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Jamie Foxx: Wrong on Vick

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007
Brittania/Creative Commons

There has been a lot of back and forth over the Vick case, but Jamie Foxx’s take on it is probably the most absurd I’ve heard yet. Foxx defended Vick in this story, because he thinks dogfighting is “a cultural thing.” Wow, one would think that someone talented enough to win an Oscar, and smart enough to parlay that into a $10 million per movie payday afterwards would know that this ain’t the time to run to the rescue of poor Mr. Vick, who is about to go down hard for straight up cruelty. Who will be next on Foxx’s list of downtrodden misunderstood abusers to defend, Pol Pot?

Anyway, here’s what PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had to say about Foxx’s comments, “Black leaders like Russell Simmons and Dennis Courtland Hayes, head of the NAACP would agree, as does PETA, that it is cheap and dirty and wrong to call this a cultural thing — unless Foxx believes that cruelty is a black thing when it isn’t. It may be his thing, but it is not a black thing. PETA encourages people to watch our anti-dogfighting PSA with world heavyweight boxer Lamon Brewster at”

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  • s.marshall says:

    As a medical field worker I feel that Vick needs to be treated just like he treated the dogs and cat’s that he abused. He has no remorse other than the fact that he and his buddies and family lost some money and was embrassed because they got caught. Hope he will pay in the very end. And anyone who thinks that he paid for his crime should be treated the same way the animals were treated. Let’s see how they feel.

  • Paul Savercool says:

    i think that all of u peta people need to calm down. he appologized. leave the man alone world. Vick if u are reading this send me somthing to my email. HOLLA BACK

  • Rebecca says:

    Screw this cultural bullshit!!!It is not blackSouthernAmericanPuerto Ricanor anything. Who elects these people spokesman for their culture?You are not spokesmenif your ego is that largeI don’t want to know what you’re covering up that is soooo small.

  • Jen says:

    I just found out about Foxx’s ridiculous comments. I like him as an actor but cannot believe he is SUCH AN IGNORANT MAN! I have lost ALL RESPECT FOR HIM and vow never to see another one of his movies again. Both Foxx and Whoopi Goldberg are crazy to put it nicely.

  • ALove says:

    Dogfighting and slavery? Please stop attacking everyone that doesn’t view things as you may. Alsocultural doesn’t mean color. What you are lacking is compassion. The hatred in many peoples heart will land you where you all say Vick is going. Get a life we are all entitled to an opinion.

  • Jake B says:

    peta is full of it. they have their members dress up as playboy bunnies to protest petsmart’s treatment of rabbits. I go in the supermarkets and there are dressed rabbits all the time. why aren’t they there? they want to post things about Michael Vick but not about the kingpin of dogfighting. He’s been called the “Godfather of dog fighting” the “dog fighting don” and even the “Babe Ruth of dog fighting.” Since March 9 Floyd Boudreaux is being called something else an accused felon. On that day Louisiana State Police arrested Boudreaux one of the most infamous dog fighters and breeders in the United States along with his son Guy. The arrests which sent shock waves through the dog fighting world were the culmination of a threemonth effort by state and federal law enforcement agents The Humane Society of the United States and the Louisiana SPCA. Father and son were both charged with 57 felony counts of dog fighting and two counts of animal cruelty following an early morning raid on Boudreaux’s property in Broussard Louisiana. In addition to the state felony charges Boudreaux and his son Guy could face federal charges for selling and transporting fighting dogs across state lines. All told they might spend a total of ten years in prison for each of the 57 charges. For 70yearold Floyd Boudreaux that might as well be a life sentence. Scarred Bodies and Temperaments What investigators found on Boudreaux’s property is typical of serious fighting dog operations row after row of pit bulls each tethered by a heavy chain to a small ramshackle hut. Several sadfaced dogs bore a medley of deep scars on their muzzles and limbs the hallmark of hardened fighting dogs. Elsewhere in the compound investigators found wooden ramps and treadmills commonly used to train dogs in strength and endurance. Laura Maloney Louisiana SPCA director said it was heartbreaking to see the dogs tethered outside in rows of five wearing grooves into the muddy ground at the limit of their chains. Although most of the animals were healthy in spite of their scars several were extremely aggressive. Because of their unsuitability for adoption all of the adult dogs had to be euthanized. Implications for The Shady World of Dog Fighting What distinguished this bust from any other in recent years are its implications both immediate and longstanding for the world of dog fighting. Boudreaux is more than a backyard breederhe is one of the main purveyors of some of the world’s top fighting dog lines. According to Sandy Christiansen regional coordinator for HSUS’s Southeast Regional Office “Virtually every major bloodline of fighting dogs has the Boudreaux name somewhere in the pedigree. This guy’s influence on the world of animal fighting has been huge.” More than any other person Boudreaux has shaped the profile of the modern fighting dog. Specifically bred for maximum “gameness” a determination to fight on even in the face of certain death dogs from the Boudreaux line are considered topnotch animals in the fighting world fetching prices up to $10000. It’s a quality that brought Boudreauxbred dogs accolades from dog fighting enthusiasts but little else. Even the most revered fighting dog lives the majority of his lonely life at the end of a short chain with no social interaction save grim excursions to the fighting pit or breeding stand. A Broussard neighbor said “What bothers me the most is that they’re on threefoot chains. Big heavy chains. They spend their life under a chicken coop on a chain. That is not a life…that’s horrible.” Nobody is Untouchable As infamous as Boudreaux has been in the animal protection community he has been equally admired in the dog fighting subculture. As far back as the 1950s he appeared on the covers of animal fighting publications posing alongside prized fighting animals. Today his likeness graces tshirts and other coveted dog fighting memorabilia. It’s no surprise then that Boudreaux’s arrest has aroused rabid ire in the dog fighting world. Internet dog fightin

