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Japan Using Tsunami Funds for Whaling

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | December 8, 2011

It must’ve been a terribly hard decision—whether to use 2.3 billion yen ($29 million) from Japan’s tsunami reconstruction budget for, you know, tsunami reconstruction or to put it toward propping up the country’s barbaric and widely condemned whale slaughter …. Well played flayed, Japan.

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  • dee says:

    They make me sick and I will do everything in my power to NEVER buy anything made in Japan again….and will share this info with anyone and everyone who will listen.. .horrible people!!

  • Janeen says:

    I would think it would depend on the agency one sends funds to. Reckonized ones would be monitored but that is not to say “the greed” of man is necessarily dependable, but with the cost of security this would have to be “other” forces together with perhaps donations. We have the Nelson Mandela Children Fund, which the world knows of, but do they know that Mandela used funds from this fund to host a party for his second term in office. His comment when questioned was “these are my children” What 20 to 80 year olds, I don’t think so.

  • alina says:

    Peta is more or less right. The funds are going towards their SECURITY against the Sea Sheperd this year. Japan is actually suing the Captain as well to try and prevent him from bothering them during their ILLEGAL whaling, but since his boats are not US jurisdiction, it will most likely falter

  • PETA says:

    For more information on this story, you can read the report at CNN:

  • Jon says:


  • Kim says:

    If they are doing it on their own land and water. I don’t really see it as illegal. Maybe SSCS & Pete Bethune should MYOBs

  • Kaera says:

    This is just horrible. I have lived in Japan for years and have never been okay with what they do to whales during their hunts. HOWEVER I was also there when the Earthquake and Tsunami happened and I see no where in this video how the Tsunami Aid was given to these whalers. From the 4 months I was volunteering in ground zero the Japanese government worked very, very hard to take care of the tsunami victims and to start to get their lives back together. They have even published how the funds will be distributed to the victims in the long-term future. To be completely honest this doesn’t even look like a government run whaling operation at all… Although I truly believing that whaling needs to be stopped I don’t think this video AT ALL represents the Japanese government is using Tsunami funds to go whaling, and it is slightly horrible to suggest that they are without definite proof. I’m just speaking from what I have seen over the 3+ years I have lived in Japan and from the time I spent in the Tohoku region after the Tsunami. The people who were affected by the Tsunami will continue to need help for years to come, and throwing rumors like this around without any actual hard evidence may impact how people feel about helping Japan. Not all Japanese people whale, and the people affected by the Tsunami were no different than you or I, and even though some people in their country do do terrible things to these animals, your opinion of Japanese society as a whole should not be based on that. And the hardship the Tsunami victims have had to go through should not be forgotten.

  • Jess says:

    So glad this is finally being heard about!! I hate to say it, but Japan is on its own next time. I NEVER thought I would regret trying to help people, this just has me completely sickened that they could betray people this way. But I guess when you kill whales in the first place, your vslues are already questionable at best.

  • Marie says:

    If you donated via the Red Cross, your donation went to the Red Cross. As far as I can tell, the funds for this whaling crap are coming from their own government budget.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I thought Japan stopped whaling because of the harrassment by The Sea Shepherd’s ships. Captain Paul Watson of the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker ships said at the end of last season’s Whale Wars on Animal Planet that Japan has stopped whaling. So what happened?

  • Plerion says:

    And we know that these are government officials how? If these are people from a private company then the money may not be the money from donations.

  • Anna says:

    This is sick…I donated money to Japan for animal rescue aid…it makes me wonder where my support really did end up going.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    These criminals got a mouthful by mother nature and still didn’t get enough! Let’s hope that Captain Paul Watson with Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery on Board shall stop them once and for all!

  • soraya says:

    disgraceful. just pathetic.

  • Irony? says:

    Does no one at PETA see the irony in the new ad featuring Kara Dioguardi? Come on, folks. If Paul McCartney won’t eat seafood because he doesn’t think we should kill fish, is no one concerned about all the birds who were killed to fashion Kara’s “angel’s” wings?

  • Maureen says:

    Japan is shooting itself in the foot with these barbaric massacres, the world is looking on. For such ‘civilised’ people this brutality is simply shocking.