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Kimora’s Fabulous Faux Fur Barbie

Written by PETA | April 25, 2008

Model and designer Kimora Lee Simmons, whose Baby Phat ads and clothes were once disturbingly furry, has had a big change of heart over the time we have known her. Contact Music published an article yesterday about Kimora’s reasons for giving her branded Barbie doll a faux-fur coat accessory. Kimora says wants kids to know that faux fur is both compassionate and stylish, saying of the doll:

“She has a faux-fur chinchilla coat, because I want to show kids that synthetic fur can be fabulous, too. She’s everything a Barbie is supposed to be.”

So, thanks to Kimora for helping to spread the word. In the meantime, I’m trying to come up with some other Barbie dolls that will be equivalently effective as educational tools for kids. So far, I’ve got “Seal Hunt Protest Barbie” (artist’s rendition below), and “Runway Takeover Barbie”. If anyone else has any suggestions, let me know.


TableandHome / CC

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  • avmf8 says:

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  • Carolyn C says:

    Environmental Barbie GO GREEN!!! I think that everyone has freedom of speech and should follow their heart. It is your life so live it but everyone has an opinion on how their heart feels. There is nothing wrong with education and if you truly believe something is wrong and cruel then you should not do it. Depends on the person and their heart. I am an animal lover and my choice is when I know there is cruelty I do not believe that this should be the way it is done. It really hurts my heart. I don’t think that testing on animals is the way to go especially if it works on animals but not on humans. Cruelty is done at the hands of people who just don’t care and their heart is not in the right place. Also take the horses out of NY or just let them go through the parks not in the streets where people don’t even have a chance. Thank you and God Bless A Be true to yourself.

  • Meredith says:

    Realistically and regardless Mattel companies still flock jackets dresses and collector’s items with feathers. I doubt the birds willingly give them up. And though I can not comment as to the sincerity of Ms. Simmons desire for fur free toys at the end of the day she is still in this for the money. I view it through the Amy Grant spectrum. When an artist celebrity or figurehead has reached the end of their 15 minutes they look for anything to extend their time. Children’s toys can dictate style and spiral her clothing lines back up. There is no other reason to partner with Mattel. Iconic as the Barbie may still be the Bratz dolls are the hot item. How parent company MGA entertainment ranks in this system may be more important then how the glitterati has chosen to posture itself.

  • Calinda says:

    All of you who believe “God put animals on this earth for humans to have food” must not be reading much on health issues. As time goes by more and more research being conducted is finding out that human meat consumption is a major contributor to heart disease arthritis premature aging and cancer to name but a few. Again we primates human beings are primates survive predominantly on fruit vegetables and nuts and seeds. One does not find cancer or heart disease amongst wild animals who eat raw natural food that they are meant to eat carnivores eat raw meat we are not carnivores. The only way we get through a meat meal is by cooking it and covering it in some kind of condiment like mayo. Please people stop being brainwashed. Use reason and logic and think for yourselves!

  • NEEL PERSAUD says:


  • Colton Woods says:

    I agree. Eating meat is ok and god did put animals on the earth for food. But at the same time have a life full of quality. Not to but stuck in a cage all day. Whether its true or not Barbie wears real of fake fur it doesn’t matter because thats not the problem. The problem is the puppy mills and other places where animals are cooped up all day with no attention and human care. Yes there are slaughter houses. There is nothing wrong with that because most meat is a good type of protein but when you have massive numbers of them in small confined places within cruel conditions you have a problem. The fur that comes from the animals that were HUMANELY put to rest for their meat should be used for coats and other things because then we are using everything the animal has. No waste involved. Fake furs are great but there is no reason to kill an animal just for its fur. Use its meat for food its bones for tools use everything its got. PETA is on the right track and I fully support them. Animal cruelty is wrong and there is no need for the tourcher of animals just so that some sorry people can make money.

