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Just 8 Grey Seals Killed in Early Canada Hunt

Written by PETA | March 21, 2012

Here’s some good (but still sad!) news from one front in the fight to stop the annual Canadian seal massacre: Only eight grey seals were killed in Nova Scotia this year. That’s down from nearly 1,500 in 2008, which (if my calculator skills don’t fail me) means that this year’s killings were just over half of 1 percent of the number of animals who died there just four years ago.

(c) Sea Shepard Conservation Society

Of course, grey seals aren’t the only ones bludgeoned in the yearly massacre—the larger commercial harp-seal slaughter is expected to start soon. And even though the market is dead now that Russia—which had imported 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—has joined the U.S. and the E.U. in banning seal fur, Canada’s Fisheries Department has set the annual harp seal quota at 400,000 (the same as last year), amid reports that the government is considering buying and stockpiling pelts in the hope of breaking into new markets.

So this is no time to rest. PETA’s international year-round vigorous campaigning will continue—we’re keeping busy in a major market that Canada’s still trying to lure: China. Although you may not be able to read Chinese, you can see from the photo of this popular Chinese TV star, Gao Yuanyuan, in PETA’s seal shirt that we are going all out globally to stop this bloody trade. Please take action now to ensure that the slaughter ends.

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  • SDS says:

    8 is too many! DOWN WITH ANIMAL ABUSE! GO VEGAN!

  • Cristina says:

    PLEASE stop this horrific killing.. Dear GOD!!! PLEASE.

  • Lorraine says:

    Greenpeace first started the movement to stop the seal hunt in the 70’s yet in 2012 this issue is still alive and being debated – why? Many Canadian leaders (not just Harper) have closed their ears and eyes to what the majority of Canadians want – an end to this dispicable, unnecessary slaughter. As a Canadian (and a born East Coaster) I am ashamed of my country and the elected leadership. Will I see change in my lifetime? Still hopeful.

  • anne jourdan says:

    please stop these cruelty because we can make artificial pelts ! thank you

  • Rainy says:

    Don’t hate on Canada! Hate on Harper!

  • Treena Livesley says:

    Please please stop this barbaric butchery. 1 death is too many.

  • lisa says:

    The world say 8 too many, 8 lives bludgeoned to death they have put the killing quota up to 400,000 no thought or consideration that the seals are having a hard enough time as is it due to the lack of ice flow and that most baby seals born drown because they dont have the ice to cling onto, no they just want to go out and kill them all where adventually there will be none left. What a world we have become.

  • Julie Watson says:

    Cmon Canada get a grip!!!!!

  • Bobbie says:

    Canada, for shame for shame.

  • Libertus Wohlleben says:

    It is such a shame for Canada. This is one of the darkest chapters of humanity. The Canadian government has completely failed to represent their people. They all deserve to be clubbed themselves.

  • sharron jones says:

    yep eight still too many!! but thank god that some notice is obviously been taking barbaric way to kill a very very innocent animal

  • Jeanie says:

    8 grey seals is 8 too many. This archaic slaughter belongs in the past, it is an abomination and Canada’s shame. The harp seals are facing a dangerous time with the ice flows melting without the barbaric slaughter of these beautiful animals as well. Canada, the world is telling you that these pelts are not wanted, the world has moved on and it’s time for you to join in and end this barbaric, bloody business and leave it in the past.

  • cvmach1 says:


  • Paulina says:


  • Vionnette E. Negron says:

    This is soo wrong ;(

  • jeanette nilsson says:

    This is great news!!! This has been an issue all the way back to the 70´s & 80´s!!! One wonders why 8 was killed?

  • Sofia says:

    Sign this please

  • Shar1945 says:

    I appreciate all that the Peta members have done to protect helpless animals from the horrors certain members of our society would inflict on them. Blessing to all of you and all the animals your work so hard for!

  • Nicole says:

    This is great!!! Thank you everyone for your hard work, the baby seals and all those supporters sure appreciate it!

  • Madhawa says:

    Please stop this brutal act.

  • Letizia vittoria says:

    Dovrebbero solo vergognarsi, farei a loro quello che fanno a quelle bestiole indifese ed innocenti. Mi domando con che coraggio si può uccidere questi animaletti cosi dolci dallo sguardop che penetra il tuo cuore. Uniamoci, l’unione fà la forza.

  • Laurie Olzinski says:

    Let’s get the number killed down to ZERO! Please stop the killing.

  • Brenda Armour says:

    Our Canadian Government yesterday announced the Total Allowable Catch of 400,000 seal. Please take action now !