  • andimal23 says:

    To quote “Anonymous”…”Maybe we should be more concerned with people getting murdered kidnapped raped etc. instead of spending all this time and money on animals. Can’t you put your efforts to something productive.” Human beings cause murder kidnapping rape etc. Dogs do not. Human beings know right from wrong and choose to perform those horrible acts on other humans. Do you donate to your local shelters for battered women to help fight crimes like rape and domestic violence? Do you support your local police chapter or state funds to help fight crimes and pay for equipment that help find murderers and kidnappers? We support animal rights and pay for these animals to be protected because they do not have a voice for themselves. They can not make a CHOICE to fight or not too fight. If they don’t fight they die. If you were put into a room with another human being to fight for your life you’d be sure to do whatever it takes to save your own hide. Again those of you who come here to bash us for caring for animals we donate to these causes specifically to help these animals. Do I donate to my local police? Yes. Do I donate to my local fire fighters? Yes. Do I donate to education? Yes. I donate to all kinds of areas where there is a need. Judge not lest ye be judged. I’m not judging you BECAUSE YOU DON’T contribute to society. However do not judge me because I choose to do so.

  • jeff says:

    I cant believe this article. How in the world can any sane person compare a slave enforcing murdererPol Pot to a dog fighter Vick. But nobody ever said dog lovers were smart…. or right all of the time so you get away with one….

  • Nick says:

    the dogs could have chosen not to fight. when put in the pit they could have just sat there the dogs made a choice too… unless you animal hippies all of the sudden now don’t think dogs are smart enough to make choices or anything like that.

  • Drew says:

    Will you goofball people stop claiming that those of us who love our animals don’t love human life as well? Of course we do. What a ridiculous and assinine thing to say. The sad part is that the animals we care about have no voices other than their cries of pain and fear especially when inflicted by some dumbass getting his or her jollies. Don’t insult me or anyone else who loves animals. They are the silent victims who can’t defend themselves however I wouldn’t feel much of a loss if a dog who’s had enough abuse went for the jugular of someone trying to kill it and finished the job first. Respect all life of especially those lovely creatures who give you nothing but love. If you can live with yourself and do purposely harm or maim animals Lucifer will be more than happy to add you to his list of derilicts and then let you fry and suffer for a while. Karma has a strange way of showing its face so don’t be surprised when it comes knocking on your door.

