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Laboratory Victims Get Their Due

Written by PETA | December 23, 2010

In response to our January 2010 lawsuit (and with a court date rapidly approaching), Davis County, Utah, has finally agreed to abide by the law and provide PETA with the intake forms and transfer records for the approximately 100 dogs and cats that it’s animal shelter callously sold to the University of Utah in 2009 to be tormented in experiments. While Davis County ended this shameful practice earlier this year, these records will show that the homeless dogs and cats who are unfortunate enough to end up cut up and killed in the university’s laboratories have names and personalities and are no different than the animals whom many of us consider family and with whom we share our homes. Indeed, some were peoples’ lost and surrendered animal companions.

Under the agreement, Davis County will be reimbursing PETA for 50 percent of PETA’s legal fees—nearly $18,000.

Since our subsequent undercover investigation at the University of Utah, the state legislature amended the law so that government-operated animal shelters are no longer required to sell dogs and cats to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments upon request. Only one shelter in the state—Lindon’s North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS)—continues to profit by betraying homeless animals and selling them to the university.

Please take a moment to urge NUVAS to stop stocking the university’s laboratories with helpless victims.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • lory says:

    sign up with ‘Negotiation Is Over’ – they are a relentless group of grassroots ppl who mean business when it comes to vivisectors. Their aim is to expose University Labs, their administrators and animal-hacker scientists.

  • Maria says:

    It is sickening how some people can become moneythirsty so much so that they do not give a dam about how they earn the money, how much suffering they cause, they do not even stop when it comes to cute innocent little poor animal faces, it makes me cry and my heart is full of hatred towards such creatures who do not spare anything in their way because their hearts are void of any mercy. I feel physically sick thinking of this!

  • le corre-esnault gaëlle says:

    je suis contre toutes formes de maltraitances envers nos amis les animaux

  • cpvon says:

    Good on ya PETA! Utah must be one of the most backwards and messed up states. I saw on eboss that a lawsuit filed against the supervisor of Murry, UT animal control would beat the animals and pulled the head off of a kitten. The suit’s plaintiff is a former employee suing for harrassment, but what the guy (Cory Bowman) does to animals is horrifying. They should fire him!

  • Saucy says:

    It is amazing what a good group of lawyers can do. I look forward to the day (perhaps next year) when it is unlawful to advertise animals as food, period. If you can’t file an action against a gov’t agency, you can the networks. People actually believe commercials that make it look like chickens, for certain unamed companys, are lined up with dazzelingly white feathers, hey strewn at their feet, clucking and plucking and feeling good. Or headless turkeys that run down the isles of grocery stores. The happy cow commercials. And the poor pigs. Forget about it. Not even the warped minds of the perverse meat industry can come up with a LIE big enough to be believable in that sad scenario. FALSE CLAIMS ARE FALSE CLAIMS and one day…………………….