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Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Bark About

Written by PETA | April 26, 2010

Happy Dog


Dogs in Massachusetts are woofing it up and cats are purring with delight after Gov. Deval L. Patrick signed into law a bill making it illegal to cut dogs’ or cats’ vocal cords to keep them quiet. This means that no more animals in the Bay State will be subjected to cruel, unnecessary “devocalization” surgeries—which are extremely painful and can result in difficulty breathing, chronic gagging, and hemorrhaging—just for someone’s convenience.

We can yak all day and no one tells us to “hush,” but all too often a dog opens his or her mouth and is met with a harsh “Be quiet!” Let’s hope that this law inspires dog guardians to prevent excessive barking the kind way: by taking their pups for lots of long walks, keeping them indoors, and treating them like members of the family. One surefire way to make your dog feel included—celebrate your canine every day with tips from Let’s Have a Dog Party!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • kyla says:

    oh my god I never even knew that there was such thing as devocalization but thank god it’s illegal. What do owners expect? If you can’t deal with an animal making noises don’t get one.

  • Sarah A says:

    It’s better but Massachusetts has other dog problems simmering away. As a new resident of Massachusetts I’ve found out about a lot of ugly things. There are puppy mills in Massachusetts that the state authorities won’t deal with AND large numbers of puppy mill puppies getting shipped and trucked into the state to sell through pet stores and brokers. One dealer of puppy mill puppies is even a vet! Just about every classified ad in Massachusetts pets sections is outofstate puppy mills selling to Massachusetts residents and shipping them in so the buyer can’t see the horrible puppy mill. Massachusetts has some members of NAIA a propuppy mill and proanimal cruelty lobbying group httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleNationalAnimalInterestAlliance that lobby in Massachusetts through breeders’ groups to help the puppy mills and other abusers and to oppose laws to stop cruelty. There is a Representative Kay Khan in Newton Ma who is in cahoots with a constituent from this procruelty lobbying group. NAIA also has connections to a tobacco lobbyist httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleCenterforConsumerFreedom And Kay Khan is a nurse! Talk about hypocritical. The lobbyist for Ringling Brothers Stacy DeBroff and Momcentral are also in Newton Ma. What’s up with the procruelty in Newton? Ringling has had that same tobacco lobbyist lobby for them too

  • Nick Abell says:

    Woooooow i had no idea people could even do that in the first place! UGH this world is disgusting! Well at least there is PETA!

  • Jennifer says:

    Wowiam truly amased by this small paragraph. Well thats just wrong no dog or any kind of animal should be treated this way how would that person like it if i were to do that to herhim its the same thing as animals to humans its just sad too see and view something like this.My Opinion is STOP AND DONT DO IT Dogs are Harmless Beatiful Animals and we are SURELY NOT going to please someone by doing that to those poor creatures.F Those People and Lets Start Off By Doing something about it.!D