn’t expect her to understand well anything.

  • ava says:

    I’m not surprised shes a very selfish woman. I think shes cold and mean and obviously a very poor example to young women. She dosen’t deserve tabloid headlines.

  • Alex says:

    ugh she’s so gross! dead animals bad taste AND she’s in the process of taking Ungaro to an all time low that’s pretty low if anything needs to be skinned it’s her…

  • guest says:

    You should get on Lohan good side at least she care enough to shout it out

  • Laves says:


  • susan says:

    She is creepy and scarey!!!

  • Chris says:

    Can’t say that I’m surprised that she would lie. She needs some real parents and a reality check.