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J-Lo Booed to Tears at Film Screening

Written by PETA | February 20, 2007

Jennifer Lopez just had a screening of her new film, Bordertown, at the Berlin Film Festival, but she started crying when the crowd responded with loud boos. If Lopez wasn’t such a total fur hag, I just might feel sorry for her. But I really can’t believe just how warped her mind is—she cries because a few people boo her latest hideous movie, but she’s totally unfazed by what she saw in this movie. J-Lo: Crushed by boos…

J Lo crying.jpg

And happily wearing the skins of tortured animals.

jennifer lopez.jpg

What I don’t understand is why the wannabe diva got so upset this time. She should certainly be used to bad reviews by now, and until she drops the fur, she may as well get used to her events not quite turning out the way she wants . . .

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  • geralda sonia de lima martinho says:

    isso é um massacre vamos parar com isso nos ajudem as autoridades competentes

  • Vanessa Silva Cruz says:

    Os artistas deveriam levantar a causa de abuso aos animais. E nós vemos que é ao contrario, exploram ainda mais esse comercio ilegal.

  • MIMIK says:


  • emily says:

    this is for sue 22307 i just thought i would say this im pretty sure humans do best on a vegetarian plant based diet because itlowered cholesterol chance of obesity and heart disease and cancer. things like that since humans are omnivorous and eat plants naturally unlike lions who are naturally carnivorous. and i guess i find it strange that you have a problem with the fur industry but not the meat industry since they are both cruel and have only the consumer in mind not the animal.

  • stacey says:


  • Naima says:

    Jennifer Lopez is an ugly disgusting person who does not deserve any of the good fortune that has made her successful as it clearly wasn’t talent! STOP WEARING FUR AND SUPPORTING THE SUFFERING AND MURDER OF INNOCENT ANIMALS! there is so much violence in the world it is unacceptable that someone who is revered as an icon by young children promotes this kind of activity.

  • *Me* says:

    Posted by kelly February 20 2007 0313 PM “Some people are against the wearing of fur others are for it. You demand that others accept your view I ask that you try to understand theirs. In any conflict all parties involved think that they are unquestionably RIGHT. Very rarely is any one worldview infallibly correct. Accept this message and others may accept yours.” Kelly it’s always in good manners to hear the other side but in some cases there is no debate. It’s like an accused peodphile hurting innocent children we should all hear his side of the story which is I knew what I was doing is wrong but I did it anyway. Animals who are not immune to pain are suffering. I read your side did you read mine? This drag queen is going down

  • Steve says:

    Marc Anthony has stated his wife’s raging hormones cause her to constantly cry hysterically and uncontrollably. I think she’s just crying over her career going in the toilet.

  • sunshine says:

    i agree with all of the above i have nothing good to say about the choices she makes and to flaunt it like she does it disgusts me. and believe me no one is hatin on her because shes a rich latina women the hatin comes from her ignorance and her lack of education or maybe she knows how the animals are tortured skinned alive live poor lives and she just doesnt care!! i have sent many letters to her with pic’s off and i know she does not read them they are discarded. and her eyelashes even appear loger then before and i am sure those are some type of animal!! i believe in karma so her time will come!! as a movie star singer she has done nothing even worth a glance!! keep telling yourself your hot jenny from the block because you truly are NOT!!

  • Michele says:

    What do you mean “bdayboy” that J.Lo should be given a break because she is trying to change her furwearing ways gradually??? That’s ridiculous! How hard is it to just take a stance and decide for once and for all that one shall never wear fur ever again? Is it like an addiction to cigarettes where it’s hard to quit “cold turkey” pardon the pun!!? I am quite sure that someone with her wealth has a few furfree items in her closet to tide her over until her next shopping spree. Until J.Lo adopts a 100 furfree policy I will never watch any of her movies and will continue to tell everyone I know that her attitude continues to allow defenseless animals to be tortured in life and in death. I do not feel one iota of pity for J.Lo for the criticism she receives about this issue.

  • bdayboy says:

    i think she is in the process of changing her furry ways. look at her sweetface net site its furfree and all fauxfur. trust me. she is now trying to change gradually. of course u cant do changes for like 180 degree shift. Let her change step by step. I believe she wiull be a PETA spokesperson. Let her adjust this matter for the time being.

  • zilika omar says:

    i used to like her a lot but i hated her once i realized how much fur she wore! her and beyonce i can’t stand them! i think what PETA should do or we should do the next time there’s a big awards like the Oscars BET Awards MTV etc. is to go protest outside the place or even better which i know will probably never happen is to drop a screen and play a video of how these furs are made! right in the middle of the ceremony! that shit pisses me off!