  • tameshia says:

    if we as people don’t give vick a second chance GOD will.he should do time for his crime but don’t take away his career everyone deserve a second chance

  • tameshia says:

    I agree with jamie foxx anyway dogs do hurt people and can kill them.wake up people when i was younger we had a dog for 8 years she bit a plug out my mother arm so don’t act like dogs don’t turn on people

  • sherri says:

    anonymous I am so glad to see that someone wants to help people who have been victimized. What exactly have you done about those situations? Whom did you email? What senators did you write or email? Are there no forums on the vast internet for that so that you have to come here and use racial slurs and names? You better believe I am going to stop supporting Jamie Foxx. YES I AM! It doesn’t bother me one ounce if he or Michael Vick never knows who I am. Your thinking of people who love animals that you turn into something perverted says quite a bit about you. This is an animal forum and you sound like a racist to me. Quick question anonymous what is my race?

  • SATINKA says:


  • Anonymous says:

    This is simple. Its obvious the founders and members of PETA are a bunch of Honkies. Its hard to believe all you losers are vegetarians. And as much as yo like to believe it is not a race thing everyone knows it is. The government targets crimes that black people are more likely to commit to raises the punishment on that. However hunting deer moose and whatever else you guys hunt are legal just so you can put a head on your wall. You guys make me sick. If you guys are going to stop listening to Jamie Foxx or watching his movies and blast the name of Michael Vick they really don’t give a damn about you guys. You are not really fans. How about you guys continue to make love to your animals and continue not having a life. Maybe we should be more concerned with people getting murdered kidnapped raped etc. instead of spending all this time and money on animals. Can’t you put your efforts to something productive. How about putting this effort to the six boys in Jena LA who are wrongly being persecuted? On my bad I forgot they are not animals so they are not worth your time. Sorry for mentioning it.

  • Rosemary says:

    Mike puhLEEZ. Can’t you just HEAR everyone’s eyeballs rolling at your calling the Mike Vick thing “racist”?

  • SATINKA says:


  • Joii_ says:

    Please give the VICK a chance he has apologize….

  • Jake B says:

    Oh and I think I forgot to mention that the Hansons who took $ and animals are dying due to their neglect are WHITE PPL. only subject to one year in prison yet you bigots want Michael Vick to serve life for murder? the hansons murdered too. where are your protests? oh they’re okay cause they are WHITE.

  • Ana says:

    anonymous No one has justified slavery least of all me. What I said is that all peoples have been subjected to it throughout history including blacks enslaving other blacks. That is NOT my history book it is history. You have a problem with reading comprehension because you obviously misconstrued what I had written. Perhaps your’re the racist. I am not a racist but I know many blacks who are just like anybody else can be. This is AN ANIMAL RIGHTS FORUM!!!! GO TO THE NAACP AND GIVE YOUR COMPLAINTS MY INTEREST IS THE ANIMALS!!!!! ANIMAL ADVOCATES ON THIS BLOG ARE INTERESTED IN SAVING ANIMALS!!!! CUT THE CRAP ABOUT RACISM!!!! THIS IS NOT THE FORUM FOR IT. ANIMAL LIBERATION NOW!!!!!!

  • SARAH says:


  • JA says:

    He’s put his people down as far as I can see.”Man’s best friend” is what is at stake here. Our humanity is being questioned. Are we a civilised people? How humane are we? It’s not just a Black American thing in what country isn’t it a problem? Wherever there are the poor and the uneducated there’s animal fighting all around the world. Historicallylook at what the Romans were doing until they began to look at things in a Christian way. In our Great Grandparents time even earlier maybe to show our humanity we set up societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals…

  • Payton says:

    Most of you are missing it. Whether Michael Vick goes to prison or not whether you watchlisten to Jamie Foxx or not whether you’re an animal lover or not whether you eat meat or not whether you believe there is still racism or not Do you truly think all of this is as important as it’s being made out to be? And before ANY of you say it I already KNOW what this site is for and I know what PETA represents. Still doesn’t matter. Love God and love your neighbor as you do yourself. If you’re living by those principles all else follows. You won’t be cruel to animals nor to people won’t be inclined to bash others no matter what they’ve done because like God there will be an element of compassion that’s missing when you’re not walking with HIM you will be more prone to forgive for the same reason as above and oh by the way if Michael is or ever becomes truly repentant regardless of how you feel about it he WILL be forgiven by God. A lot of you are overlyexpressing your love for animals and what you would will or would not do your outrage at what Michael Vick has done etc. Don’t be deceived. For all of your righteous acts kindheartedness willingness to “stand in the gap” for those without a voice in the sight of God you are the SAME as Michael Vick all sinners nothing you can do that makes you a “good” person unless you’re covered by the blood. Startling fact isn’t it? Michael could be accepted by God and many of you even with all of your good works never will. Stop looking so harshly at what Michael’s done and make sure you yourself are in right standing. Examine your hearts that’s what you’re saying he should have done but yet your expressions are showing many of you to be just as “coldhearted” as you believe him to be. Love animals but love GOD and humankind more. And that’s HIS command.

