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John McCain Goes Maverick on Animal Experiments

Written by PETA | August 4, 2010

A report issued this week by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., blasts 100 “questionable,” “mismanaged,” and “poorly planned” stimulus-funded projects, including an especially cruel and wasteful experiment that the report aptly calls “Monkeys Getting High for Science.” (No, it isn’t another Onion story, unfortunately.) The study in question is being conducted at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, which nabbed $71,623 in stimulus funds (i.e., tax dollars) to feed cocaine to monkeys.

“I think all of [the projects] are waste,” McCain told ABC News. “[S]ome are more egregious than others but all of them are terrible.”

Hooking monkeys on coke definitely falls into the “more egregious” category. Unfortunately, the idiotic study is just a drop in the proverbial crack pipe. Other mind-bogglingly absurd addiction studies on animals include the following:

  • National Institutes of Health–funded experimenter Michael Weed trained monkeys in a basic motor task, infected them with simian immunodeficiency virus, and then checked how they performed the task—while on cocaine. So now we know … what? That you shouldn’t hire monkeys with STDs who are high on drugs to mow your lawn?
  • Yale professor Marina Picciotto wasted taxpayer money to feed monkeys Kool-Aid laced with huge amounts of liquid nicotine (the equivalent of 17 packs of cigarettes a day in one case!) and addicted rats and mice to cocaine, morphine, and alcohol before decapitating them. Anyone with a head on their shoulders would realize that this is cruel—and pointless.
  • Oregon National Primate Research Center experimenter Eliot Spindel impregnates monkeys and injects them with dangerous levels of nicotine. He then kills and dissects their preterm babies after cutting them out of their mothers. Yeah, pregnant women shouldn’t smoke—we know that already.
  • Another frequent rider of the NIH gravy train, Stephen Suomi, separates baby monkeys from their mothers and gives them access to alcohol to see how stress and maternal deprivation affect their desire to drown their sorrows. Just reading about this makes me want to head to the nearest bar.

Please help prevent more money from being flushed down the laboratory drain by asking the National Institutes of Health to stop funding addiction experiments on animals.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Kendal Hemphill says:

    Terri Swarny The bible condemns animal cruelty? What about the millions of animals God demanded be sacrificed to Him? Of course Jesus ate meat since He was a Jew and Jews were required to eat lamb at Passover every year. Plus He fed fish to thousands of people at least twice. In Genesis 6 God told man the animals were now food and that has never been rescinded. They’re still food. God said so. When Peter was at Joppa God showed him a bunch of animals in a dream and told him “Arise Peter kill and eat.” There’s nothing wrong with eating animals. I wonder where some of these strange ideas come from.

  • oceanworrior says:

    i give john mccain credit for making a right choice but that doesn’t mean he should have been president.

  • Terri Swarny says:

    The bible clearly forbids animal crueltyeg Balaam and the talking Donkeywhile making clear all animals go to heaveneg Romans 8Colossians 1 Having been a POW subjected to torture himself I’m not surprised McCain truly understands what this means.

  • Ruth says:

    Hey Obama How about some hope and change for the animals suffering in laboratory experiments??! Ruth Prizak

  • Laurie says:

    McCain isn’t doing this for the animals. He is doing it to show wasteful spending. He could care less what happens to monkeys. I agree that it shouldn’t be done I am an advocate for all animal rights but you have to see why he is doing this. If he really cared about animals he wouldn’t eat wear or otherwise use them in any manner. which he does This is an election year and they try to get the votes where they can and that’s what all of has to learn about politics. They are not looking out for us. They are looking out for themselves.

  • Jessica says:

    Good for McCain. He also has lots of rescued animals while first chance he got Obama had his friend Kennedy go to a breeder to get him a pure bred dog.

  • s sureck says:

    Vivisection and animal experimentation must be outlawed. It is animal cruelty and abuse. Lord have mercy on these innocent souls who cannot protect themselves. This must be OUTLAWED.

  • michele orges says:

    i have to agree with Merryl animal abuse is a no brainer. as George Bernard Shaw said “Man’s inhumanity to man is surpassed only by his cruelty to animals.” yes he was a vegetarian.

  • kelly says:

    Dahliawe need to worry about humans first? Really? This attitude pretty much sums up the problem with the world and why horrific animal abuse runs rampant. Your speceism is disgusting and certainly hope you are not a member of peta.

  • Merryl Goldman says:

    Good for McCain. Even if it is just for saving money he is still saving animals lives and welfare. Now if he can only convince his former running mate to be kind to animals!

  • Dahlia says:

    Oh sorry Obama is worrying about human beings instead of animals. Im all for animals rights and what not but we need to worry about human needs first. Im a vegitarian and I purchase all my ‘animal byproducts’ from a free range farm so its not really cruel. thats a better step to animal rights than hating on Obama. Its not specifically him that said “Hey lets give monkeys cocaine. It’ll be funny.”

  • Rebekah says:

    These are all ridiculous but I have to say the one that studies whether or not a baby monkey will use alcohol to numb its loneliness is absolutely out of this world. I can’t believe that kind of pseudo science nonsense is happening in 2010.

  • Curtis Taylor says:

    Thank you John McCain for exposing this cruel and wasteful part of the stimulus!

  • ratking says:

    animal experiments are cruel criminal and futile we got the proof with aaaall these dangerous medicaments which are withdrawn every year from the market and why? because they have been tested on animals which react differently to every kind of medicine because every species has different reactions from another one but these stupid bigheads still don’t get it or is this some dark age wish for an obligatory victim they can’t get rid of???? something has to die in order to protect humans or so? this is prehistoric philosophical nonsense!!! and abusing animals with toxical substances is criminal because we know already that these things are dangerous for humans but they repeat these crimes again and again just to get money for it! i ask myself what i should answer to my children when they ask me about it? that the states’ laws are protecting crime? do the governments really think that today’s youth respects the law of such states? so we have not to ask ourselves from which background and doctrines all this criminality in daily life is rising! all these animal torturers are creating hell on earth but there is one only justice in this dirty little world one day the bell also tolls for them! there is no privilege no abonnement for eternal life on earth neither for the rich and mighty nor for the poor in mind and soul i enjoy this thought really!!! we don’t know what’s coming after but i can tell you this when i’m looking up to the stars in the nightsky i know that this was not all but there is something more and i’m sure that all these speciesists and destroyers of this wonderful planet and their creatures shall have a very bad surprise!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Yet another reason I wish John McCain won the presidency instead of the person who now sits in the Oval Office. November 2012 cannot come soon enough for me.