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Las Vegas Implements Spay-and-Neuter Law

Written by PETA | April 2, 2010

Yesterday, Sin City’s angelic new law requiring residents to spay or neuter their animal companions went into effect!


Dog and Cat


Put forth by local animal defenders to help nip the companion animal overpopulation crisis in the bud, the new city ordinance mandates spaying or neutering—and microchipping—of all dogs and cats who are more than 4 months old. Those who violate the new ordinance will face a misdemeanor charge that carries a $225 fine for first-time offenders.

No doubt, the new ordinance means that many Vegas residents will no longer gamble on letting Fluffy have “just one litter,” so there will be fewer puppies and kittens flooding area animal shelters or being dropped off on dusty roads to fend for themselves. And mandatory microchipping means that animal shelter employees and veterinarians will be better able to reunite people and their lost dogs and cats.

Surely I won’t be the only one singing “Viva Las Vegas” today.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Dog lover says:

    It’s not about the money. It’s the principle. My dog is my dog. What I do to it is up to me. The dogs in the shelters are not from me. I don’t care. I bought my dog from a backyard breeder and she’s the most wellbehaved and healthiest dog ever. Without these backyard breeders we would be charged exuberance prices for ‘purebreeds’ we don’t want. I like my mixed breed. But I don’t want to get it from a shelter because those dogs have a history those dogs were abused by bad owners have been raised by others. I want a new puppy that is my own.

  • Gill says:

    This is wonderfull news! I am in the UK and wish it could be brought in over here. I have read most of the posts and can’t agree with the ” if you can’t afford it they should not have pets” in a perfect world yes but we don’t live in a perfect world and many folks on low incomedisbility or mental health problems their pet is all they have that is why we should keep donating to charities who offer vet treatment to those on low income and also educate people that there is a huge range of cheap herbal alternatives to conventional vetenary medicine which don’t overdose your pet with harmfull toxins. Please do check out Vinegarfleasticks propolis natural antibiotic cream for external liquid for internaland devils claw arthritis joint problems etcjust to mention a few. I use them and when my animals do go to the Vet for their yearly Vacs they always comment on what good coats and wonderfull condition!

  • danielle says:

    I disagree with this law. I do not think the state has the right to tell me what to do with my own pet. Next they will tell you how many children you can have and fine you if you go over the amount the state has chosen for you. Then try to fix humans. Some should not have kid but that is beside the point. Where will it stop. That’s why we live in america!

  • Jenn says:

    …or have children…or donate to their local animalpeople charities. Or have affordable decent medical care for themselves. They should just look out for themselves and quit burdening the rest of us? Financial responsibility is a complex emotional topic I don’t think it can be reduced to a black and white issue. I feel that veterinary medical costs have gone up and are spiraling out of control like human health care and that the working poor people left struggling to care for ALL members of their families. Perhaps pet companions are the privilege of the welloff afterall? Is that the message AR people wish to promote? I’ve run into that belief that veganism animal rights environmental issues and such are the domain of the welloff the outoftouch. I disagree. I believe these are all interconnected issues on how humanity views itself in the world and interacts with it. I’m not looking to start a fight but I identify more with the working poor that is my background. My animals are not allowed to breed whether they are altered or not they receive medical care as needed as I do which is to say none of us go to the doctor or the dentist at the drop of the hat. It requires budgeting. To cut back on pet overpopulation I would rather see a helluva lot more reduced cost spayneuter programs mobile clinics…or what about veterinary schools chipping in as part of the surgical teaching rounds? Students get practice under supervision less animals are breeding and making unwanted puppies and kittens. My main interest in this Las Vegas program is that it sounds like a simple and straightforward solution. I have my doubts on that and want to see how it plays out. If someone simply didn’t want to spayneuter their animal I’d love to see that $225 pay for someone who does.

  • Cierra says:

    I don’t buy the “they don’t have enough money for the surgery” argument. Animals are very expensive to take care of. The cost of owning a dog can be estimated at $7003000 per year. This includes food toys and vet expenses. If you do not have the money to afford initial vet visits then perhaps you shouldn’t get a dog.

  • Kelley says:

    I agree with JennI think most people do want to spayneuter but the cost is very high. I resuced an eleven week old kitten in the middle of Februarysnow piles as high as your waist here then. He was huddled in a car engine trying to keep warm when I heard him crying. Not even my car. Just a car parked on the street He gets neutered this Monday at a local resuce group. I only have to pay $40.00. My vet wanted $160.00 for the same surgery. Not everyone knows how to look for low cost clinic days.

  • Jay says:

    Mandatory spay neuter laws already work great in many counties and cities. The breeders lie and claim they don’t but they sure do!! The taxpayer is no longer having to spend vast amounts of money cleaning up after people who just can’t be bothered to spay are running illegal breeding businesses or just won’t use low cost spay neuter services. As long as these people can dump on honest citizens they will without laws.

  • Jay says:

    For those out there who want to implement mandatory spay neuter laws keep in mind that the BREEDERS DOG FIGHTERS AND PUPPY MILLERS will oppose them and will try to manipulate and bully legislators. Why? They don’t want get licensed because they aren’t reporting the income and are cheating on their taxes. If they have to be honest and get licensed as breeders it is not so easy to be tax cheats anymore!! These different dog breeding lobbies all lobby together to try to trick and bully legislators into opposing mandatory spay neuter. One of the breeding lobbies who tries these tricks is AKC. AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations! They don’t want these puppy mills getting charged license fees and they want to help the puppy mills hide out and not pay taxes. This is an example of one AKCrelated lobbying group that will oppose mandatory spay neuter laws httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleNationalAnimalInterestAlliance Dog fighters also directly say this group and breeder lobbying groups similar to it represents their money interests and they lobby with these other breeders. Let your legislators know that all these TAX CHEAT and corrupt breeders are costing the government money and the breeders don’t care if animals suffer and the taxpayer has to spend a lot of money on animal control cleaning up after the mess. The breeders will lie and claim these mandatory spay neuter laws “will end breeding.” Of course they won’t! But laws will mean that breeders have to start being honest and get licensed and pay their taxes as they should have been doing all along!! Dog breeder tax cheating is costing states MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS in unpaid taxes and fees! Government workers get laid off while dog breeders go unregulated and rake in the taxfree money and get rich! And they use that money to lobby legislators to oppose mandatory spay neuter laws to keep the dishonesty and tax cheating going.

  • Jenn says:

    I’m all for not “littering” but I wonder if this will be effective at reducing overpopulation? Are the people in most need of targeting “just lazy” or unable to quickly afford the surgeriesmicrochips? The proposed fine would pay for a spay. It will be interesting to see how this works for Las Vegas.