  • Anonymous says:

    Billy Holiday 1940 isn’t that far away. Southern trees bear a strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the root Black body swing in the southern breeze Strange fruit handing from the poplar trees Pastoral scene of the gallant south The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh and the sudden smell of burning flesh! Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck For the rain to gather for the wind to suck For the sun to rot for a tree to drop Here is a strange and bitter crop. AND a Black man was hung in the 1990’s in Concord California. So don’t try to tell me that racism is dead and we need to get over it. I see it when the waitress serves me last when with my white coworkers. And it happens over and over again. Racism the klu klucking klan hiding under their sheets and skinheads and the aryan or however they spell it want to exterminate everyone. the middle east is still a seething area of hatred. the hunters and the nra are protesting a shutdown and upgrade of Pennsylvania’s weapons computer system because it will be dove hunting season. a pet lion given to a socalled refuge is hit with a stick so it will run so the hunter can kill it. dick cheney shoots his friend while hunting birds and the birds have to be driven out and also hit with sticks so that they fly to give dick friends a real shot. it didn’t start with MV or Jamie Foxx. so look in your mirrors and get past your bigotry and see the real facts. of course even though I have posted before this may or may not show up but I will post it elsewhere peta.

  • Jake B says:

    just wondering when my posts will appear. If you haven’t left a comment here before you may need to be approved by the site owner before your comment will appear. Until then it won’t appear on the entry. Thanks for waiting. I have posted several times and it seems like forever to see my comments. ?

  • Jake B says:

    Vick’s dad sperm donor hasn’t been in his life for over 22 years. He had the nerve to call MV to ask for $700000 for a car and a house. He said that wasn’t asking for too much as other dads ask for millions of dollars. just like lilo’s dad and mom dad’s a deadbeat and mom was going out drinking with her underage daughter.

  • Jake B says:

    The Hansons were arrested and charged with a Class A animal cruelty misdemeanor which is punishable of fines up to $1000 and up to one year in jail. The Hansons were also banned from the property by a judge until November 17th so that animal rescue groups could recover the dogs they had sent to EDNAH after rescuing them from the hurricanes. Volunteers from the Humane Society of North Central Arkansas are taking care of the animals that remain on site. One volunteer reports that at least 12 of the dogs had not been let out of their cages since they were brought to EDNAH after the hurricanes. Another volunteer reports that when he went to change the litter for 2 young gray cats there was an inch and a half of crudfeces and urinewith maggots in the litter box in their cage. The conditions at the facility were a nightmare. Dogs were found standing in their own filth. Many of the dogs were aggressive because their paws were burning and bleeding and in pain. When Tammy Hanson was released on bail she reportedly told a local newspaper that the dogs were being cared for that the cages were being cleaned daily and that the animals were being fed and watered daily. Tammy Hawley a program coordinator for the HSUS Southwest Regional Office has been deputized by the Baxter County Sheriffs Office to be the incident commander of the emergency sheltering team. The team consists of expert volunteers and trained dog handlers from the HSUS Pasado Safe Haven the ASPCA the American Humane Association the United Animal Nations and the North Central Arkansas Humane Society. In 10 days these volunteers have built dozens of new dog runs fed watered walked and provided emergency veterinary care for the hundreds of animals. Theyve even built a maternity ward to house the new mothers and nearly 20 puppies. They are in their own pens on clean blankets and out of the chilling air and rain with fresh food and water. Best of all they no longer have to compete with some 30 other dogs for food and water. Many of the animals are on antibiotics for persistent infections others are being treated for parasites both internal and external advanced heartworm fight injuries and abscessed wounds. The goal is to have all the dogs vetted microchipped and photographed. The photos will be posted at to give owners a chance to identify their animals. As this casefile was being written the Baxter Sheriffs Department is trying to get the Hansons to surrender all of the animals before the case goes to trial. go to http://www.inhumane.orgdataTWHanson.htm and see pictures of the abusers and pictures of the abused animals that were supposed to be taken care of while the Katrina victims rebuild their lives

