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Your License to Kill Is Hereby Revoked

Written by PETA | May 20, 2010
Pig Slaughter

Sure, factory farms are mechanized madness but have you ever thought about how computers drive the insanity? I worked in software development before coming to PETA but never considered the ways that the software could be used to hurt or kill animals. Almost everything seems to depend on computers today—from running increasingly automated factory farms and slaughterhouses to tracking fish using sonar and satellites to guiding deadly missiles to their targets.

Thankfully, software developer Anders Sundman has been looking out for animals on the techie front and has joined up with PETA to create the Harm-Less Permissive License (HPL), the first-ever license that will prohibit the use of software being used in any way that will harm humans or animals. Anders originally developed the license for personal use but decided to release it to the public because “having seen images from inside slaughterhouses and modern fishing vessels it is obvious to me just how dependent these industries are on technology and computer software.”

PETA will be contacting compassionate developers to encourage them to use the free and open-source legal text to ensure that their products aren’t used for harmful purposes. You can help by making sure the geeks and code jockeys in your life—especially if you are one—know about the HPL, and push them to include the HPL in any software they have developed or plan on developing. Then take your own swipe at the murderous meat industry by going vegan.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Jasper says:

    What about Octopi and Squid? They are pretty smart and I would assume capable of feeling pain but they are mollusks and so not members of chordata and so they are not protected under the license.

  • VeganCoder says:

    What a fabulous idea. As a vegansoftware engineer I have made it a point to work for only companies that are life affirming. I sleep very well at night as a result. I will make sure to use this license instead of BSD in all my software products going forward! Thanks Anders! Petadude you can only do your best. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  • Saucy says:

    That is the most gruesome and horrifying photo I have ever seen. And people actually think that God gave us animals to do that with them. ………………..Not the God of Love and Mercy………………………

  • Rachel A says:

    Petadude what you’re talking about is unavoidable harm and I’m fairly certain you already do what you can to lessen the toll. Factory farms and other forms of abuse are gratuitous and avoidable and downright unacceptable. In other wordsthey are not the same thing. Please keep doing what you do.

  • Carla* says:

    Oh boy this is AWESOME!!! Thankyou so MUCH Anders Sundman!! You are a true compassionate defender!!

  • david says:

    Dear petadude What a stupid stance to take “I can not get away from all Harm so whats the point” Yes no single one living Person can get away totally From doing harm to another Being and you will at the Very least hurt some Else’s Feelings Somewhere just being you but Every action against animal Cruelty counts and makes a Difference.Being a Vegan is The biggest most monumental Way you can aide in stopping Animal cruelty.

  • petadude says:

    What about the software I use planning my till and raking route on my farm. It’s not that I or any sane human being wants to grind up squirrels rabbits quail snakes and lizards through a rake caddy or tiller but it happens every spring and fall when we plant and harvest. Even as a vegan working on an organic farm you just can’t get around the fact that your presence is not good for the native creatures regardless of how much you try to be a friend of the environment.