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Some KFC Protests Are Bigger Than Others

Written by PETA | April 11, 2008

This was a big one. The photos were taken after the peta2 Take Action Conference in Toronto last week. More on that on peta2’s blog (fair warning: my peta2 colleagues tend to use a lot of hip, slangy, young-people lingo, so try not to let it get you down), and there are plenty more pics on this Flickr photostream. Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that’s a lot of people protesting that one little Toronto KFC. I bet they were pretty surprised. Nice work, peta2. You guys are, like, totally rad.



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  • cherry huggett says:

    Now THAT is more like it! An actual protest right in the face of KFC and its greedy thoughtless consumers. There should be more of this outside all major meat takeaway shops including MacDonalds, Burger King etc. Why isn’t there? is it illegal? Demos seem to have gone out of fashion. There seemed to be more demos when there was less internet.
    I live in Australia and would love to get a big group to hold demos and hand out leaflets.
    Good on all of you people!

  • Tajinder says:

    Thats Awesome ! Tajinder Singh KFC Campaign Coordinator PeTA India

  • Raquel says:

    Hooray!!!! Go Peta!!!! Save the chickens!!!! Throw tomatoes at Colonel Sanders face!!!!

  • Deana says:

    I have not eaten KFC since I was way young after hearing a storie about mad science things they did to chicken not sure if that was a true storie but at the time I thought so. Then I began hearing about the treatment of these chickens. I’ve never been back to that place. And I tell everyone how they do treat the animals. “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Violet H says:

    Omg!! you guys are sooo awesome!!! U rockk!! I’m going to try to protest a KFC this month hopefully I’ll get as much people as you guys 2 go! I thank all of you for caring and saving lives of animals!! 3

  • lynda downie says:

    That is impressive. It makes me proud to say “I am Canadian!”

  • Kurt K says:

    I really don’t think KFC is going away either! There are too many people who love to eat chickens. I would be one of them!

  • Candy says:

    I live in Hawaii and would like to meet other PETA people in the islands. Let’s get together for the animals! Mahalo.

  • colene says:

    Job well done…if people aren’t outraged they are not paying attention.

  • Laura says:

    I’m somewhere in those pictures! It was an awesome protest and a great conference too.

  • Amber Falobas says:


  • nick says:

    great well done guys! it is great to see it done like this you go!!!! hello from south africa! nick

  • ryne says:

    Give it up KFC. PETA isn’t going away

  • Curtis says:

    AWESOME! Hope there was a lot of traffic to see this.

  • ken says:

    That is very touch! Well done guys! Keep up the good work fight KFCruelty!!!

  • Megan says:

    I’ve been dieing to protest! But I don’t know any fellow vegitarians that would join me. I live in the Portland area. If you know of any or need some help with one please let me know! Thanks!

  • Gargantua says:

    Thumbs up for these unique photos! They show again that Peta is a strong winner! i would like so much to be there but my heart is flying to all of these upright heroes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liz says:

    now that’s what I call a reeeaally impressive demo turnout !..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Now that kind of solidarity is impressive and increases the chances of media coverage. Way to go Toronto! See Canadians are very compassionate and soon we’ll be getting rid of the seal hunt once and for all.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    What an amazing group of wonderful people. I love and respect all of you. Peace brothers and sisters!

  • Pamela Oates says:

    way to go peta2…i agree…totally rad!

  • Aymehh says:

    Oh My Gosh I’m Totally Glad That People Are Protesting Against These Sorts Of Things. I Would But How Many Companies Etcc Listen To One Protester. But Thankyou To All The Big Protester Groups Not Just For PETA But All The Protection For Animals etc Groups. Because They Cant Ignore You For Much Longer. People Are Beginning To Take Action xoo

  • lucas solowey says:

    I was there! was such an awesome conference and protest!! great job everyone!! my mission for next year is to get my university to join the growing list of schools to become a “KFCFree Zone”!