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to be a fan of Jamie Foxx until I read this article. Dogfighting hunting fishing slaughter houses any form of animal abuse is barbaric and uncultured. We have the resources to “humanely” slaughter for food why aren’t we? What Jamie is saying is just like saying I can break the law because others are breaking it which is rediculous. Sorry Jamie you just lost a fan forever.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Defending Vick is the only cultural anology I see here black to black. Vick is undefendable thats why he gave up. he would still be dogfighting if he wasn’t caught. I hope the Judge will give him a stiff sentence so he has a lot of time to “grow UP”. Write letters to the Judge that will help stiffen the sentence!

  • sherri says:

    I used to be a Jamie Foxx fan. He just lost another fan. I will not support anything he does from this point forward.

  • Kelly says:

    Dog fighting is not a cultural thing it is a sick need to see helpless animals hurt and killed it has nothing to do with skin colorI don’t even know why he brought that up I guess he thinks that attitude makes everything rightall it does is show that world how cruel hearted he is he will take the side of a man who is involved in dog fighting just because of the color of his skin but he doesn’t see the cruelty involved in dog fightingJamie Foxx has some issues that I hope he sees someday. The world is not black and white you have to be able to see other colors to have an understanding.I hope Micheal Vick pays for what he has done and the others who think dog fighting is cool I hope they all go down and people see them as they are. As for Jamie Foxxgo home no one wants to hear from you.

  • observer says:

    wow. sick vick has a bunch of loonies supporting him!!! not surprising!!! just like him they’re stupid liars bullshitters pro crime psycho pro evil and pro cruelty!!!! PSYCHO VICK SUPPORTERS WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT PSYCHO VICKS DAD SPEAKING OUT AGAINST HIM??? IS HIS DAD A RACIST??? RUINING VICKS CAREER?? JEALOUS ‘CUZ VICK IS RICH??? Hey come on let’s hear what you have to say!!! and in the latest news vick the lying woos wants to hide behind a womans skirt now!!! he wants to be interviewd on Oprah USE HER use her influence so that she can help to save his ass!!!! OPRAH IS TOO SMART AND TOO RESPECTABLE TO LOWER HERSELF TO SUPPORT SCUM!!!

  • Mars says:

    “Shoot dove and other birds of prey ” LOL a dove is a bird of prey now! Maybe if your a sunflower!LOL “Who will be next on Foxxs list of downtrodden misunderstood abusers to defend Pol Pot?” Another LOL as pol pot was a vegan and one of your own! LOL

  • ketryna says:

    Get a life PETA I didn’t like dogs before but now I hate thim. Thank you for that!

  • EG says:

    PETA cares for humans as well as animals. This is an animal rights group. That takes nothing away from thier preservation of human life as well.

  • andimal23 says:

    And by the way I forgot to mention this I don’t believe one word of Michael Vick’s apology. Had he given a public apology without a smirk on his face the whole time I would have possibly taken him seriously. But knowing that he only issued those statements because it’s “good PR” and because he is about to lose everything he only did it to save himself from further drama. He couldn’t even keep a straight face when he made comments about “what I did was wrong” and addressed the children of our nation by telling them he did bad things. It was a bunch of HOOEY! If Michael Vick comes out of jail and decides to take some time and spend some money creating awareness about animal abuse and other things along those lines then and ONLY THEN will I take him seriously and give him “a second chance”.

  • andimal23 says:

