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Let Animals Show Their True Colors

Written by PETA | September 16, 2007

Sometimes photos just speak for themselves, so I’m going to let this one do just that. Okay, just a few words first: Kudos to everyone at PETA Asia Pacific for putting together this demonstration at the Manila Zoo, in the Philippines. It really says it all about zoos in just a few words, don’t you think?


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  • Rocky says:

    I think it was a good idea to demonstrate what PETA thinks but instead of spending valuable assets on things that get attention from the media nd the world around only for a while we should do things that will stick to people and will make them sick literally when they even go close to a fur coat or leather jacket. What I mean is educating the people is key not putting on colorful dispalys that they say awww to and then go back to their ways that does not change anything. With education they can do something and more importantly help others and their children more importantly understand the problem the whole picture not just zoo’s so that everyone can enjoy these things for a long time.

  • J says:

    WHat right does ANYONE have to take an animal out of their habitat and put them into a prison. Zoos may offer a nice place or may not but it doesnt excuse kidnapping them. We dont OWN them. We need to stop fucking poaching and start preserving lands..artifically preserving them in a zoo for OUR amusement and education is not an answer..Just try to preserve and let nature take its course..

  • jinxx says:

    if you people dont get a life and help the zoo then your no better then they are. you go all this fighting but you dont help them.

  • China says:

    zoos usually get animals who are injured or about to die like cutting down a jungle they send animals there to live also only zoos that specializes in zoos actually are helpful amusment park types arent useful.

  • 123 says:

    can u guys give me some info about zoos are not prisons for animals?

  • Anonymous says:


  • Ferretboy says:

    No offence Michelle but Mars doesnt seem to be the only one “spewing out drivel” here

  • Ferretboy says:

    I agree with Mars they make a really good point. Due to human encroachment there might not be that many ‘wild’ places left in years to come so what do we do then huh?

  • Mars says:

    “and stop hunting and fishing.” Hunting and fishing preserves the habitat and those of us that do so have spent billions in that effort. “”Preserving” a species in an artificial inappropriate habitat is not a solution. ” Yet it is the only viable solution at this time for many animals. Again their habitat is gone and is not coming back. Would you let them die instead of allowing them life inside a zoo? “there certainly are “wild” areas in the US and Europe” Yes but that does not mean what “wild” is left is suitable habitat for every animal.

  • Michele says:

    Mars your comments are completely idiotic! Do you actually believe the drivel you spew out on these blogs??? Do some basic geographic research there certainly are “wild” areas in the US and Europe as well as African countries Canada the Antarctic etc. The “wild” would also include bodies of water by the way… “Preserving” a species in an artificial inappropriate habitat is not a solution. Humans have to stop destroying habitats so stop the clearcutting of the rainforest for beef cattle as just one example and stop hunting and fishing.

  • Mars says:

    “Mars you are an ass “in the wild” is referring to areas where there ARE NO HOUSES OR ROADS!!!! DUH!” Now go find that “wild” place in the U.S. or Europe.Your not going to find it or it’s the wrong habitat that those animals cannot survive in. ” But animals shouldn’t be incarcerated in the first place. ” What would you do with them then? Let them die out? Many species now only exist in zoos as their habitat that they need is gone to development.

  • Michele says:

    Mars you are an ass “in the wild” is referring to areas where there ARE NO HOUSES OR ROADS!!!! DUH!

  • Ana says:

    mars You are right. Humans should stop overpopulating and overbuilding!!! Not the animals’ fault that humans are out of control. But animals shouldn’t be incarcerated in the first place.

  • Mars says:

    “Would YOU be happy if you had to spend the rest of your lives chained to a post or confined to say a small 7ft. by 10ft. area” Kinda hard for them to ROAM in the wild with your house in the way and roaming in the street to be run over by your car.

  • Barbara says:

    To “Aire Jesse and all the others who apparently not only do not know how to spell but also have no common sense….Gee…maybe you should be put somewhere so you can’t hurt yourselves say like walking and chewing gum at the same time.When you’re responding to something you see or hearat least read up on it so you don’t sound so incredibly stupid on the subject. Most wild animals ROAM…miles and miles a day…look up the word ‘ROAM’.So it should come as no surprise that zoos DO NOT ALLOW TJHAT ANIMAL TO ROAM!!!!!Get it? So do you think the animals are happy? Would YOU be happy if you had to spend the rest of your lives chained to a post or confined to say a small 7ft. by 10ft. area where all you could do was walk back and forth or worse yet walk in circles all day and have hundreds of thousands of people staring at you making strange noises perhaps even throwing things at you? Please be informed before you “TRY” to say something worthwhile.

  • Ferretboy says:

    Some zoos do do a lot of good and dont abuse their animals. Perth Zoo Australia gives animals a certain number of hiding places per animal. If an animal doesnt want you to see it you wont see it and they always have things to do to make sure their arnt bored and they always have water ect. I think that there should be a sort of ‘survey’ done on all the worlds zoos. If they dont meet a certain standard of animal care they should either be brought up to standard or shut down. Many zoos dont have high standards for how they treat thier animals but some zoos do and these zoos should be praised.

