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Jennie Garth Speaks Out Against Elephant Abuse

Written by PETA | March 31, 2010
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Jennie Garth

I got teary again and again watching Jennie Garth‘s character, Kelly Taylor, grow up on Beverly Hills, 90210—and I got goose bumps when she mamboed on Dancing With the Stars. But when I learned that Jennie asked to drop its partnership with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, I cheered so loudly that I woke Frank and Tom from their fifth nap of the day. (Sorry, fellas.)

The mother of three was moved to take action after learning about Ringling’s abuse of baby elephants, who are snatched away from their wailing, distraught mothers by trainers who slam the babies to the ground, poke and prod them with bullhooks, and give them electric shocks. Asking the site to sever its ties with Ringling, Jennie wrote, “Because Mom Central is a resource that promotes support for all mothers, I implore you to consider the helpless animals who are forced to surrender their children to a lifetime of isolation and pain.”

You don’t need to have children to be concerned about the dangerous lesson Ringling teaches its audiences—that it’s OK to abuse babies who’ve been stolen from their mothers. I’ll be following Jennie’s lead and politely asking to drop Ringling. Will you join me?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • ves says:

    Regarding my May 7th comment I forgot to mention that Long Island Childrens Museum is partering with Ringling Brother for the Baby Elephant walk. Pls write to LICM Ms. Mangan Public Relations 11 davis ave garden city ny 11530 Erik Schurink Exec. Director LICM let them know who Ringlling really is PETA others do protest this elephant walk. Keep up the good work! Thank you! Ves

  • Ves says:

    I urge people to pls.ask Long Island Childrens Museum to not partnersponsor a baby elephant walk animal circus as they do every March when the circus is in town pls. write to Ms. Maureen Mangan Pubic Relation LI Childrens Museum 11 davis ave garden city ny 11530 Erik Schurink the Exec. Director thanks! Ves

  • Daniel Madigan says:

    I have been around elephants in Africa for some time and they are the most sensitive creatures most intelligent beautiful animals and these scenes of them being beaten in every way by Ringling Bros handlers are so atrocious. I agree with an above comment let those who do this be roped and poked with prods etc. and see how they respond. Thank you for speaking out to these really evil people.

  • Maria Giaquinta says:

    The sooner we ban all forms of entertainment that allows senseless acts of cruelity. The sooner we allow a safer world for such beautiful animals. They should enter and exist with a life of peace a life of freedom. And not left in the hands off ppl who have no compassion no love…

  • Kurt says:

    As someone that recently watched a two hour documentary on Echo a tremendous elephant matriarch on tv about a month ago….I just fell in love with these amazing animals. The treatment of those baby elephants is horrific. Please please help them.

  • Nikki says:

    This is a serious issue and i argree that it’s about time to put a stop to it! People don’t realise this but this is just as serious as child abuse the animals are living creatures that can feel pain!

  • Brittne says:

    In my opinion all animals are like babies…they can’t help what situations they are in they don’t have a voice to tell us how they feel and that they are scared. So please just because they are animals they have family loved ones fear pain they have all of the same feelings that we have. So please end this torture and abuse.

  • angel olsen says:

    The elephant is one of the most intellegent animals i know my favorite of any species. As for the abuse please put a stop to it there is no excuse for it. This just makes me want to cry just for once put yourself the animals place and tell me how would you like to be treated in such a manner!

  • T. says:

    The old fashioned circus should become a thing of the past right now. Animal free circuses i.e. Cirque do Soleil are so much more captivating. Real human feats are inspiring for both children and adults. People are too well educated to continue tolerating circuses with animals. Please don’t buy tickets or attend places that use exotic or other animals in performances.

  • Joyce Chadwick says:

    this is so horrific…my heart cries out. something must be done and done soon. it should be illegal to have any animal performing in a circus in the 21st century. we must all group together and help change the laws. we must for the sake of the elephants and the other animals that are so abuse. i’m not going to stand by and do nothing….i’m going to do something everyday for this cause.

  • Timothy says:

    I’m glad Jennie Garth is speaking out against Ringling Bros. and’s partnership with them.