    To comment on DJX you stated that “No one wants to recall that about 40 years WHITE MEN HUNG BLACK MEN FROM TREES AS A SPORT. THAT WAS CRUEL AND UNCALLED FOR. BUT NO ONE LOST THEIR JOBS OR ENDORSEMENTS. WAKE UP AMERICA RACISM IS STILL ALIVE WELL..” That was 40 years ago if that were to happen today people would be facing federal charges serve significant jail time and even possibly death for treating another human being that way. Yes we all agree that people like Emmett Till have been murdered by white people and it was wrong and the eveil doers went unpunished. But this is 2007 people. Listen people animals are abducted from backyards homes and pet shops every day for fighting rings lab testing you name it. If someone took your beloved family pet and starved it strangled it made it fight until it bled all over the place then drowned it would you think that’s ok? Who knows where the 60+ animals found in Vick’s ring came from. You all talk about horseracing and why isn’t PETA doing something about that? Horses aren’t beaten to a bloody pulp they aren’t kicked in the head forced to defend their lives…they aren’t harmed or hurt unless they break a leg running in which case they could do that in the wild and suffer for days and days as they die a slow and painful death. To be humane and keep them from suffering they are euthanized. If you were in pain and you were suffering you’d want to be euthanized too mercy killing. The bottom line here is that all of you people who have come here to bash us animals lovers have no business being here in the first place. If you want to fight about human rights do join a human rights group. How much money or time have any of you contributed to your local human rights organizations? How many of you have stood in the marching lines? How many of you donate food to your local pantries or help your elderly neighbors with their electric bills or gas bills in the winter when they are cold and can’t afford to run their heat? None of you can say you do that yet those of us who are hear decide to contribute to PETA to aid animals in need of assistance medicine food shelter and if needed euthanization. Don’t come here all “holier than thou” preaching about “what have you done for whatever cause” when you yourselves haven’t contributed one single thing to our society! We choose to help animals…and I personally help in many other areas of our world such as hunger poverty environment human rights nature endangered speices ocean and great lakes cleanup and conservation and the list could go on and on and on. What have YOU done for our world? For your country? For your city? For your neighborhood? Nothing so BACK OFF and let us animal activists stay active in what we do which is love and support animals.

  • dtrue1 says:

    Due to the actions of Michael Vick the curtain has finally been pulled back to display the world of dog fighting. But still it gets worse I have worked with sheriff depts. game wardens rescuing these animals seeing dead dogs who lost laying bloated black with flies in tall weeds. Witnessing a halfeaten dog’s body with a noose around his neck hanging above an alligator’s cage. I have seen the depravity the horrors. I have written so many letters to politician and advertisers asking for the curtain to be drawn back on animal cruelty. Nothing happened because it’s not a high priority. Suddenly it is. Listening to Michael Vick repent on TV made me sick and doubtful. But I’ve rethought this because I asked myself “How many things have I done to others that I am not proud of?” The answer was plenty. Let’s be honest we all have regrets. Hopefully nothing this barbaric. I know I have been forgiven by our Father and grateful that my disgrace was not on display in the media spotlight. Once there was a evil man a tax collector who one day was struck done lost his sight and instantly repented his wrongdoings. He went on to become the author of most of The New Testament. His name was Paul. Could it be that God is using Michael Vick to pull back the curtain? How else can this ignorant cruel sport be stopped and deglamourized if not by someone like a Michael Vick? Jaime Foxx’ comments are ignorant. I guess the KKK was a cultural white thing maybe Hitler was a cultural German thing. I really admired Jaime Foxx but no more. I will never see another of his movies unless he repents. In the past politicians sheriffs PETA no one has been able to stop this ignorant “sport” which is now glamourized on MTV magazines and with Jaime Foxx. Instead of throwing stones let’s pray for Michael Vick to have really really repented and that God will use this spotlight and platform to stop dogfighting and most especially animal abuse against His other creations. If Michael Vick has truly repented and asked God to save him forgive him and he fixes this barbaric “sport” Michael Vick may never earn much forgiveness from us humans but he will earn God’s. Paul The Bible is not remembered for being the evil man he began as. Let’s rethink this a bit. Let’s pray for Michael Vick to find it in his spirit to begin a fight against dogfighters.

  • RONIE says:


  • Mike says:

    Maybe you should see the whole Jamie Foxx interview. Yes he said it was a cultural thing but no he didn’t condone it. Dog fighting IS a cultural thing. Go to suburban America and start looking in your back alleys. Go down in the boon docks where farmer Ned and Cousin Jed are fighting there two dogs. From our back country to our city streets dog fighting is everywhere. It’s not Vick or Foxx that should be getting the finger pointed at them it’s our own society. It’s our own government and schools that don’t educate these inner city kids right from wrong. We’d rather ignore them push them out and not give a crap about them until the rise and become hero’s in our children’s eyes and now the mistakes they make we care about and condemn. So who is really at fault?