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Lettuce Ladies and Soy Sausage

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

Dogville, a local hot dog vendor, started selling veggie sausages last week. Of course, they’ve already been a big hit at the office, but from the looks of this video from it’s not just PETA employees who are digging on the new offerings! Check out the video which features two of my favorite things: PETA’s sexy Lettuce Ladies and large amounts of veggie kielbasa.


For those of you who live in Norfolk, the Dogville cart is located downtown on Granby St, in front of the World Trade Center. They stock all three of the Tofurky sausages—beer brats, kielbasa, and Italian sausage—and both their chili and all of the dogs are available for delivery. For those of you who don’t live in Norfolk, apply already!

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  • hamburgler says:

    I have some special sauce for those lettuce leaves

  • Lisa says:

    I believe that women have the right to make their own decisions but as a mother this is inappropriate. I cannot even consider supporting PETA because I do not want to explain to my children why someone is practically naked to make a point. Yes in modern times sex does sell and it will remain that way until society does something about it. You are teaching teenagers that it is okay to be baring your body in order to get people’s attention. I am sorry but that is not okay.

  • toronto says:

    i think it’s kind of sad that peta thinks it needs to get sexy lettuce ladies in order to get attention. i was going tp join peta as a member until i saw this the jenna j. thing etc. hasn’t anyone here read “the sexual politics of meat”? saying that the women chose to be there is beside the point women should not be supported in using their sex apppeal instead of their minds to be heard. i feel sorry for anyone who disagrees with that.

  • observer says:

    once just once I would like to have one of these amanda types come back on here and say ooooh yeah I get it now. but hell no!!!! they can’t ever admit to being wrong!!!!

  • Mel says:

    PETA didn’t drag these women there and rip their clothes off. Women CHOSE to do it. We should have the RIGHT to choose. I am a woman and I think my body is beautiful and I’m not ashamed of it. Finding someone beautiful or sexy is not exploiting them. How come no one ever complains when men are naked for the cause? Men are exploited by women too you know. Celebrities have been glorifying the use of boyfriends as money machines! Actually exploiting a woman is wrong yes. But finding them beautiful and sexy? What’s wrong with that? I think men are sexy..omg I exploit men!

  • Curious says:

    Amanda Take a chill pill! These women are doing this because they care. They’re not “naked” they are just wearing lettuce kinda like a bikini. If they weren’t there protesting nobody would show up.

  • Stasya Berber says:

    Amanda the women who pose for PETA are obviously doing so for a reason and a noble one at that. sex sells and sometimes it can sell vegetarianism. as a woman i would be more apt to praise this sort of exhibitionism on the front lines of activism then on the front pages of a trash pornmag.

  • kelly says:

    Amanda apparently you are one of those fascists who think they can dictate to other women and TELL THEM WHAT TO DO You are no better than the most misogynistic of men

  • observer says:

    amanda hold on there kiddo!!!! humans the women have a choice to what they do!!! the animals are forced to be slaughtered abused exploited!!!!! why does every single thing have to be explained to you people??????

  • Amanda says:

    I don’t understand you PETA. You’re against the exploitation of animals for any reason but you’ll exploit women human beings for the purposes of furthering your mission? Aren’t women at least equal to animals? Don’t we deserve to be treated as such and not as objects? I supported you until you started getting supermodels to naked on billboards. Your practices are more filthy than the people you’re trying to stop.

  • kelly says:

    The Tofurky sausages are fantastic Their lunch “meat” is too I wish sandwich places would start using fake meat. I mean a lot of their customers can’t eat the real crap because of heart disease and other issues Stop shutting out potential customers fast food America!