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KFC Exec David Novak Gets an Earful

Written by PETA | April 23, 2007

Thanks to a few compassionate Kentucky residents, including the insuppressible Lindsay Rajt, who works on our KFC Campaign out of Louisville, David Novak, the CEO of KFC’s parent company, got more than he bargained for out of an evening at a local restaurant on Friday night. Lindsay and company were in the midst of a well-attended KFC protest that was drawing a lot of attention in downtown Louisville when a passerby shouted out that Novak was eating at Seviche restaurant just down the street. Lindsay and a fellow activist got into their vehicle (which, by a stroke of good fortune, happened to be a large black truck with a video screen set to play images of chickens suffering live scalding, debeaking, and other abuses) and circled the restaurant until the entire wait-staff came out to gawk. Despite a slightly unpleasant incident in which the chef thought a good way of handling the situation would be to spit in people’s faces, the protest was a big success. At the very least, it probably put David Novak off his dinner.

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  • Andrew Jones says:

    READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP!!! Guys seriously I have been hearing far too many bad stories about KFC lately and I really think it is something that we need to keep in mind. I also know that this is not made up as one of these people is a very close friend? Sorry that you did. I also had an incident with KFC at Overport. I was there with PJ and some of his friends and one of the boys got the incorrect change and the staff were disgusting the way that they treated this young man. I then as the adult stepped in and proved to them that he wasn’t lying because the change was the only money in his wallet and I showed them they had short changed him. However during all of this the staff member that I was dealing with was so insolent that I demanded to speak to the manager and she would not call him so I took it upon myself to go around to the back to look for him. When I walked through the kitchen to try and find the manager this is what I observed One staff member was packing away uncooked food and dropped the food on the floor and nonchalantly picked it up and carried on packing it away in the fridge. She would not take it out of fridge and throw it away when I asked her to. There were open rubbish bins near the tables where the food is prepared where the food was uncovered in the rubbish bins and had spilt over onto the floor where cockroaches were having a feast and the flies were buzzing around happily. The floor of the kitchen was littered with old food that was being trampled by the staff. Not one single staff member who was involved with preparing the food had any type of cap on their head to prevent hair dropping into the food. Only two staff members were wearing gloves. None of the staff involved with food preparation had aprons on…….. IT WAS DISGUSTING I think you should pass on these stories to all our friends and make sure that they understand what they are eating when they go to a KFC outlet. hi Morgan I too had a run in with KFC.This time it was the outlet in Merebank near Natraj Centre and we ordered the full meal with mash gravy. We got our order and went home to eat halfway through the meal we remembered that we had forgotten to dish the mash and gravy.Only then we discovered that the mash and gravy was infested with worms I was furious so I returned to the store where I had bought the meal.The manager begged me not to make a scene and even offered to refund me and give me a KFC bucket of chicken.She stated that the mash and gravy was kept in the fridge at night and warmed during the day.I did not want to cause too much of a scene as she was very apologetic about the matter so I left cash in hand and vowed never to buy from that store again. Dean Hi Anyone of you could be a victim of this and you not aware you have eaten worms . Please be careful… let your friend know.. THE INCIDENT On Saturday 270107 about 1800 I bought KFC at Commercial Rd in Durban and when I was eating my last two pieces from an eight chicken pieces from KFC I discovered that the meat have worms inside. I phoned KFC customer service on Sunday morning and on four occasions the agents were dropping the call on me. I then drive all the way from Umlazi to Durban Commercial Rd KFC to submit my complaint the manager staff customers in the store they all witnessed the worms in the meat. It took the manage 30 minutes to come back to me and she advised me someone from Customer service will contact me with feedback. I left the store and waited the whole day with no response from KFC. I then called again late that day and was advised to take the meat back to the store and had to travel again and waste my airtime to phone them. Who is going to cover all these costs? I took it back and again was advised I will be contacted by customer service and up until now I’m still waiting to hear from them. I’m so disgusted with KFC and I urge everyone to take careful look at the meat you buy from KFC because you could be eating worms and no one will care. Mrs. P.K. Singh Let us all spead it to the world in South Africa the KFC RESTAURANTS! are run like pig styes the regional manager of South Africa should be hung up by the balls and forced to eat the shit.Hope Novak getsw off his arse and do somthing about it !!!! I am sending this to opera because when she hears about somthing it gets sorted out quick because when she tells America to jump America say ” HOW HIGH ”

  • apparentlyahernia says:

    so awsome do this again ! yay. How could this be an act of hate? Inform the restaurant owners they should not ever serve this bastard.

  • Brandon Harris says:

    I am glad that Lindsay and company protested against Novak. Novak does not eat at his own restaurants. He eats at fine establishments like Vincenzo’s while his employees have to work two jobs to make ends meet. Not only is Novak cruel to animals he also exploits poor people by paying low wages to his employees.

  • Mrexplainall411atKY says:

    As they said from movie raising Arizona and so many more have before I simply say THAT was beautiful !

  • Michelle says:

    Way to go Lindsay!!! You know what sucks though? I live here in Louisville and I don’t recall this being reported on any of the news stations or in the paper…next time we have a KFC protest in L’ville I WANT TO GO!!!!

  • Caroline says:

    Looks like David won’t be to Seviche for a long time. Obviously he that primitive chef and the other jerks couldn’t digest the protest. Good job Peta! Lindsay and team hit them right at the spot!

  • Canaduck says:

    Nice! I’m not surprised Novak doesn’t eat at his own restaurants. Unlike his unfortunate customers he knows what goes into a KFC meal.

  • kris shulfer says:

    how cool is that!! the truck should be used oh lets see for the seal slaughter watching how they are clubbed to death the animals in china who get skined alive and are used for there fur the chinchillas who are electricuted and if that does not work they skin them alove as well or just break there necks!! or the labs that still do animal testing seeing such inhumane disgusting treatment on video footage on a moving vehicle i would be proud to drive it and represent PETA 100 to pay it forward!!

  • Chris says:

    I love that lady and I love that truck. However I do not love that man.

  • K says:

    Haha awesome. Way to go!

  • Doug says:

    Two words THE BEST!

  • Larry Fulkerson says:

    Why not identify the manufacturers by name product names distributors retailers and allow the ‘buying’ public to put them down THE COURTS WON’T AND THE ‘SYSTEM’ CAN’T BUT we Americans of choice can put these greedy life theives out of business!!!!!!! Start a BLOG and “post ’em” so WE CAN “roast ’em”!!!!!!!

  • kelly says:

    Interesting. Novak doesn’t eat at HIS OWN CRAPPY RESTAURANTS!