  • Alyssa says:

    “Eating meat is ok. God put animals on this earth so humans could have food.” I agree. Once people find a humane way of killing animals sure I’ll go back to sausage on my pizza. Until then tofu it is.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Cathie I wonder if there is more to the story? Maybe Pam did it in exchange for them putting some veg options on the menu. I think Pam is very committed. As an inyourface activist she’s not afraid to step on a few toes or stick her neck out. Let’s not forget all the good she does for animals.

  • CATHIE YORK says:

    Lets not forget all the resturant openings these celebrities go to that promote cruelty and use nothing but animal products. Pam Anderson recently went to an opening of a Sushi restaurant!! thats not animal friendly. Hold everyone to the same standards.

  • Lynda says:

    Regardless of the soap opera drama Barbie’s rockin’ the faux fur!! Extremely Cool!!

  • Mariya Williamson says:

    Karen maybe you should listen more carefully to your friend who doesn’t eat meat..? Perhaps there’s a message in there for you?

  • Subah says:

    I agree..with that..Simmons is a fraud..I would also like to say half the celebrities that speak on behalf of PETA never really follow the whole anti furmovement or vegetarian diet to help the earth and animals they put their PETA mask on in time for the interview but when seen at glamourous events they wear fur and leather pants. It’s disturbing to know how cruel people can be. I don’t know how people can do this but then again humans are the worst species on the face of this earth. I definitely applaud what you are doing Ms. Newkirk wish there was more that could get through to these people! My heart aches for these poor animals I couldnt ever imagine the amount of pain they go through and then watching how we live in such a materialistic world where all we care about is what we’re going to wear or eat..this is has got to stop..

  • Calinda says:

    The problem with most people is ignorance. Yes there are those who know about the horrors of animal testing and the fur and livestock industries slaughterhouses etc. and yet still go about eating animals and animal products and wearing leather and fur. But I feel that if the media broadcasted the animal abuse videos found on the PETA website most people would change their lifestyles for the better. Instead of watching mindless “reality” tv like “The Bachelor” “Big Brother” etc. I feel people should rather watch REAL “reality” tv like Animal Planet etc. and the media should show what is really going on in the world like animals being skinned and boiled alive for example but of course they won’t. Tough Love. And by the way Karen Buttemer ever heard of evolution? I do not believe God put animals on the earth for our consumption nor for our amusement. Animal products are not the natural food of a human being unless you’d eat dairy fish and meat raw and unprocessed would you? Primates that’s us naturally should eat fruit raw vegetables and nuts. WAKE UP.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Bless you Annalena! What a great statement. Like it’s not bad enough that chinchillas mink seals etc are being bashed to death for their fur now we need to throw in some nasty sexist message too??

  • Karen says:

    While this is totally off topic I’d like to ask Karen who posted that we should be able to eat meat and that animal testing will never stop to do a little research and learn about those things. The meat industry is one of the largest contributors to global warming. The industry is in fact cruel and inhumane to the animals as you state you agree we should not be. And the FDA is not doing what it should to make our meat safe. As for animal testing. There are other more humane and accurate ways to test things. And who wants more animals to suffer just so L’Oreal can add one more shade of lipstick to it’s collection? Do we need yet another shade of lipstick at the expense of thousands of suffering animals? Don’t be fooled into thinking that individuals can’t make a difference in this world.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I’ve seen her show and she seems to be sporting a lot of fur. Has she had a change of heart on fur or only on the fur used on a barbie?

  • Antoinette says:

    So now Ms. Simmon’s is telling kids that faux fur is fabulous but I guess it’s okay for Mom to wear? She should worry about her clothing line being animal friendly!! And to all those commenting about “not being a fan of PETA” why are you on here posting comments????

  • Ana says:

    I agree with Mark and Ashley about Kimora. The fool Kimora wears a lot of fur and so do her daughters of course leather also including reptillian leather. Kimora is a phony and does not care at all about animals. Stop displaying people as animal advocates when they are not. Kimora just loves to make money and wear her many furs and leathers also and have her own daughters wear furs as she does. Kimora is a loser!!!

