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Jamie Oliver Says One Thing, Does Another

Written by PETA | September 8, 2009
babychums / CC
Jamie Oliver

While some chefs have a change of heart after they witness the cruelty of meat production, the “Naked Chef,” Jamie Oliver isn’t one of them.

According to his spokesperson, Oliver is supposedly “well-known for his championing of better welfare for animals and has had awards from many animal welfare groups.”

No wonder animal protectionists everywhere are seeing red after learning that he pinned down and helped castrate a bull for a segment for his upcoming series, Jamie’s American Road Trip. Castrating a bull without anesthetics is illegal in the U.K., but apparently Oliver signed on to the old “when in Rome …” theory.

If Jamie Oliver truly cares about animals, he should take a cue from PETA’s Ingrid E. Newkirk, who talks the talk and walks the walk. Whether she’s convincing officials in Taiwan to stop drowning stray dogs or being carted off to jail for protesting pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania, this true champion of animals never lowers her standards on how animals should be treated, no matter where she is.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Henry says:

    I do find it pretty funny that you all rant and fume about this before the series even started. In actual fact they did inject the bull with a local anesthetic before castrating it. I was pretty annoyed at the visit to the dodgy new york abotoire but then again at least he’s showing the REAL America instead of burying his head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist. Also I find it odd that you’re all shocked and horrified about Jamie’s attitude towards meat if you’re so anticarnivore surely you would never have been interested in Jamie’s shows as he cooks meat all the time! Take a step back and get the facts before you start grilling sorry! people for things that they haven’t even done!

  • Deb says:

    The man is and always has been an utter pillock how he gets away with the drivel he spews out under the heading of “entertainment” is beyond me!

  • emma says:

    i have to admit i’m gutted!!! i thought he was an alright kinda guy after his campaigning sainsbury does not sell battery eggs and they got hellmans to only use free range eggs in their mayo! really i understand theres still a massive way to go but what was the point?. its true maybe his popularity was fading so he made the ultimate sacrifice and sold his soul to the devil. hang your head in shame “mate”.

  • Gina says:

    He’s a selfish prat like the rest of them Sainsbury’s pay him a fortune while they run their stores with the least staff possible who buys stuff just because this ‘mockney’ promotes it he say’s one thing then does another.Idiot !

  • Calamity says:

    Ugh. So there’s this creep and the equally evil Gordon Ramsey… Not having much luck with your chefs are you Britain?

  • emma says:

    Talking about gordan ramsey i remember watching his programme once and he had some pigs in his garden which he fed every day and his kids helped feed and look after then when they got to the right size and weight he told his kids to say goodbye because the next time they see the pigs will be on a plate. i was horrified and ive hated him ever since. He got johnathan ross to put a beating heart on his tongue from an animal i carnt remember which animal it was but he cut it out an johnathan placed it on his tongue and u could still see this little heart beating i was nearly sick. jamie is not much better i saw him with the little croc slung round his neck on the advert shame it wasnt still alive and bit his head off i would have definately tuned in to see that.

  • jodi says:

    People will do anything for shock value and ratings. I have some of Jamie’s cookbooks but will willingly donate them to my fireplace. How about Gordon Ramsay? Have you seen his show “The F Word”? On one show last season he spotlighted a farm in France to show people how to make “Foie Gras”. How classy Gordon. British “sort of celeb” Janet Street Porter got to select a horse from a farm to have killed and chopped up. I guess with teeth like that Janet you could eat through anything.

  • Nora Dempsey says:

    Maybe his popularity is waining and he feels he needs to shock to get it back. Wrong Jamie not a good way to do it. I saw a trailer with him carrying a crocodile to cook and eat that. What next? Popping to Thailand to get a neighbour’s pet puppy. I’m ashamed of you Jamie won’t be watching this series that’s definite.

  • Jon West says:

    Jamie Jamie. Welltalk is cheap but action reveals the character.

  • Tahler says:

    What is with these terrible British chefs?! Who watches these guys anyway? I’ve never even heard of him or his stupid show.

  • Jane says:

    Jamie Oliver is a lowrent hyypocrite with this. This is more the style of that knuckle dragger Gordon Ramsay. I thought Jamie was more civilized. PLease Jamie don’t turn into Airhead Ramsay!

  • lisa says:

    Excatly what a hypocrite he promotes free range products on the Sainsbury’s adverts and better lives for animals bred for consumption then he do’s this its disgusting adults and children believed he was a caring animal lover i will be emailing Sainsbury’s and others should he should be removed from the adverts immediatly. He go’s to schools to promote healthly eating and animal welfare its shameful.

  • shannon says:

    hmmm…wonder how he would react if the same were done to him…

  • Tonya Banchetto says:

    I am sorry to hear this. I like Jaime. I do not hate him for what he did I just hate that he did it. People should not talk bad about him because it will not change what happened or the fact that it will probably not be the last time.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The man is a fullblown sociopathic reprobate.

  • Alicia says:

    I am so tired of shows exploting animals. The one that threw me over the edge on this subject was that d show with bear grillswhatever his name is. I heard it was about survival and thought it may be interesting. The firstlast episode I saw was when he slit the throat of something like an ox and started to drink the blood while the poor animal was bleeding to death. I WAS LIVID to say the least. I wrote a very angry letter but they are still producing the show. If they are willing to show that why are they not willing to show how horrific slaughter is?!?

  • Bluebell says:

    I despised that guy when he first appeared on our screens and tried to force myself to at least have some respect for him when he spoke out about the welfare of animals reared for meat. In light of his recent participation in this barbaric act I can go back to giving him the respect he deserves None! What an arrogant hypocritical irritating man. He’s willing to support animal cruelty to boost his career… How low can you get.

  • Kaitlin brough says:

    What a disuseing pig! He doesntbcare who the he’ll is he kidding

  • Aneliese says:

    What a disgusting heartless hypocrite. He obviously doesn’t care about animal welfare.

  • emma says:

    As a brit i am ashamed of this man not to mention many other chefs iegorden ramsey. i can not stand jamie and i never watch any of his shows i just hope one day someone does the same to him why is he not getting arrested for this if its illegal? throw the book at the vile bloke i say.. evil bastard.