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Kids Speak Out Against Ringling

Written by PETA | August 21, 2009

Kids love animals—so if anyone told them the truth about what goes on behind the scenes, they would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to circuses like Ringling Bros.




Over at, we recently asked kids what they thought about circuses, and the results were too cute not to share!

“I feel sad for those elefants. The circus people should get in bad trouble! We will never go to a circus with animals in it.” Donna Rhoades, age 5, Conway, Missouri

“[I] think people that put elephants n circus acts are so dumb and stupid and one day every thing is gonna come back for what they did grrrr!!!.” Dalila Solorio, age 11, Baja, California

“My mom talked to me about the cruelty that happens to the animals at the circus, when they were in my town. I decided I would rather not go, than know that I was watching them harm the animals!” Sydni Denman-Moyer, age 6, Villa Hills, Kentucky

“Circuses that abuse animals make me SO sad. Elephants don’t belong in a circus; they want to be with their families and live in the place they were born. People who abuse animals should be ashamed and sent somewhere to think about what they’ve done!” Bea Kubasik, age 4, South Portland, Maine

“What the Ringling Bros do to the Elephants it should be done back to them. Ex. poking them with it Bullhook.” Emilie Daniel, age 11, Ontario, Canada

“I think circuses are very bad because animals can die there and they take babies away from their mamas. I never go to circuses.” Francis Ménard, age 7, Québec, Canada

“I don’t think it’s right that they abuse animals like that because the animals are alive and they have feelings. I just wish the circuses would be banned for life. [PETA] thank you so much for trying to help these animals.” Isabel Simon, age 7, San Diego, California

“I think someone should put the circus people in a circus and let the animals go!” Xavier Finch, age 10, Lincoln Park, Michigan

“I think if they’re mean to any animal they should go to jail. No one should go to the circus” Michael Cioffi, age 6, West Haverstraw, New York

“[I] think abusers are losers!!!!” Lupita Mesa, age 12, Stockton, California

If you want to educate your kids about why elephants, tigers, bears, and other animals shouldn’t be forced to perform cruel, unnatural tricks at the circus—but don’t want to show them the disturbing undercover footage—order our Circus Activity Booklet.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Charly says:

    Thank God we have kids like these ones who will grow up and do great things for animals in the future!

  • Michelle says:

    It’s pretty funny that these young kids have more SENSE and DECENCY than the ADULTS over at Ringling. KEEP FIGHTING PETA! p.s. I just saw Cirque Du Soleil for the fourth time and they are AMAZING!

  • Cassandra B says:

    These kids rock! I am going to make sure my daughter knows all about the cruelty too.

  • Catherine says:

    I’m 12and I think that RINGLING SHOULD GO TO JAIL!!!! Or something like that

  • Mac says:

    Lindsey I have little doubt a majority of these comments are seriously not kids saying them. I was quite smart at those ages and still am but I didn’t write NEARLY as eloquently as the supposed 4yearold here. There is HIGH question on that comment as are a few of them. Personally I got the message of this article but have yet to believe a word PETA says given they have shown only an edited film of what is going on. I have questions if the film is authentic or spliced with things from previous true attacks on animals. This is why I do not believe everything I read and hope others do too.

  • Lindsay Meholick says:

    You know what is even more interesting than the kids’ comments being beyond their years? The fact that many people totally missed the point of the article and focused far too heavily on the developmental aspects of children which is probably not an area that they specialize in. For the record however it would not be unusual for a child whose moral development far surpasses that of their peers to have better communication skills as well. I thank PETA for this post. It’s beautiful.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Many kids do love animals. Others torture torment and kill animals for “fun.”

  • Jo says:

    I am glad these children are learning the truth about the “circus” early. I went to the circus only once and have never felt the animals should be used in this manner to “entertain” us.

  • Allie says:

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  • Gina says:

    Aww how sweet of them!

  • emma says:

    Not only is it sad that the animals are getting abused but its even sadder knowing the kids of today are growing up with this attitude towards circuses this should have been stopped a long time ago and i carnt help but think these kids grandkids are going to be seeing and saying the exact same thing. im 29 and i have 2 kids that also know about the cruelty aspect of circuses and i hope that when my kids have children they dont have this as an issue but as long as im alive i carnt see it stopping money speaks volumes which is the saddest thing of all.

  • Edward says:

    The real abuse here is that someone named their kid “Xavier.”

  • Celine says:

    Aww thats pretty cute. These kids are so sweet and it’s a good thing that they’re learning about this sooner they can do more to help when they get older! D It shocked me that the four year old sounded so intelligent though. ..too intelligent. oo” But I especially love that sentence Lupita Mesa said. “Abusers are losers!” Haha.

  • Delanie Parker says:

    I cried when I read this because I felt so much hope in my heart that the children today that will shape our future tomorrow realize the cruelty animals are put through everyday for entertainment testing and food. I hope that they stop all the animal abuse when they are older ’til then we can only try without them on our side

  • Mac says:

    I just wonder how many of these little shout outs are REALLY kids. Too many of them are way too intelligent for the ages that are listed. Don’t believe everything you read on these Web sites fellows including your own.

  • Edward says:

    I find it interesting that Bea a 4yearold even knows what the word “ashamed” means. Impressive. Either way Cirque du Soleil beats Ringling anyday.

  • Beatriz says:

    That kids are really sweet and smart. Our world would be a better place if everybody thought as that kids