  • Annalena says:

    I think Peta gives far too much attention to celebrities who pick and choose so they do not compromise their frivolous living.I have a hard time respecting those who objectify women for cash and are completely materialistic. Kimora lives a hypocritical lifestyle. Barbie is by no means a fantastic moral standard. Has Barbie ever been to Canada? I suggest she wears some clothes while protesting unless she wants hypothermia.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Karen said” I dont agree with peta on most things. I dont think you need to be supported. I think you need to be destroyed.” Funny Karen how you want to try to deprive others of freedom of speech and you don’t mind using PETA’s own blog to do it. Just the fact that PETA allows you to do this on their own website indicates they’re a lot more openminded than you. Testing on animals will stop once people are educated enough to realize it’s actually detrimental to humans.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    I had no idea that Kimora wears fur I have only seen one picture of her. But I do know that JayZ P.Diddy and Beyonce were all caught using dog fur from China in their Faux coats. Also Cat’s in China are hung with shoestringsand their skins are also used. I’m terrified of saying “whats next”. People wearing Faux Fur is still sending the wrong message but we have to start somewhere. You can have faux fur tested. Peace for all animals soon!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    After ARA’s made alot of hell for Mattel in 2000 for putting out a “BULLFIGHTING BARBIE” but later promised Shark it had been discontinued they won’t ever let this happen again. Thank you Kimora!

  • Ashley says:

    Perhaps if she gave up fur leather and wool in her clothing line and personal wardrobe this wouldn’t seem so hypocritical. And add a few inches to that protest Barbie’s waist so she’s a li’l more reasonable and you got your first sale

  • Karen Buttemer says:

    I dont agree on your topics. Eating meat is ok. God put animals on this earth so humans could have food. Im not saying that humans should be cruel. We should however be able to eat. Gimmie a break. Next thing is..If any of you animal activists think that testing on animals will stop think again. Not eating meat wont stop the testing. Get on with life and live alittle. I dont agree with peta on most things. I dont think you need to be supported. I think you need to be destroyed. Your the reason my friend doesnt eat meat and use certain products.

  • Sailor Nova says:

    I saw pics online of Barbie Dolls in a New York store window that all wore real fur coats and hats! Yes they were real!! I posted them up on my blog and wrote what I thought and coincidentally what I thought Bill Mahr would say under them. HEY! NEW FROM MATTEL… POLITICALLY INCORRECT BARBIE! AVAILABLE IN MINK FOX CHINCHILLA AND EVEN DOG!! DON’T WORRY YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! YOU PROBABLY WON’T EVEN CARE! CHANCES ARE YOU ARE PROBABLY ALREADY WEARING ROVER RIGHT NOW!

  • Tamara says:

    Kimora is a diva with a heart! You go girl! She’s from St. Louis ya know…we are all very proud of people who came from here…so that’s why I had to mention it…

  • Darla says:

    Wait!!!! Doesn’t Kimora sport REAL fur coats all the time. To me isn’t that a mixed message to kids. Of course you wouldn’t make a real fur coat for the barbie that would cost a ridiculous amount of money. Does anyone actually watch her show?

  • Antoinette says:

    how about an end to horse drawn carriges barbie

  • tracy mansueto, cvt says:

    veterinary technician barbie…a barbie that takes care of animals

  • Mark says:

    Let me first by saying that I am not a fan of PETA but you should not be praising Ms Simmons. Do you research before you play these games with celebrities. If you watch her TV show there is an episode that covers the development of her Fabulous Barbie. The ONLY reason why that Barbie is not wearing real fur is because she couldn’t get them to use real fur. That quote she put out is a crock. The episode is from last season and she made if VERY clear she would real fur on the Barbie if she could have. Also Ms Simmons wears fur all the time… Mixed messeages if you ask me. Just like your buddy Pam Anderson who left her PETA shirt at home when she works who groups who try to cure diseases with animal testing. So PETA if you really love animals than why do you praise celebrities who when they turn their back aren’t helping animals. Simmons Anderson and don’t forget everyone’s least favortite Perez Hilton who because he hate’s fur PETA is willing to ingnore the fact he posts vidoes of his puppy mill dog.