  • Lucas Solowey says:

    thats amazing! great work guys! very colourful to say the least. must have gotten some attention. haha i know the girl in yellow. ashley from canada! keep up the amazing work for animals

  • Katrina says:

    Good job PETA! Zoos should be shut down. It’s an awful prison!

  • Troy says:

    what about the san diego wild animal park? is that alright?

  • Ana says:

    Steve I agree with you. As a little girl when I visited zoos they only managed to make me cry. How sad to be incerated and have human animals come and stare at your every move then there are those humans that throw things at them. Behind bars walking on concrete in a barren environment with little or no stimulation the zoos profit from the other animals’ misery. How many families had to be killed to capture an animal to bring to the zoo? Tragic. Anonymous They would give their lives for all of the creatures in the zoos? You mean they will die for the poor creatures SOLD from ZOOS to canned hunts. Thes poor creatures shot up close in the face by cowardsthese people will step in the way and save their lives from this barbaric activity??? Wow I’m impressed.

  • Lori says:

    Unfortunately I think that a well run zoo is a necessary evil. I cannot believe I am saying that but with the state of the world as it is habitats being destroyed poaching global warming loss of predators prey and food sources one day zoos may be the only place that certain species of animals exist. There is no morally correct answer here. Everything in me screams that it is wrong to imprison any animal and put them on public display. However I will say that a friend of mine developed a life long obsession with tortises after spending many hours watching them at the OKC zoo. She now works on the Galapagos Islands and studies them to preserve their habitat. I just have this fear that if zoos did not exist at all one day the only wildlife we may haved to look at will be on the computer or in the pages of a book. All zoos should be stringently run and many are antiquated and should be shut down. I don’t know maybe I am wrong. I am not sure what the correct answers are but perhaps a necessary evil because humans as a whole just do not care enough to make secure the animal’s natural environments.

  • Christopher H. says:

    I agree with the others who’ve defended zoos. A Zoo in and of itself is not a bad thing at all and can actually be a great thing. It’s the zoos that mistreat neglect or abuse their animals that are the problem. We need to bring attention to zoos that do not treat their animals with compassion and celebrate the ones that do. Peace.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I’m sure there are “positive things” that zoos do. But that does not excuse the rest of the neglect that goes on in zoos. Yes people in zoos care for the animals greatly but that is not enough to keep an animal in the zoo. We are denying these animals everything that is natural and instinctual to them by having them in a poor representation of what their natural habitat would be like. No “set up” can represent the vastness of nature. Great jobs to people who can manage everything going on in their lives jobs friends family school and still have the time to do a demonstration. THEY HAVE GREAT LIVES.

  • Steve says:

    To Aire Jesse and the other zoo defenders For endangered species let’s set up reserves and sanctuaries so that they can lead moreorless normal lives. Wild animals generally need much more space than they get in zoos much more social stimulation with other of their kind they need to be able to hunt for their own food select mates from a population defend territories and migrate. Zoos do none of that. Cages ARE prisons. As for saving species that would otherwise be extinct with such small populations genetic variation is wiped out so adaptation grinds to a halt and diseases flourish. In the long run small populations are doomed. By all means let’s try to keep them alive and happy for as long as we can. But it’s the “happy” part that zoos don’t provide.

  • Ferretboy says:

    I havnt heard anything about the Manila Zoo before is it really that bad?

  • Jesse says:

    Hi I just wanted to tell Peta that maybe zoos should be given a break. I know that animals are sometimes treated badly and not given enough space. I once saw a sea lion swimming in tight cicles in a tiny pool. But I think we should consider some of the positive things zoos do. They breed endangered wildlife to bring up the populations they give injured creatures a place to heal and they educate the public. I think one of the reasons I love animals was getting to see live animals up close. So please consider backing off zoos and put the pressure on hunting. I haven’t seen much at all on hunting and It has got to be worse than zoos. Thank you.

  • Aire says:

    Personally zoo’s are NOT prisons they are a way for protecting animals like conservations. They try to keep animals safe from pochers and over population from US! We are the reason they are put into those zoo’s and conservations and those places are ways for us to actually see that. What we need to do is stop worrying about zoo’s and keeping animals in a place that they can NOT be killed and stop over populating the areas of which they live so they don’t go extinct. Think of how we can help animals instead of crying of the the conditions we put them in. Look more at yourselves and the houses you live and what your land taking is doing before you tell people that zoo’s are bad they really are trying to keep people like us from killing them off by taking over their enviorment. They were here first not us.

  • Steve says:

    Wow! Now THAT is a colorful demonstration! Zoos really are medieval. They don’t teach us anything about animals except how they look and act when sentenced to life in prison without parole well I guess Maggie did get paroled thanks to PETA. Animals belong in nature it’s that simple. If you want to see them do it with respect and a light footprint in nature or watch the Discovery Channel. But just say NO to zoos!

  • VICK FAN says:


  • Anonymous says:

    the zoo has some very rare animals that wouldnt make it in the wild and almost everyone who works there would give thier life for the animals

  • Quwen Quiola Qyiz says:

    Besides the fact that the yellowcolored girl looks 15 it’s a great demonstration.

  • Niranjan says:

    This is most colorful demo i have ever seen in my life! It even came out in few newspapers in India! Hats off to PETA Asia Pacific!