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Karma Catches Up With Donna Karan

Written by PETA | December 14, 2010

Yoga devotee Donna Karan is going to have to spend a lot of time meditating with her eyes closed if she hopes to miss the hundreds of posters plastered all over Manhattan that point out the designer’s less-than-enlightened use of rabbit fur in her fashions.


Those same posters recently put in an appearance outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where Karan was cohosting the “Change Begins Within” benefit.

That’s right, Donna. Change begins within—and charity begins at home. It seems like it would be a good idea to put your own (fashion) house in order if you want to try to show others the path to spiritual healing.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Saucy says:

    The opposite of creativity is the killing of others. And the killing of others for personal gain, vain gloriousness and “desires of the flesh”, is off the $UCKING CHARTS. Make no mistake, these people are dangerous and callous as all HELL. Outside the Metropolitan….GASP! HOW $UKING PATHETIC is that. People and the MET. should know better than that. DONNA KAREN YOU SUCK AND I WOULDN’T CRAP IN A PAIR OF YOUR JEANS.

  • nancy says:

    Obviously, money cannot buy a person a soul based on this woman.

  • Mediattack says:

    Ms. Hypocrite you got some serious carnivore wrinkles woman

  • sdg45 says:

    I agree if she wants to wear fur…then watch how the furs are obtained. Watch as an innocent animal is slaughtered so you can wear the fur. Digusting. Really? In this day and age…how can people be so cruel? It is so sad. Sometimes I am ashamed to be part of the human race. Change your thinking “within” Ms. Hypocrite.

  • Janaki says:

    One cannot actually meditate without following a moral path that includes ahimsa (non-injury). She can sit in a pretty pose with her hands together all she wants — it is not yoga and it is not meditation. It is merely an intellectual extravanga for her own ego-benefit.

  • Adele says:

    Love the posters! I will be looking out for them near the Met…

  • Barbara Pietrowiak says:

    Greedy, cruel, mongrel, cave woman, nit wit. She is so full of herself. What an air head. It may take some doing to blast her out of her denial. One of the most just things I can think of is to strap her narrow a** in a seat and make her watch animals being tortured and murdered for fur. Let her listen to them cry out, writhing in pain while still alive. You want fur, you got it. Now eat this! Let the videos begin.

  • Ryan says:

    Here is a quote I created regarding karma. I hope you enjoy it. “Karma may be a bitch, but it is a just bitch.” Created by me Ryan Greene. My quote means: If you do good and kind things for others karma will reward you. If you do bad and cruel things to others karma will punish you.

  • sabita patwardhan says:

    Totally disgusting, greedy person. This is not at all about her ‘not knowing’ about how animals are treated, she knows very well. These are people who call themselves winners for doing as they say ‘whatever it takes’ to get them all they want. Hope she gets punished for this.

  • Gala says:

    Man that’s a lot of poster plastering! Ha ha ha! Hopefully she will get the message soon, yes?