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Kentucky Fried Cruelty HQ

Written by PETA | November 19, 2007

Earlier this year, we took our KFC Campaign up a notch by sending our fearless Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaigner, Lindsay Rajt, deep into the heart of darkness—Louisville, Kentucky, itself—to help make sure that employees at KFC’s headquarters had a constant, chilling reminder of the fact that we are not going to go away until they stop the worst abuses of the hundreds of millions of animals they kill every year for their restaurants.

(A couple of things I should note about that previous paragraph before I go on: 1) Lindsay has informed me that despite having one or two irredeemably evil residents, Louisville is in fact a very cool, vibrant, and progressive town. Not a heart of darkness. And 2) Lindsay has also registered an objection to being described as “chilling.” She is in fact a very lovely person in her free time, and only fills people’s hearts with fear in a strictly professional sense.)

Anyway, the point is that this weekend marked the grand opening of our “Kentucky Fried Cruelty” Campaign Headquarters directly across the street from a Louisville KFC. Here are some pictures:


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  • June says:

    So its only considered productive when people are saving cats and dogs? Because cows pigs fish and chickens don’t matter and could never possibly understand emotion? Well I like to think that we all don’t think that way and I think all living creatures matter no matter what their species is.

  • scarlett says:

    I think these people PETA should apply their energy to a real cause. How about the poor animals that are being abandoned by people who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Why don’t they raise money for animal shelters and medical care for these poor animals that are found half dead from starvation. These chickens were raised to be eaten just like the cow or pig which Americans have been doing for 100s of years. Leaving domestic animals tied up and abandoned to starve is a crisis. So PETA stand up and do something productive with your time.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Ariel I can help u………….

  • Peta Lover[not real name] says:

    KFC are killing so many animals! I’am a vegan and proud! Boo KFC!

  • Holly says:

    Grant it is true that some people devote their lives time and money to enlighten people to the plight of innocent animals who suffer everyday at the hands of humans who want to eat them wear their skin furand drink their milk. Those People understand that animals feel pain just as we do love their babies and some live in family units and care for one an other. It is true that human population has grown so much that we are taking over the landchopping down the treesand polluting the water which makes it harder and harder for the animals and we humans. As humans who understand this and work to protect these innocent animals in the work they do also protects the land and the very air you breath. When we protect the animals we also protect humans and the world we live in. Grant I think you should stay on these sites and learn.

  • Ariel says:

    Grant Hibbing If there is any need for population control undeniably it should be for noncompassionateunconscienable subhumans like you who have NOTHING absolutely NOTHING worthy to contribute to society but instead express your ignorance stupidity and sicko lust for killing. Your comments tell us that you are a very hatefilled “person” who is a disgrace to the human species! Now please find something positive and constructive with your subhuman life like get an education and a reality check and get back on your meds quickly!

  • Ana says:

    Grant You are pathetic. Put yourself in your trap because there are too many stupid cruel people like you in the world. LOSER!!!

  • mandie says:

    OMG! i love PETA and what they stand for! I wanna go vegan but my parents wont let me! Help? BTW AWESOME JOB GUYS!

  • Alex says:

    Mmmh Yes I Agree With Marylin. Grant You twat. Why come on to PETA an animal rights group and then complain about the fact that they give a crap? Just because you are too busy not caring about anything or anyone dosn’t mean we all have. You murder in your spare time and your telling us to find something better to do! Well your a shithead. Move along Mr I’m too consumed in my own little world to care about all the abuse and suffering that is happening everyday no one wants you here.

  • Michele says:

    Grant haven’t you ever heard of VOLUNTEER work? This is what people do when they are not working. They CHOOSE to devote time to help those without a voice in this case it is animals. The people who WORK at PETA do so because they are selfless compassionate people that IS their job you a! If humans were not so fing cruel we would not need to work so hard to help the animals. And if you think the PETA folks are profiting from their work just check out their financial statement and annual report. You are right about one thing KFC is trying to make money. They don’t give a shit about the animals they harm and they don’t give a shit about the employees who work in their disgusting stores for minimum wage. But happily for the animals many KFC stores have shut down because of the efforts of PETA and other animal rights individuals and groups. I am VERY proud to say that a KFC in my area shut down just months after I did a demonstration there last year all of us protesters handed out almost 500 leaflets in just a couple of hours. It was GREAT! Most people who went by did not even take the leaflets because they were already disgusted by KFC. So for Grant and all of the people just like you get the f off of this site. You are disgusting cruel people.

  • Moonharvester says:

    Haha KFC and all the people that eat there can fuckthemsleves! GO PETA!

  • Misono says:

    Yay! cheers KFC is gonna BUUUUUUUURN! I also think it’s funny how people come onto PETA websites…to BASH. Have they NO lives..?

  • Marilyn says:

    Grant get the hell out of this site you don’t belong here. You obviously don’t have a heart nor compassion. Why don’t you spend one day with your family and if you have kids at a slaughter house and let them watch to see where their bucket of chicken comes from and moreover where their happy meals come from. Take them to a slaughter house just for one day and tell your kids or family where your happy “bologna” comes from….and then after that if you don’t feel anything then you’re just not freaking human… have a nice sorry life buddy

  • Pamela L. says:

    Hello! I am looking for activists in my geographical area to do a KFC demo with. I live in the Boston MA area south of the city called the “south shore”. I am also an hour away from CapeCod. I live in NorwellMA and their is a KFC in my town. Surrounding towns to Norwell are Hanover PembrokeScituateWeymouth MarshfieldBraintree Quincy HansonKingston and Plymouth I have plenty of materials sent to me from PETA the more people the better! If interested please Email me.

  • Grant Hibbing says:

    To PETA Don’t you have anything else to do with your time than find people that are treating animals “unethically”? I mean my god i don’t understand where the time comes from for you to do this bullshit. Do you people have jobs? I mean is this what you do all fucking day? do you just wake up one day and say ” hey i think i’m going to harass Burger King today because i feel like it. Please just find something better to do. I trap and its good for the environment because if we didn’t control the population we would be overrun! GO TO HELL!!! KFC is just trying to make money just like oil companies maybe you should bother them because they treat lower class people like shit for taking money.

  • Ericka says:

    i’m from philippines and i’m really intrested to know more about PETA..likewise i have the same passion for animals and i’d loved to be a part of PETA

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Beautiful wonderful fearless and most of all compassionate. We will not stop until KFC finally get’s the message through their thick and cruel minds. They are human monsters.

  • Stephanie says:

    I HATE KFC!!! GO PETA!!!

  • No one says:

    Bite me and get over it you stupid liberals.

  • Carla says:

    Fantastic!!! That restaurant I’m sure will end up going under!! We have a few of those KFCruelty restaurants over here and the only time they’re busy is on Tonnie Tuesday thats when you can get 2 pieces of chicken fries and slaw for 2bucks! It’s only a matter of time KFC!! And all they were asking is to make a change that would be a simple one for a chain as large as yours. Now you’ve created this in a sence not like you never had fair warning!

  • Alannah Sivyer says:

    Why is it that Peta always has to use half naked women to get attention!

  • heather says:

    you guys rock!!!! thanks for all you do for animals especially these poor sweet intelligent birds