  • pcb says:

    I think J.Lo would be wise to reject fur not only would it rebuild her connection with the public but also renew her image. I also agree with a previous comment that should would be a good PETA spokeperson. However at the moment being ignorant about fur fashion like Christina Ricci or Paris Hilton was will only work for so long. If P.Diddy realises the violent nature in the fur industry so can she. In my opinion wearing animal fur makes a bold statement of egoism vanity and self obsession. Worstly wearing fur shows your proud to support and encourage the needless suffering and torture of innocent animals

  • Jane, England says:

    Anyone Jennifer Lopez included who is prepared to wear fur should first watch the PETA vid of the Chinese fur farm where raccoon dogs are skinned alive. Then they should make a decision on whether they are still prepared to wear fur. Ignorance is not bliss it is selfish cruel and stupid.

  • samantha says:

    jlo is so ugly she discusts me.she obviously has no heart and only cares about herself.i will never buy anything with her name on it because she doesn’t deserve any more moneyactually she doesn’t deserve anything at allshe deserves to suffer and go through what those animals go through.jlo sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carlos vega says:

    being the richest latina doesn’t mean to be a top artist but a top seller if jlo would be a top artist she would have the heart on the right place but this person has no heart at all!

  • Sue says:

    Are the animals that are skinned for fur also sold as meat? If so then that is what man has been doing for thousands of years. They killed the whole animal and used its skin for clothes warmth etc. They are killed today just so that some rich person can have an expensive fur coat. I hate fur coats and would rather wear a fake one. But I do eat meat and believe man does best on this diet. Should lions become vegetarians because its wrong to eat meat? The fact is humans are meat eating animals like lions. We do need to ensure that animals that are used for meat are killed in a humane way.

  • Dean says:

    Boo hoo you stupid spoilt little wannabe princess. She needs to get in the real world she thinks about nothing but herself she deserves it and worse.

  • Brianna says:

    no im sorry to the lady that said we should stop so called hatin on JLo. if you didnt wacthed the video you would realize where everyone is coming from. its not about money or how good someone looks in it. how would you like it if you were skinned ALIVE and in that video having your neck and head stepped on and smashed its not right an dits descusting and the people who put animals through that torture should be killed themselves.

  • Elizabeth Robbins says:

    I don’t know Jennifer Lopez personally but based on the movies that she has chosen to be in a few of which were very meaningful I would guess that she really is a caring person that just doesn’t get it yet. I beleive that she just doesn’t understand the suffering that animals endure to produce that fur on her coat. Call me naive but sometimes we are so busy living our lives we don’t stop to think about consequences. She will come around on her own as she is an intelligent person. She did not get where she is by being ignorant. Mark my words in the future she will be a spokes person for PETA.

  • Dustin Jones says:

    Jennifer Lopez has been wearing fur since she was in the Bronx. Even though I don’t like her wearing fur. She still is the 1 DIVA and yall need to stop hatin. She got a baggin spanish album coming out in March 27 titled Como Ama Una Mujer which I know will do good. Ohter people in the US around the world must love buying Jlo products. Because she is the richest Latina in America!!!!!!!!

  • Daniella says:

    fuck you JLO!!!

  • Maureen Ellen Roth says:

    I read that JLo said she made this film because of her compassion for the suffering of certain women. How dare this woman talk about compassion she condones torture and extreme suffering of animals. What a hipocrite!

  • Nicke says:

    Re Kelly’s comment on 220 What is there to understand about a view that supports animal cruelty which wearing fur does? Fur wearers are directly responsible for immense animal suffering and there is NO justification for animals being skinned alive or injected with poisons or having a leg caught in a trap.

  • nina says:

    if jlo felt what those animals feel i bet she would stop using fur !!! i cant even watch those videos of the animals its too much !!!!

  • Cynthia Boyall says:


  • Mike Kreuscher says:

    Hello there I believe that us animals have rights and deserve to have our best interests taken into consideration regardless of whether we are useful to humans. Like you we are capable of suffering and have an interest in leading our own lives therefore we are not your’s to usefor food clothing entertainment experimentation or any other reason. I am an Ultra Orthodox Jew cat and I decided I am going to run in 2007 for mayor of Indianapolis IN. Please let me hear from you about your views on the issues that matter to your family and your community Sincerely Mike Kreuscher

  • autum says:

    hah tht bitch deserves it anyway

  • Dean says:

    Some people are against the wearing of fur others are for it. You demand that others accept your view I ask that you try to understand theirs. In any conflict all parties involved think that they are unquestionably RIGHT. Very rarely is any one worldview infallibly correct. Accept this message and others may accept yours.

  • kelly says:

    Her career has been bombing big time ever since she started wearing all the fur it seems!

  • tino ranno says:

    this old fur hag is really snow from yesterday! jlo you are booooooooooooring!