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Life at the Zoo: Confined, Lonely, Miserable

Written by PETA | January 21, 2011

China just passed a law improving conditions for some of its zoo animals. Now it’s time for other nations to follow suit.

The conditions at Bhawalpur Zoo in Pakistan are enough to appall any compassionate person—just take a look at this video, which shows the zoo’s pair of lions being taunted by a zoo staffer. As if a life confined to a cement cell wasn’t bad enough?

The sad plight of the animals in the Bhawalpur Zoo moved photographer Amean J. so much that he recently published a book, BHV ZOO, which features a photo exposé of sad animals being neglected and isolated. Set against stark white pages, the black-and-white photographs illustrate the forlorn, ghost-like ambience of the zoo, with animals who wear expressions of abandonment and resignation. Click here for a preview of the photographs. BHV Zoo is also available as an e-book.

Are you as appalled as Amean J. at the horrid state of the Bhawalpur Zoo? Taking action is as easy as pledging never to support the cruelty of captive-animal displays.

 unhindered by talent/cc by 2.0

Written by Agnes Tam

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  • rachel says:

    i don’t go to zoos anymore. now that i have grown up and learn that animals are not happy there. how could they be happy? their basic needs…psychological and physical….cannot be met there. God has put the animals in nature where they belong and provides for them there, and who are we to put them in a man made habitat? i only approve of zoos in the cases of injured animals that have no other option.

  • Thelma says:

    I never watched the video I can,t deal very well with animal abuse,all these Zoo,s need to be shut down. I don’t understand how these people sleep at night.

  • K dub says:

    Sorry gang – Don’t agree I think zoos need to be made as humane as possible. Modern zoos have open spaces, more natural diets and places for animals to get away from people. Sure, in a perfect world, zoos would not exist. But in the real world, the closest many people come to wild animals and nature is the zoo. Without zoos, kids would not see animals and develop the connection to them that later make them demand their protection. Banning them is not the answer – making them better is.

  • Rhonda says:

    As a child, with our elementary class I attended the local shriners circus, even then my eyes saw things that didn’t seem bothered me for weeks afterwards..the same with the zoo. The animals looked so lonely and sad..I knew they didn’t belong there..animal abuse needs to stop…NOW!

  • Melissa Potter says:

    Despises zoo’s – wicked, miserable places. Luckily, my parents had enough sense never to take me to one, and told me the reasons why.

  • Gala says:

    When I was younger, I used to love the zoo. Then I found out how the animals were treated. It’s so horrible that people could act this way to a living creature. It’s just heartbreaking to see any living creature suffer. Humans can be such a twisted animal.

  • Aneliese says:

    Pledge taken – thanks for introducing me to Amean J.’s work!

  • LuvAllofMotherNature says:

    That’s horrid for those lions!Feel bad for them!They dnt deseve to be treated like that & Id luv to take that stick &smack at that dude!